Thursday, August 28, 2008

OK, so I'm new at this but I thought I'd try it. If Audrey and Wanda can blog, then so can I. I'll start by trying to post some pictures of my dear family.

Jack's first day of school!

Near Tulsa is the home place of Will Rogers. Every year they have a Will Roger Wiley Post Fly-In. We took the boys up to watch the planes land on the grass run way and view the planes up close. We originally thought Ben would love it, as he is really into transportation vechiles of all kinds, but he got scared when the planes started to land and would take off running in the opposite direction screaming "watch out". It was good day though.

Ben has a new love of water, anywhere, anytime, hince the photo at right. We have often found him playing in the sink, no matter dirty dishes or not.

Jack and Ben couldn't find a chair to seat on while we were moving into the rental house, so they found a little table. They are too cute.

Jack climbing a tree for the first time. The trees here in Oklahoma aren't as big as Kentucky, so this little pear tree in our backyard was perfect for climbing.