Saturday, July 30, 2011

Art Camp Treasures

Buddy brought home all his Native American goodies he created this week! I must say I was extremely impressed with the dream catcher - it's fantastic!


A woven basket and clay pot

Leather bracelet

Kachina Doll

Very proud indeed!

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Swin Class

So the boys have been in swim all week and I'm happy say they are loving it. Not a big surprise, especially for LG!

Buddy is also in art camp this week. I hope to post pic of all his projects tomorrow!

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Life is busy...

We are busy again and I'm liking it much better. It gives the boys less time to get antsy and/or fuss with each other.
We ate starting our mornings with swim lessons, then having lunch, the in the afternoon Buddy goes to Art camp.
We have had a baseball party and will have a class party this week along with other errands and chores. I like busy!

These two enjoyed the big Cary at walmart while I gathered water for the class back-to-school party.
I love Babe's grin!

Hope to get some good swim pics tomorrow!

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Triple S in School Supply Shopping! With our upcoming trip to WA and arriving back only hours before school starts. I really wanted to get this done, so it's one less thing to worry about.

This year is special because it's LG's first year of school.
And as he can't yet read - I made his list easier for him.

Using pictures from the circulars we've been getting in the mail. I made this handy dandy list just for him.

The third grade list was long- just like Buddy's hair. But Buddy had fun and of course so did I. I have to admit school supplies themselves make ME happy!!!
Lots of time and money later we left Target ready for school- which starts in 26 days! Or there abouts!

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More Colorado Pictures

We are back home safe and sound. Thought I'd post the rest of our adventure.

We stopped briefly at some fossil beds which had some huge fossilized redwoods in the middle of nowhere Colorado
They were pretty cool and awesome to think about those trees bring so big there at one time.

We stopped at a picnic ground with a lake and some rocks for lunch - same as yesterday.
After lunch the boys had to climb. LG is such a natural at climbing - always has been - and he has no fear. The Man thinks we should get him in classes.

Babe really wanted to climb too. But I talked him into a siesta.

He never did fall all the way asleep but he did relax.
Back on the road we stopped at a Dinosaur Center for the boys to tour. The Man bought LG a great souvenir - I'll need to get pics. soon we arrived in Colorado Springs just in time check into our hotel. And after an hour swim - we headed to the local Garden of the Gods to see some really cool rock formations.

However the boys were all tired and hungry so we didn't stay long at all.

We had a really good time and we were looking forward to our own beds but not the heat. We landed last night and it was 100 degrees. The lady at the airport said it was 135 on the ramp to the terminal and I believe her. It was crazy hot. Looking forward to fall days and our last trip of the summer- WA in three weeks. Woohoo!

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

After leaving Denver...

On Friday we headed west. Our goal was Leadville but unfortunately when we arrived there were no available rooms.
On to Twin Lakes and again no available rooms. So we headed over the mountains, during which time I realized I'm suddenly afraid on driving on the side of a mountain at 10,000 ft with no guard rail. I'll tell you I was about to have a panic attack. We would arrive in Aspen around 6PM starving and still homeless. Found one room for $425, so had to keep driving and wound up at Snowmass - about a half hour outside Aspen.

No a bad place to send the night! And the scenery was amazing. The boys got to go swimming which was a highlight for them.

Saturday morning we headed into Aspen for breakfast. It was a reality check being in such a high class money drenched environment.
We ate at one of Oprah's favorite places and we passed homes worth $22,000,000! It was crazy. We even saw a family of four riding their Segways down the road - to funny!
After grabbing lunch provisions we headed back up the mountain.

We stopped at a roadside mountain stream to let the boys run and throw rocks.
Again I'm taking alot of pictures with my big camera so I'm not able to blog everything.
Next we headed up and I was a nervous wreck. The Man didn't know what to make of ME. I too never knew myself to be afraid of heights but I was really nervous driving on this road.
We stopped about half up to hike.

We would hike up 600 feet to the summit (the snow in this picture) to an alpine lake.

LG lead us most of the way and both big boys did a fantastic job hiking. The lake was beautiful and so worth the effort to get up there. I'm not in shape by any means.
However we didn't get to stay long because it started to rain at the top.
By the time we got down, Babe had had enough.

He totally fell asleep on Daddys shoulders.

How cute is this!!!
Just a few more miles up and we would cross the summit.

The Man at the top of the mountains.
However all LG wanted to do was play in the snow. So finally we came upon some snow close to the road.

The Man, LG and Buddy played in the snow.
I didn't want to get out of the car. Again nervous about the narrow mountain roads with no guard rails. And Babe was asleep.

Down the mountain we stopped for lunch - picnic style. Fresh French bread with white cheddar cheese, blue cheese and deli sliced prosciutto, & grapes. Yummy.

Babe loved wondering around the picnic area.
Back in the car headed for our hotel.

Luckily I called early that morning to make sure we had a destination.
Fun day hiking the mountains of Colorado!!!

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

We are on vacation....

And it has been an adventure. I'm taking most of my pictures with the big camera so I'm not able to blog them. But here's a few random phone pics

LG familiarizing himself with the workings of the Boeing 737 on our flight to Denver.
It was adventure in itself flying with the boys by myself. But they are such pros at it that it was just trying to keep them quite on the plane that was hard. We no longer have a DS, movies player or any screened device to keep them entertained.

While The Man was busy with his class, the boys and I wondered around Golden.

They've had lots of afternoon thunderstorms so all the creeks were really high.

Rock climbing at the park.

Babe has become obsessed with dogs. It makes our visits to parks very short because the moment he sees a dog he is off and running or screaming to get out of his stroller.

After dinner stroll.

We also visited the Lego store. This was awesome.

Friday night we left Golden for the mountains. WOW.
More to come.

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Man's office

After lunch we headed up to the Man's office to get his flight itinerary for tonight. He's going to Denver where's it's a nice 85 degrees instead of our current 105 with a heat index of 107. It might even get to 110.

The Man has enormous computer screens that would be so easy to get used too. They were awesome

Babe loved running around the office and finally decided to take a break and have some milk

LG drew pictures

Buddy ran laps around the entire floor until he was sweating, which didn't take much.

Gonna miss the man but the boys and I will get to join him in the mountains later this week. Woohoo!

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Saturday, July 9, 2011


It's 9:12PM and it's 101degrees outside!
Don't know how many more hot summers in Oklahoma I can take!

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Babe newest trick!

Climbing onto chairs!

After LG finished his homework, Babe quickly climbed up into his chair to play in the mess! I'm not thrilled about this newest skill - just means clearing the table top more quickly!
He's even venturing to get on the table. Although for some perspective, LG was doing this at like 9 months - the climber!

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