Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter!

I get this every year from Aunt Cream and Love it!  

Friday, March 29, 2013

Inside Time

So Spring Break turned out to be cold... like 40 degrees each day cold. Not ideal for playing outside, which lead to a lot house time. 
 So we built puzzles.
 Or rather watched Nana build puzzles while we ate ice cream. 
 Built with legos. Lots of legos. and had serious fun. 

The big boys played scrabble. 

 Or watched tv, ate ice cream while Nana built a puzzle. 


 The boys discussed rules and Buddy decided to keep score. Not a good idea when playing with the Man. 
And yes, if you type a word into a text message on the iPhone and autocorrect doesn't change it, its a "legal" word for the Man.  geez.  

Nonetheless, Puzzles, Legos and Scrabble are all great fun with family. 

Thursday, March 28, 2013

say what?

I wanted to make a Meme out of this shot. It was taken out our back window at the little bird house Grampa and Buddy made years ago.  A family of birds have lived here for about 2 years and I finally managed this shot...

What are they thinking? Are they waiting? Are they fighting?  Its definitely a Mommy Bird and a Daddy Bird.

What do you think?  Care to leave me a comment?
I'll make that best one into a meme (a photo with funny/ironic caption).

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Project Life February

I meant to post this last week, but didn't get to it. I'm currently doing pretty well at keeping current.  Yesterday started week 13 of the year (can you believe we are a quarter through 2013 already?) and my project life is completed through week 10, so not bad, not bad for M.E.

Here's a look at my pages for February. 
 Week 5 (left hand page) 
Here we've got Babe and his pets and its also includes a quote from Buddy. While watching the US Figure Skating Championships, Buddy says to M.E.,"their skirts should be longer."  That's my boy.  
There's a little story about looking for LG's lost school shoes and Catholic Schools Week and LG's cubscout visit to the police station. 
 Week 5 (right hand page) 
There's clips from the Thank You notes the boys wrote M.E. for sending them to their school.  So cute to get to keep these clips forever. A screenshot of my phone that shows its 73 the last day of January. A selfie of M.E., in a new skirt, that I love. And of course, our honorary 4th son, in the last shot.  He was here for the entire weekend.  Love that I've included that as well. 
Week 6 (left page) 
Bits and pieces of life.  I love this project.  Here there's the crayons, I made for Babe's preschool class valentines.  A little shot of the 49ers Gnome for the Super Bowl note and a selfie of my new haircut. I didn't take a lot of pictures this week so I used filler, which to M.E. is actually a good thing, because its the bits and pieces.  A little card about what I'm currently watching on tv, reading, listening to, making, feeling and loving.  Nice to capture that.  Also there's a clip from envelope sent by Mamaw, it's nice to have her handwriting in here as well. 

Week 6 (right page) 
Here I left the top corner blank and included a shot of Buddy and his friends at the rained out birthday party.  There's our God-Daughter and her brother pics and Babe with his bloody nose.  On the bottom the invitations I made for the Laser tag party and and a nice shot of Babe and I's shadows. 

 Week 7 (left page)
I really like the top card of Babe taking a picture and the picture he took.  This to M.E. is priceless.  Then there's my Happy Mail, my first Studio Calico kit. The cross I made for Lent. The a couple of shots of the boys out and about. 

Week 7 (right page) 
This year's Valentines was great for the boys. They loved all their little gumball machine trinkets and such.  In the middle there's a pocket holding two hearts that LG cut out for valentines.  Super Cute.  Then there's an iPhone pic of M.E., D and her friends during D's birthday scavenger hunt.  I had so much fun with them.  Then there's Buddy's birthday and all the details. I love how the ten and the cake picture turned out.  Actually I think this is my best layout yet. 

 Week 8 (left page)
 I little more filler this week as well, but that's how life is... some weeks are super busy and pictures don't get taken and some weeks there's not much going on, either way, I like filler just the same. 
Like the teeny-tiny pencil I found in washing machine from Buddy's pocket.  Are you kidding me?  I think its great that I was able to use the "take note" card and add "with this".  
There's the hearts again. Love that. and on the bottom there's the birthday boys laser party that turned out fabulous after all and M.E. at work. 

Week 8 (right page) 
So yes, we had a 75 degree day on Sunday for the laser party and then by Thursday we had 3" on snow. Oklahoma for you. There's Buddy's dominoes, snowman, the book I'm reading to the boys (its so good, I'll review it after we are done), LG at a Karate party and then Babe and one of his best friends.  Of course a weekly recap and Babe doing laundry. I love that tiny clothes pin. 

Week 9 (left page)
3 pictures total and it still looks great. yay!  There's game the Man plays with the boys, a recap, random french fries on a random Tuesday, a quote by Buddy, a homework clipping and the tent shot. 

 Week 9 (right)
On the top, there was more I wanted to say, more to the "adult" boys than to anyone else. So I wrote it, then put a piece of star patterned vellum over it with the title "there's more to the story".  That was its there but not in your face.  I like that and I think the boys will like that too.  Or their wives. 
There's a very, blurry iPhone photo of a sunset.  It was really cool and this picture doesn't do anything for it, but its a reminder to M.E. that unfortunately I see very few sunsets. It kind of drives M.E. nuts, but its city life and a busy life and sunsets can't be seen from our home. So when we were on our way to soccer, Buddy was like look at that, I already was. And so snapped a photo at stop light. 
The other two pics are of LG being LG.  Love him. And there's a grocery list and a blank but cool patterned card. 

And there's February.  Like I said, March will be done soon and I'll try to be quicker as posting it. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Big News

Over Spring Break, the Babe made big news...

Yep, that's underwear aka big boy pants...

We started on Tuesday and have been pretty successful thus far.  He was so proud of himself and so were we!  It really helped having everyone here and home all week to encourage him.  He loved it. 

I can't believe we will finally be diaper-free!  woohoo! 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Grampa and Nana are Here!

They arrived and the weather was actually good for about a day. Long enough for them to play outside with boys.  

They helped Babe pick up all the rocks he through in the yard and piled around the tree. 
 Gotta love the hat. 

It was warm and pretty but only for a day or two.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Photos by Babe

Photos By Babe
(using my iphone)

Love seeing the world through his eyes. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Getting Ready for Easter

 Babe needed to take a couple dozen eggs to preschool for his eggs hunt next week. 

 So I took him to Walmart to pick our his eggs and candy.  
Baseball Eggs and Starburst were his choices. 

 I showed him what needed to be done and he began his task. 

 He opened every single eggs by himself. 

 Put in two starburst, usually they HAD to be the same color.   No ones would want a pink and yellow starburst in the same egg, I mean really...

Then he closed them and put them in his bag.  
He couldn't have been prouder of himself and I couldn't either.   
Way to Go Babe. Happy Easter. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Duck Dynasty Party

On Sunday afternoon, LG had a play date with a fellow Duck Dynasty Fan, so I got on Pinterest to make the day a little extra special. 
 They had so much fun watching reruns of the show and laughing at Uncle Si.
 Its such a great show that we all love. LG had a really good time with his buddy. 
Aren't these beards just great!  Love 'em. They look like the real did deal... Jase and Willie Robertson. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Noooooo! Me......

 Babe wanted to use my big camera to take a picture....and I said no. 
 But he insisted that he should be allowed to use the big camera, he really needed to take a picture.
 By insisting I mean, screaming and crying and getting angry that I instead was using the big camera to take his picture. 
But I then I took a picture of what he intended to be the subject of the big camera.  
I like the fact that Dinosaurs also live on his farms with bunnies and cows. 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Waiting on Grampa and Nana

Grampa and Nana are traveling across country in the motorhome.   Their final destination.  Our House! 
 LG has been waiting patiently for days now. 
  This morning, Nana texted they have crossed the border into Oklahoma. 
So LG decided to peek out the window, even though it will be hours before they arrive. 
LG isn't the only one excited... 
Hope they get here soon. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ice Cream for Breakfast???

 The monotony of 1st grade isn't so exciting for LG anymore and he's been getting bored at school. 
 Being bored at school means, not doing work and daydreaming, leading to many color changes. 
So we've once again implemented the 5 green days = ice cream sandwich for breakfast.  Here he celebrates his first sandwich.  Awesome! 

Keep up the good work, LG!