Thursday, February 24, 2011

For those going through ME withdrawals

So the blogger and ME are not getting along - iPhone to the rescue with a quick update on what I'm up to this fine rainy/stormy/60 degree February day! Unlike the foot or two of snow in Skagit Valley.

Like most days I spend a lot of time keeping the floors clean.
Because this guy is all over the place - all the time.

Which lead ME to score this little handy dandy broom/pan at Target for $1. Yep, got to love those dollar bins.

It home is on the frig and although it's only been in our house about 24 hours, I've already used it about 10 times. No joke.

I'm also working with LG - prepping for Kindergarten. So we practice writing the letter "L" and recognizing it by cutting out "L" from this weeks circulars.

It also gave him good scissor and glue practice and I think he liked it. We stopped at 10 "L"s.

I'm also working on getting things ready for our little cousins arrival in New Hampshire.

Our deep freeze is now the staging area for all things baby. Going through these things that Babe wore just a few months ago brought tears to my eyes for a few seconds. Okay it was approximately three seconds then I moved on to the next box.

I'm also working on finding Buddy's Cub Scout book for tonight's meeting. I don't think it's in the house because it can not be found. I'm not happy about this either.

Hope everyone is having a great Thursday and I'll be back soon.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Techincal Issues

Everyone is our house has been to the doctor in the last week but ME and the computer needs too.
It got some sort of virus last week and is still working but it's really slow and lots of fake pop up warning things. It's just really annoying.

As for the doctors visit, the Man was diagnosed with a double ear infection on Monday. Buddy went to the doctor on Tuesday because his eczema is out of control and we needed some serious cream. All was well Wednesday and Thursday for the birthday celebrations and then late Thursday night Babe was very upset and kept laying my hand on his face until I finally realized he was telling ME his lymph gland under his ear was swollen. And swollen it was. It wad nearly the size of a ping pong ball. HUGE. It really scared ME so I immediately took him to the doctor Friday morning and his blood count was 20,000, way too high. His ears looked good and throat so we are unsure of what's going on but are taking antibiotics for the next 10 days and he seems completely fine. It was also in the 70s here, so we were outside a bunch and this made LGs allergies flare up and caused him to be really congested and I had to take him to the doctor yesterday morning. Antibiotics for him too. Whew!

We will hopefully get the computer cleaned and running smoothly this week so I can post all the great birthday pics.

Sorry for the lack of blogging but life happens!

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Random Thoughts

1 - it was -9 this morning when we got up.  That's 9 degrees below zero! Oh my!  Several records were broke this morning here in Oklahoma.

2 - not sure what the official snowfall was yesterday, but we easily got 6 new inches of powder yesterday. 

3 - Buddy got a new chess game and he is obsessed.  I have no idea how to play so he drives the Man crazy each evening wanting to play. 

4 - the Man realized he's not a great chess player and downloaded a chess game on his iPhone and practiced for a good hour last night.  I love that about him!

5 - TOP CHEF Masters is getting so exciting!  This is one of our most favorite shows on tv. Bravo channel. Wednesday's at 9PM.

6 - Fabio got kicked off last night and he said a really cool thing - "if you have a dream you have to just go for it, because yours is the only shadow standing in your sunshine"  I liked that quote.

7 - Speaking of tv, anybody watch Castle on ABC, Monday's at 9? The Man doesn't care much for it but he does get into it alittle with M.E.   Its basically a new generation Murder, She Wrote.  I guess all those years of watching Murder, She Wrote with my Mom stuck with M.E. because I really like this show.

8 - I jogged in the kitchen the entire time I was cooking supper last night.  Just to get the heart rate up.  Even had a can of peas in each hand for added weight.  Buddy thought I'd lost my mind.  I also did some squats and I'm sore today. 

9 - I finally got the courage to put in a work out DVD this morning.  A ten minute fat burning, heart rate increasing work out. 

10 - I last 3 minutes.  yep, 180 seconds!  That's 30 times a good bull ride....staying positive.

11 - Buddy had school today. Amazing.  The public schools around here have been out since last Monday.  Thankful the Man took him. 

12 - Buddy's birthday is next week, and I've not got one thing ready.  With all the snow, I've not been driving much.  I can't beleive he is going to 8.  {Cyrena it seems like yesterday,  huh and now you are expecting your own - love you}

13 - Hopefully I'll get out this weekend.  Its suppose to be in the 60s.   And maybe even 70s by next Wednesday.  that's nearly an 80 degree temperature increase in one week.  We'll all be sick!

14 - Babe wants to say hi -brg1s4er5rt3xv4erd n nf6 kxzg ngv f

15 - LG is crying because he can't find any candy! Sorry bud but we just don't keep any in the house. oh well, Valentines day is Monday, so he'll get plenty then.

16 - I'm almost finished with my "One Little Word" assignment for January.  Almost!

17 - I had no idea I had so much on my mind.

18 - I'm ready for tulips!  Anybody else?  I would love to wake up tomorrow and see tulips.  Yes, I know that's random!

19 - Babe is pulling up and walking along the edge of the couch. I predict he'll walk in a month.

20 - I got a new vacuum cleaner before all this snow hit and I'm in love with it!

21 - LG has his kindergarten screening Monday and I must say I'm nervous.  I just hope his speech delay doesn't put him REALLY below normal.

22 - Thanks to everyone who mailed valentines to LG for his class project.  Our mail has been running but I know a couple have already arrived.  Exciting.

23 - The boys and I will be hand-making their valentines this weekend. I'm excited.  I can't wait to post pics.

24 -  Baseball practice starts Monday. The Man is super excited as he will be coaching again.  LG is playing too.  Not sure when his practices start.  Two boys on two different teams in two different leagues.  Let the chaos begin.

25 - I'm trying to make it to 27.  That's my word for the year.

26 - I made a comment over at the the other day.   And I was like # 2031.  I can't imagine over two thousand people reading my blog.  I'm just excited I have 20.

27 - Have a wonderful Thursday and stay warm.  we are trying!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Splash Pad

We are so lucky!  Our little bestest friend, A, who is LG's best friend and we have them over to our house all the time turned 5 during the blizzard and her birthday party was Sunday. And it was at an indoor water park. WOO-HOO!

It was so nice to finally get out of the house for a real adventure and get to go swimming. 
(well, we got out on Saturday to go to walmart - which was a nightmare and we did make it to church Sunday morning but that's only a mile away, this was across town on very snow covered roads)

Birthday Girl hanging on a lilly pad.

Babe got in the hot tub with M.E.  It was so nice. 

Buddy loved this place.  It wasn't super big, just right so that you could be any where in the room and see your kids.  Its a tiny Great Wolf Lodge type place attached to a hotel. The water wasn't even 3 feet so all the kiddos could go anywhere they wanted and didn't have to worry.  A big plus in my book!

Little Sis J.  Is she not the cutest in the world.

LG in the hot tub.  awwww!

At first I didn't want my photo taken. I'm huge and really didn't want any physical reminders of how I look in a swim suit.  You can see the snow piled up through the windows.

A in the hot tub having some fun.

LG on a lilly pad. The cannon in the fore ground would shoot water almost all the way across the pool.

Decided to let the Man take a photo of M.E. anyhow and it turned out ok. Babe is adorable.

Birthday Girl.

That's Buddy coming out of the slide.  We were using the little tiny video camera the Man got M.E. for Christmas as our still camera today (did want to lug the big one around).  The little did pretty well, but there's no action mode.  Or at least I haven't found an action mode yet.

The Man was feeling alittle under-the-weather and a whole lot Superbowl anxious, so he didn't go swimming. 

Group Shot. They had a blast.

Upstair we got to have a pizza and cupcakes and sing happy birthday. Here's Buddy and the birthday girl.  I think he was having trouble eating pizza with all those front teeth missing.

This picture is hilarious because this little girl never where's shoes.  She hates them as a matter of fact and so for her to put on LGs Buzz shoes was a big deal! I may just have to buy her a pair.

We would leave the party and head over to a friends for the superbowl, where I would talk to the ladies and the men would stress about the game.  All in all it was a fantastic day!  snow and icy roads included!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Blizzard of 2011

You'd think being homebound I'd be able to blog, but unfortunately I've been keeping the house running smoothly and entertaining the boys. 
The wash machine keeps freezing up. Its in the garage where's its 20 degrees, so I have to get the space heater out and unthaw the hoses before I can wash. ugh!
The boys can only coexist for so long without someone melting down and/or fighting, hence Buddy getting his front tooth knocked out while he was wrestling with LG. 
And Babe, well he loved having the boys home.
The Man doesn't care so much for being cooped up.

So what did we do while we were in the house for four days?
This shot was taken before the snow ended.  For reference that azalea bush is over 3 feet tall. It would snow for 12 hours straight with wind gush over 30 mph.  It was crazy. I'm so thankful we never lost our electricity.

Before the storm hit, Buddy and I put painters tape on the fence out back at 6", 12" and 18".  That's the 18" tape visible in the pic, which was taken through the window because we couldn't get the back door open.

Buddy fixing to measure the snow.  It would total 22" in that drift.  The official total for our area was 14".  Wow!

We had beans and corn bread to warm us up.  Not as good as Aunt Jean's but close.

Buddy got on a cribbage run and played M.E. and the Man several games.  And several games he won.  It amazes M.E. at how good he is. We'd also play battleship and scrabble.  I love board games.

We rented a couple of movies through our cable at $4.99 a pop. OUCH! don't want to get that bill.  But it was nice to snuggle in together and watch movies we hadn't seen before. 
There was also lots of wii playing, iphone playing and playing. I think our little family is addicted to "screened" devices.

The Man had to shovel the driveway in order for us to get out and about and go to work.  He would borrow a shovel from our neighbor and it took a long time.

I have to admit I was nervous he could have a heart attack.  It was so cold and hard work.  I made him a big cup of hot tea when he came in.  He got it done.

On Friday we got 2 additional inches and there's more in the forecast. Oh my!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Snowing Teeth

We have 14 inches of snow on the ground and it's currently snowing again. Expecting 2 more inches.
But the most exciting thing is - buddy has lost two teeth, one last night and one this morning.

He now has a huge gap in the front.

He is so excited and so are we. I think we are going to try and go to chuck e cheese to celebrate. That is if we can get the van out of the garage. LOL.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Buddy experiences an Oklahoma Blizzard!

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