Thursday, May 30, 2013

Joe Cool

Babe at the ballpark with Buddy's hat and sunglasses and a red icee beard. 

establishing a routine

Since school has been out I've started establishing the summer routine or bits and pieces of a summer routine.  

My objective: limit electronics

Each summer begins with a huge calendar from the last day of school to the first day of school.
Buddy loves calendars almost as much as I do.  He likes routine, he likes knowing what's coming, what to expect and checks this and fills things in almost daily. 
LG and Babe helped me with the coloring of the letters. : ) 

This year, I added a new thing for chores.  To get the boys motivated and to not nag them constantly about picking up and doing their part. I started writing jobs on little fun post-its and putting them up by the calendar.  We usually have one :15 minute cleaning session each day and then they can also choose to do any extras they want. 

 When they complete a job and its been inspected by M.E. they stick the post-it to their drawer.  I got this little set of drawers at Hobby Lobby on clearance and loved it. Its perfect for M.E. when I find legos or the boys little stuff laying around I just toss it in their drawer. They also store their money and gems in here as well.  

I've not decided exactly how much money each job is worth, but they are going to tally them until we leave for KY.   It a good thing.

Another good thing is homework.  I know its important for them to keep their little brains in shape and honestly they have completely complied with barely a word about it. 
I got on the Saxon math homeschool website and there's sample lessons, so Buddy did one for his homework last week.  

 Thankfully, LG's teacher sent home a summer packet of work for him.  He did three worksheet english and math. And he did fabulous. 

Of course, Babe needed some homework too.  So he worked in an preschool workbook, also doing three sheets.  He thought he was the coolest kid ever.  

We also have joined the summer reading program and the Summer Bucket list challenge.  

More on the Summer Bucket List Challenge coming soon.  You can read about it or sign up online at the

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Reminders are Everywhere

The events of May 20th are still with M.E. and everyone.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, people in Oklahoma are the nicest people in the country.  They are "GOOD PEOPLE" and it hurts to see them suffer.

Please continue to support and pray for them.

We have another Tor:Con of 7 today and it's scary to think it could happen all over again.

Its constantly on our minds and hearts.  The Man had to go last week down to the University of Oklahoma which is due east of Moore.  And he said the debris that was there from the Shawnee and Moore tornadoes were everywhere you looked.   It was upsetting and surreal for him -- something we will never forget.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Annual Art Sculptures

Every year the boys get to make a sculpture in their art classes.  These little bits of ceramic are invaluable to M.E.  I love them SO much. 

LG's class theme was animals and Buddy's was home.  

A house and an Alligator. 


Last Day of School

Sorry for the blogging hiatus, but life's been busy with the three boys under foot.

We had a really good last day of school with a field day!
The boys loved the wet and wild water slide and I loved working the snow cone machine again. One if the best jobs ever.

The boys also got their faces painted and really loved the teacher dunking booth. And I have to say it was pretty great too!

What a great school and day!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Safe and Well

We are okay, physically. But our hearts are all heavy from what our neighbors to the south are having to go through in the aftermath of these deadly tornadoes.

I've always been a bit of a weather nut and the Man is to and so we have been glued to the tv both yesterday and today, not just for safety but for curiosity of the situation.

But tonight we had to turn the television off, remove ourselves for the surreal reality that those tornadoes could have been a 100 miles north. Watching the tornadoes live on the local news is a much different experience than seeing footage. Having the knowledge that this massive tornado is on the ground at this very minute and knowing there are schools in its path, knowing that school is still in session, knowing that there aren't many basement in schools or houses for that matter. This knowledge tore me up as I watched live and in real time-- knowing they couldn't survive an EF4 or greater above ground. 200 mph winds are just too strong.

Why do we not have basements here? I don't know a single family that has a basement.

The Man had a long talk with Buddy and LG about what we saw on tv, what happened. I gave them super long and extra tight hugs. I pray I get to again tomorrow.

Please pray for those victims in Moore, Oklahoma and the victims yesterday in Shawnee, pray for those moms and dads, and children, pray that God will wrap his arms around them.

To my family and friends, thank you for praying for our safety. We love you all!

8th Grade Parade

Every year our 8th grade graduations a couple days before school is out and the afternoon of graduation they have a parade.  Its one of the coolest things ever!  I love it as much as the kiddos.  

One of the best "floats" this year was the horse drawn Cinderella carriage. 

LG was ready for the candy.  
You see the 8th graders drive by and throw candy to their adoring under class men.  

 Buddy and Zkid decided to go hard core and just use their backpacks as their candy bags.  Zkid really scored as someone accidentally threw an entire bag of candy instead of a handful. 

Second best "float" of the day was the flat bed truck with coaches.  Riding in Comfort for these boys. 

So fun.  

Sunday, May 19, 2013


We have our tornado kit ready and plan if action prepared. Praying w don't need either!
Buddy's closet now has helmets, shoes, water, food, lights, batteries, first aid oh my!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

the Great Soccer Team Search.

Buddy's in bit of a soccer dilemma. 

For the last year, he has played up on a 5th grade team.  That team is getting a new coach and making some changes and Buddy hasn't been real happy there, so he needs a change. 

We decided he needed to play with his own age group and have more fun and playing time. 

So we have begun the great soccer team search.  
Multiple teams. Multiple practices. Buddy's opinion. My Opinion. The Man's opinion.  Lots to take in. 

He practiced this week in another league. 
This coach makes the team run. Buddy was told to run a mile with the team. He struggled.  City life at its worst.  He was third to last and not happy about it. But he ran the whole way, no walking.  I know what we will be doing in KY.  RUNNING! 

  He's really liking this team and we think its mostly because his friend Zkid is signing with them.  I say, yay to that. I'd love to have another family from our school on the team. Plus D will help with Babe. :)

They did some pretty cool drills and Buddy hung in there.  

I think this might be the team, and of course the practice fields are the furtherest from my house. ugh!  But if Buddy's happy then I'm happy!  

I hope he likes it. The team try outs are next week. Lots of big discussions. 

Friday, May 17, 2013

PreSchool's Out for Summer

Babe enjoyed his last few days of PreSchool this week.  
I can't believe its over. And I bet I say "I can't believe" every single day, multiple times a day!
But seriously, he's not a Bunny anymore. 

 He learned how to sing songs this year. 

 He learned how to count.

 He learned a lot of fun facts about animals.

 He made a bunch of super cute pictures and crafts. 

 He loved playing with his friends.  Lots of friends. 

 He adores his teachers and almost cried when I said it was time to leave.  He told them he loved them. 

He says he's ready for the next year and the 3 year old Fish Class. 

Blows my mind! 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Random Thoughts #10

Random Thoughts 
Version TEN

1 - May is always busy, so here's some randomness from the last few days.

 2 - On Thursday, prior to the shower/anti-mohawk incident, LG and I went with his class to the planetarium.  We had a really good time and I had to take this pic.  This is Einstein obviously, but its made of squares from 12,000 rubic cubes.  An Eagle scout project.  TOO RAD!

3 - Friday night, Buddy had one of his best games ever. Getting a couple of hits and such good looks at the ball.  It was a great game, and I would have loved to recap it, but I've slept a couple times since then and I did lots of talking (imagine that) during the game so I don't have the details. 

 4 - Another wonderful picture of LG's new hair cut. This is from my phone and for some strange reason its all squashed... Technology and I have a love/hate relationship.

5 - We rented the movie The Odd Life of Timothy Green over the weekend.  If you have not seen it, do yourself a favor and watch it. We all LOVED it.  Wonderful family movie about family and parenting and love.

6 - LG is just so cool.  Just Sayin' 

 7 - LG got a big hit in his game on Saturday.  Struck out twice, but managed this one big hit.  Awesome.
 8 - There were so random little pop-up thunderstorms on Saturday. We managed to get a downpour, some lightning and hail all while the sun was still shining. Weird but cool.

9 - We had no obligations on Saturday after the baseball game and it was so nice to just be a family.

10 - My mother's day present from the Man!   Oh how I love it.   
We saw this vintage card catalog from the University of Illinois a couple weeks ago (day before Babe's burn) and I fell in love with it. But after Babe's burn, I never thought about it again.  The Man didn't forget.  (sorry for the squashed picture again technology) 

11 - I spent Sunday, filling about a third of the drawers with my PL embellishments and supplies. I'm so in love with it. Its PERFECT. Thanks Hun. I love you! 

12 - Monday the van wouldn't start.  The interiors lights had been left on all weekend and we didn't know it. Luckily a jump and idle fixed it.  Nothing like panicking first thing in the morning before school. 

13 - 6 days of school left. Just so you know. 

14 - Tuesday the boys had a spring concert.  Here's LG with his class waiting to take the stage.  He sang Over the Rainbow from the Wizard of Oz. So cute. 

15 - Buddy waiting.  He's thrilled... his class sang Moon River. I think he knew about 10 words. haha

16 - I have a long story about Hobby Lobby.  I'll try to post another day.  It was awesome and I met a project life design team member. Oh My Stars!!!!!!!!!!!

 17 - LG's last scouts for the year was last night.  He'll advance in August but is done for the summer.  He really enjoys scouts.

18 - I just realized there's nothing about Babe.  hmmm.. Babe is wild, exciting, whining, loving school, and busy.  Typical toddler with a stubborn streak!

19 - The Man is good and started construction on a deck. More details to come.

20 - I'm late for work.  Bye for now!

Monday, May 13, 2013


The other day, I noticed this sock in my trashcan beside my bed. 

I hadn't remembered throwing away this red sock. So out of curiosity, I picked it up. 

 There was something in it. 

 This is what I found inside.  A wod of blue tape. 

Upon unwrapping, I find a little lego guy. 

I wonder, what did this little lego guy do to be wrapped in tape, put in a sock and thrown in the trash.

And I'm wondering who did this to him?  

Questions, I may never know the answer a house of boys like mine. 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

The New Do!

Let M.E. just say, its never a dull moment around here.

On Thursday night, our evening was quite and normal until LG got out of the shower.

Buddy comes to M.E. and says, "Mom this is serious"

I didn't know what to think but needless-to-say, LG got a disposable razor that was on the shower rack and decided to use it.

This resulted in an anti-mohawk down the center of his head.  Amazingly he didn't cut himself, but he did manage to remove all the hair - to the scalp. Oh my!

Pantic, sorrow, embarrassment all these things happened simultaneously.  He had no idea what he had done, because he couldn't see it.  So the Man took a picture and showed it to him.

He said, "oh my, that's my head".

We let him go to bed, trying to figure out our plan.

We let him skip school on Friday.  The comb over wouldn't cover it.

We decided to shave his head.

Yep! The gorgeous locks are gone.

 The Man sets up shop in the driveway. And I have to say the Man was somewhat excited to show off his clipper skills. 
 BEFORE: The anti-mohawk. 
 Buddy is nervous for him.  And frankly so was I. 
You know, Buddy prides himself on his cool hair and he was upset for LG. 
 LG was well, LG and just rolled with it. 
His prospective on life and everything is his own and quite unique, we could all benefit from being more like him. 
 It took awhile and LG was having a hard time sitting still. The Man was being a perfectionist and taking way too much hair off for M.E., but I understand his point in trying to blend it. 
AFTER: Little Flat Top Boy! 

But in the end, we now have a cute little flat top LG, who couldn't be prouder of his NEW DO!