Friday, May 27, 2011

Last Day of School

Today is bittersweet.  My Buddy finishes 2nd grade and moves on to third.  Hard to believe.  Congrats Buddy! 
Here's to the First Day of Summer!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Babe Needs a Nap!

After baseball practice, Babe was dirty, tired and cranky.  So after a bath, and a quick snack this is what happened.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Week in the Life - Day 7

Tuesday brought a day of errands. So after we took Buddy to school, we all got ready and headed to Sam's club. Our church is taking a load of goods to Joplin, MO first thing in the morning, so I wanted to send some diapers, formula and water. After that we went to the big mall - a place we rarely visit. It actually amazes ME that these business can stay open in this economy, I mean who really has the money to buy expensive items at the mall.
Anyhow, I was on the hunt for a Buzz Lightyear for J. She really loves toy story and recently lost her Buzz and last week was her birthday. I have a special project in the works, but needed a new Buzz. So we headed to the Disney store. First time to every step foot in one. I wasn't impressed. But LG loved the giant Mickey.

We did find out that CARS 2 comes out June 24. Woohoo!
It was then off to the little play area with all the hip moms and their starbucks.

This place was perfect for Babe. LG was a little too big but still enjoyed it. And to say that Babe enjoyed it was an understatement.

He loved it. He squealed and hollered and "talked" the entire time. It was wonderful and he even had a fever - had one all day. I think it is his next tooth coming in. He has a dr. appointment tomorrow anyway for an ear fluid check, so I'll wait until then to worry.

But the real reason I was at the mall was to visit the Apple store, because it finally happened.

I shattered my iPhone - remarkably it still works with a few freezes here and there, but I've been using it just find. The store was busy so I have an appointment to go back tomorrow. Hopefully I won't have to spend much money to get a new glass. But I guess I will be spending money on a rubber cover to prevent this from happening again.

Back at home for the evening, I took more photos but didn't upload them. Some of Buddy's school work. He wrote some poems like this one-


a Blue Bird

a sweet Blue Bird

a good sweet Blue Bird

a singing good sweet Blue Bird

a white singing good sweet Blue Bird

and it pecked my car.

We were also pretty much glued to the weather channel as well. I took a pic or two of the doppler as it approached and I'm happy to say, we got very little bad weather. But it was pretty scary seeing some of the live footage of tornadoes as they were happening near OKC. We are very thankful.
We'll see what today brings.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Week in the Life - Day 6

Mondays are usually reserved for recovery from the weekend mess, hustle and bustle and yesterday was no different. Lots of laundry, sweeping, vacuuming, etc, etc....
But we did manage to finish up the bedroom make over.
Here you have the before shot of our bedroom wall color from when we moved in. This photo doesn't do it justice. It wasn't bright like Huskie purple but more eggplant.

After... much calmer. The paint is called Rainwashed and we also got a cool new 1956 Danish Modern bedroom set. Love it so much.

I did manage to start sorting and putting back together the playroom.

Yes, this is our playroom with a huge mess. All my scrap stuff is scattered everywhere as well as extra furniture, etc. Like I said I started, but didn't finish

Here's Babe playing the van waiting for Buddy to come out.

At home the Harry Potter marathon on tv inspired the boys to get their HP fix.

LG plays Harry Potter on the wii.

Buddy attempts to read HP book 1. I told him I'd give him $2 if he read it all. Its 248 pages, so I don't know if it'll happen but we do have a good summer break ahead.

Ready for bed. After a bath for Babe and a shower for LG (which was first - he's not much of a shower taker but last night, that's what he wanted) the kiddos got ready for bed and coincidentally matched.

This is as close to matching as we get. Spongebob Pajamas. I'm not much on the matchy matchy stuff, but LG thought it was hilarious, so I got a pic.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Week in the Life - Day 5

I rarely manage to get a pic of us dressed up, as I'm always rushing and going and trying to keep everyone clean, but I made a point today to get a shot of us in our Sunday clothes right after church.

How sweet is Babe with his cute little smile! Love it.
After church I had a luncheon hosted by the church's activity committee to help with planning events and services for our church this coming year. It was really good and I was glad to be there.
Meanwhile the Man took the boys to a minor league baseball game in town. Most of LG's team was going to be there and they were getting to go down on the field with the big players and catch balls, etc. I wouldn't make it to the game until the fourth inning and was Babe ever happy to see ME. It was very hot, 91 degrees and they were about done. We would leave after the 6th inning, right after this pic. they said they had fun.
Back at home the Man would grill steak which was very yummy and the boys geared up for a water fight.

Don't want to see the water bill this month, but they had fun.

LG is hilarious. I don't think the Man and I have laughed so hard in a long time. Once Buddy got the hose, LG grabbed a bucket and would fill it up and try to dump it on Buddy. More than once, he missed Buddy when tossing his water and more than once, he dropped the bucket spilling it before he got to Buddy.

It was really fun for them and fun to watch. Even Babe was squealing!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Week in the Life - Day 4

We had to rise and shine early Saturday for a 9AM game. Here's the big players before we left.
These two are tied with 6 homeruns each and they love teasing each other about it. At the game, our team came to play. We made some great plays in the outfield by stopping the ball.
This kid had four hits, one homerun, 2 runs, 2 RBI and managed the last five outs of the game at 1st base. He was on fire. We won 17 - 5.

After the game, we headed to chik-fil-A for lunch. We have slowed way down on our fast chicken consumption and it was welcomed today.

The Man even got the boys ice cream

After our ice cream, I'd drop everyone off at home and head out to pick up D. A week or so ago, she had a dance recital for her dance theatre class, and I had every intention of attending until that morning and Babe was in a seriously bad mood and Buddy had a game, and I couldn't get a sitter, so I opted not to take Babe and LG with ME and interrupting the whole show.
Therefore, I told her I'd make it up to her by taking her to see the movie PROM today. It was really cute and made you feel all warm and fuzzy and was nothing like real high school, but none-the-less, she and I both enjoyed it. And after it was over we hit the mall.

Here we are trying on rainbow glasses, moments after I snapped this pic, I was told to put my camera away, as this store doesn't allow picture taking. What?

We had a good time and I enjoyed hanging out with D. Girls are so different than boys, that's for sure!

Back at home we would settle in for a Harry Potter marathon on ABCfamily - during which I got this group of photos of Babe having a fit.

About 10 seconds later I got this pic.

What happen to the tears?

Look at that big front tooth and supper stained shirt.

He was trying to lick the camera lens. Too funny! Happy Saturday!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Week in the Life - Day 3

I didn't manage many pictures yesterday. Fridays are typically like that.
First things first - breakfast. I've been experimenting with make homemade whole wheat pancakes. Today, I tried yet another recipe to see what we like best.

Babe loves pancakes, but these didn't go over well. They turned out really dense and the nutmeg and vanilla were too strong. Babe managed one and half before throwing it all to the floor.
After breakfast and some laundry, house cleaning, etc, LG and I decided to do some exercising via the Wii - Just Dance 2.

Its pretty fun and I definitely burned some calories, now only if I could do this everyday.

I had to hustle to get my ducks in a row for a busy afternoon. Buddy had a sleep over planned and I had to do a scrapbooking workshop with the girlscouts. So the Man came to school and got the big boys and took them to the aquarium. (thanks again Easter bunny for the membership)

I love scrapbooking and sharing that love with others, especially happy little girls. It was so much fun making little albums with them.

Meanwhile, I had D with ME to watch Babe.

She is such a big help to ME and Babe loves her so much.

After this, we would order pizza and watch movies with Buddy's guest. I didn't manage pics, not sure what happened there, but they had fun.

We put them in bed at 9 and they giggled until 10. It was pretty funny! Its a whole new world with an 8 year old.

Friday, May 20, 2011

A Week in the Life - Day 2

Babe has gotten very spoilt and in the habit of hanging on M.E. all day, so this morning, I decided to get out some toys from the garage in hopes that they would occupy him.
They occupied LG.

I love these Little People from Fisher Price and I'm so glad I talked the Man into letting M.E. save them from more than one give away to Goodwill.
After play time, we loaded up and headed to Target. LG was in serious need of new shoes and Buddy needed a white t-shirt to tie dye for school next week.

They are such good boys. I generally can take 2 boys anywhere, its when you add all three that it gets hectic.

I realize this is not safe and/or the proper place for a child to ride, but it works for us. I'm very careful and so is LG, so no fingers get run over.

After Babe took his nap is was time to head to school. Today was the 8th graders last day and after the awards ceremony they have a parade around the big field, where all the younger kids are gathered to cheer and catch candy.

Its a pretty cool deal and everyone really enjoys it. Can you find Buddy in the above picture?

After the 8th grade parade, LG had an informal assembly on the playground for kindergarten next year.

Babe and his friend J were actually sharing toys for a few seconds - that is until Babe grabs J's popsicle and she screams. He sticks it in his mouth and its super cold, so then he screams. It was funny.

Future Kindergarten of America!

Back at home we played outside riding bikes and playing catch. Buddy was sweet enough to get out the little car for Babe. Babe was thrilled and laughed and clapped. Buddy was pleased.

Then they decided to switch places and Buddy got stuck and it took him a full 3 minutes to get his self out of this tiny car. That was funny too!

After this we got ready for baseball practice. The little bloggie camera's memory was full and the big camera was out of batteries, so no more pics of the day.

Although after practice we went out to eat with Zkid and D and their folks. We had a good evening.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Week in the Life

Yesterday on a whim I decided to start a "Week in the Life" project inspired by Ali Edwards. Its really a simple project and I love the concept of capture/documenting our everyday life as it is right now. Because in two short weeks its going to change drastically with school out.

First of all, LG has his booster shots for school on Tuesday, which left him feeling crummy yesterday with a fever. So he didn't want to go to school, unfortunately yesterday was his last day of preschool ever. We would get ready and go up to school at Noon for his quick little diploma and ice cream.

Here he is with his most favorite teacher yet, Mrs. Sutton. He loves her so much and I'm nervous he will want her next year as well. He gives her lots of hugs and kisses and talks about her at home. They definitley had something special.

Back at home, LG would lay on the couch watching movies and eating apple sauce. So Babe played by himself. I found him in Buddy's room playing with the baseball guys. It love this.

The Man would get home in time for us to grill out a pork loin and I stir fried some veggies and noodles for an asian night. It was yummy. Its one of LGs favorite meals as well as Buddy, but LG just still wasn't feeling good, so he didn't eat much.

After supper, Babe played in a basket. Too cute!

Just a sneek peek of our day yesterday, not to exciting but a week from now, a month from now, 10 years from now, it will be so interesting to see it.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Well, it finally happened the team has lost a game. The fourth game in five days proved to be too much for us and the other team was hitting the ball great. Two of our innings were scoreless - can't win games without runs.
Thought I'd share some pics from one of our dad's who is going to help M.E. make baseball cards for all the boys this summer.

photo courtesy of Chris Lewallen
Buddy did manage to get three hits in Monday's game and score two runs.

Photo courtesy of Chris Lewallen
I love this photo of Buddy sliding into home plate. He has really got the sliding down.

Photo courtesy of Chris Lewallen

Check out the muscles in his arms. Its amazing.

I've very grateful that I have such great shots of him playing ball. I'm too busy keeping score and messing with Babe to get the camera out.

photo courtesy of Chris Lewallen

Ready and waiting on the pitcher's mound.

Next game is Saturday, hopefully we will get back to winning.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Exciting Times in Baseball

Photo courtesy of Mike Fuhr

Last week we would have our toughest game yet - ending in a tie, 17 all!

We had a games Thursday, Friday and Saturday this past week and how exciting it was.

Buddy played fabulous as always. Thursday night he had two hits, two runs and three RBIs. Friday night, which was freezing by the way, he had one homerun for 2 RBIs. It was fantastic.

Saturday would be the big game. We had played this team once already and won 14 - 5. So lets just say we weren't up for the challenge and they came to PLAY. Having three games in three days, the boys were tired and they weren't .

Top of the 1st, Buddy managed to bat in our only run of the inning, where as they got up and all six of their starting line up scored. So just like that we were down 1 - 6.

Photo courtesy of Mike Fuhr

Top of the 2nd, we would get our 6 run limit with Buddy scoring and getting an RBI. Bottom of the 2nd, we hold them to two runs.

Top of the 3rd, we only got one hit and he was left with batters 2,3, and 4 getting out at first. Oh my. I was getting nervous. Bottom of the 3rd, they managed to get in three runs, Buddy made one of the outs and Zkid caught a popfly at 2nd base for our third out of the inning. It was huge, we are still down 7 - 11 going into the fourth.

Photo courtesy of Mike Fuhr

Top of the fourth we managed three runs one of those was Buddy. He is so fast and fun to watch. Bottom of the fourth, first batter strikes out, second batter on, third batter strikes out. We are pumped, but only to let them score 4 runs, the finally out coming to Buddy at first base. Sweet. Buddy did a fantastic job. Score 10 - 15.

Top of the fifth we know we have to get all 6 of our allowed runs to win this game. no pressure!!! First two batter get on, third batter strikes out, fourth batter hits a home run for 3 RBIs. woohoo. The parents and dug out go crazy. Fourth gets a triple and the fifth batters get on for an RBI and the sixth popflys out. So here we are with a runner at second and two outs. Zkid's up to the plate and hits a line drive to score a run. WooHoo. Now here's Buddy up with the tying run on first. Strike one, Strike two, SMACK! line drive to left field, Zkid comes home for our 6th run of the inning, Buddy's left on third.

We took the lead 16-15. If we can hold them we win, if we give up one run we tie and if we give up two they win.

I was on my feet, I was nauseous.

Their first batter gets on, second batter gets on, third batter gets on, but we managed an out at third. whew. Runners at first and second, the fourth batter strikes out. Two on, Two outs. Fifth runner gets on - bases loaded.

Buddy chimes in to the pitcher, "if you get the ball go home" and again, 'if you get the ball just GO HOME".

Sixth batter up to the plate, their lead hitter, their go to man. Strike one, then a little dribbler up the middle, our pitcher scoops it up and tossed it to home where our catcher has de-masked and is ready, he catches it. Third out, we win by one! Oh my. it was unbelievable. Truly a fantastic game.

record 6-0-1