Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

Recapping the last week:

1) LG has said "Shut up and/or Loser" for the last time, because I did this.

He only had the soap in his mouth for about 30 seconds, but he hasn't said a bad word since.  Reminds me so much of Ralphie on a Christmas Story.

2) Buddy says the 2nd grade isn't great, but its OK.

3) My cellphone officially died - in that I could not hear the other person during phone calls.  So now I'm the coolest person I know, just kidding, but I have entered the world of the yuppy masses and got an iPhone.

Its pretty awesome and the Man is soooooooo jealous.

4) Friday the Man and I hosted the
"Can't-afford-a-babysitter-so-come-over-to-our-house" Family Social
We had about 10 school families attend, visit and have some fun getting back into the school grove.  It was pretty awesome!

Some of the Moms enjoying some food and company.

5) Saturday, we laid low and tried to stay out of the heat.  That's when the Man got these cute pics.

He's getting such a personality.  He was being very clinging this day.

6) Aunt Cream sent M.E. these pics of their pumpkins grown in their garden.
75 lbs and 99 lbs of fall goodness.

7) Reading this book again.  I'm thinking with the boys in school now, I might actually manage to get organized and working on my scrapbooks again.

a really good book!

8) Due to the Babe's clinginess on Saturday, we decided to try some cereal on Sunday.
No go! He didn't like it, mainly because he is still too young to chew.  The cereal just sits in his mouth.  We would later put it in a bottle and he would just spit it back out.  Oh well, we'll try again in a month.

9) The Man returned to the doctor yesterday for his bronchitis which isn't much better.  They gave him some steroids this time.  Lungs sounded clear.  I also had to take LG to the allergist.  He was coughing (barking) something fierce in the night and you could really hear him trying to breathe.  I didn't get but 4 hours total sleep Sunday night between him and Babe. The allergist also gave him some steroids to help his airways deal with the inflamation.  He slept much better last night.

10) Spelling Words.
And so it begins - Buddies first batch of spelling words.  He wrote them one time last night.  I'm going to relly try to get him to increase it each night until his test on Friday - don't want him spelling like M.E.

Happt Tuesday!

Monday, August 23, 2010


@ M.E.
{Mommy Extraordinaire}

I did it! I've official posted 500 stories, tidbits and thoughts about our little family here in Oklahoma!  I thank everyone for their continue support and reading. I love it and love having you read!

If you leave a comment one this post, I'll be putting you into a hat and letting one of the boys draw a winner to win a gift card to Target!  woo-hoo!  So please enjoy and leave a comment.   Winner will be choosen next Wednesday!

After much thought and out of convenience I have put together a photo montage of every 500th picture in my digital collection.    Enjoy another little piece of US!

Halloween 2007
Buddy was a Jedi for the first time!  I think he's got candy stuck in his teeth, not scared!

Spring 2008
It was an exceptionally warm March day, so the Man and I took the boys up to Mammoth Cave National Park near our home in Kentucky for a hike.  We had a really fun time - here Buddy has fallen and scraped his knee.

First Day of Kindergarten 2008
Here is Buddy coming out of school on that very first day ever. 

Winter 2008
LG is bundled up for some outdoor fun in our little snow in Oklahoma.
Spring Break 2009
We took a huge rode trip to see Grandpa and Nana in Arizona.  These are of the cuctus(s) or cucti ? on the hillside. This was my first time seeing them and a small highlight of the trip.

Spring 2009
Buddy caught the foul ball at our local triple A baseball team. Big Night!
Memorial Day Weekend Camping Trip 2009
Here the boys are riding a friends little John Deere gator in the campground in Kentucky.

Fall 2009
Some random and blurry close up of LG. I have no idea when or where this was taken.

Thanksgiving Weekend 2009
Grandpa and Nana were here and we took the RV back to Kentucky to visit all the family.  Here the boys are having a big time wrestling in the RV.

Spring Break 2010
LG in the window of our hotel room somewhere in Arkansas.  The lightning in the photo is horrible, I was still learning the new camera.

Spring 2010
New Baby, Babe!

Summer 2010
The boys playing and digging out on the delta in Washington with Uncle J.

I can't believe how much the boys have grown and changed and well, M.E. too.  Lots of things have happened since starting the blog and I'm sure they will continue to change. 

A favorite quote:
"You know what's weird, day to day nothing seems to change but pretty soon everything is different"
- Calvin and Hobbes.

Happy 500!
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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First Day of preSchool - preK

Today was LGs big day.  He really wasn't too excited.  He has been very wishy-washy about whether or not he likes school.  I think its more about not wanting to take a bath, brush his teeth and get out the door, more than not liking school, because as soon as we get there he is so excited.

This morning was no except and we were late because he didn't want to get in the van and buckled up. 

But once there, he was excited and his best friend from last year was in the parking lot at the same time.
I managed very few pics today.  But at least I got the big your "First Day of PreSchool" one.   He is growing too fast.

His best friend from last year.  Aren't they adorable.

Although his friend isn't looking, I love the expression on LGs face.  So HIM! 

Babe and I would try to run some errands while it was just the two of us. 
First stop the AT&T store. I loathe this place because there is always 15 people needing help and like one employee working. ugh!  But I had to go because my current phone battery will only stay charged for about an 8 minute phone call.  Its driving M.E. crazy trying to have a conversation with anyone.  So found out that they don't carry phone batteries. hmmm!  But they quoted a new one at more than the phone was worth, so I opted for a new phone.  Its been order and will be here in a week or so.   YAY!  I'm excited.  More on this later.

Then we headed to Walmart for some much needed supplies.  #1 a plunger. Buddy clogged the toilet.  I don't know the details - even if I did I wouldn't share them, but I've got to take care of it today. YUCK!

So during all these errands, Babe did fine, except in the van.  He screamed the entire time to and from our destinations.  I think he wasn't liking not seeing the boys.  Normally from his seat he can see both Buddy and LG, so today with neither of them in the car  - he wasn't happy.  Or maybe he's just cranky. Who knows!

So if has begun. SCHOOL!  wow!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

First Day of School - 2nd Grade

oh my!  He is growing up too fast. Buddy started the second grade today.  I can hardly believe it.

he got up super easy this morning and was dressed by 7:15.  He said he stomach hurt alittle and that he was excited and nervous.

After a breakfast of biscuits and gravy we loaded up the entire family and headed to school.  The boys took off as soon as we got there.  It took M.E. a few minutes to collect some things, Babe and the camera.  So I had to chase them down to get the First Day of School Photo.

Not quite the photo we got last year (that would later become the Photo of the Year). I'm just surprised at how tall LG has gotten.

This is my favorite photo of the morning.  Its crazy and the Man is moving, but I love the expression on his faces.  He's happy to be here and be back.

The usual at your desk shot.

One last hug.  Gotta love it!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Last Day of Summer Vacation!

I have stated many times, that I'm ready for school to start.  Not that I don't love my kids or anything like that, but they aren't the best playmates and well, we like the routine of school. 
However this morning, the realization that this would be the last morning to sleep in, the last morning Buddy be coming in to love on Babe, the last morning of summer vacation - hit M.E. like a ton of bricks.   I was on the verge of tears almost all day.  I can't believe I have a second grader. 

the last morning to eat poptarts for breakfast - here comes the homecooking.

so I asked Buddy what he would like to do on his Last day of Summer Vacation. Anything I said.  He thought for a moment, and said you will say no.  I'm like, try M.E.  He was so sweet and said, can we go to Chuck E. Cheese's?  Sure.  He was so excited.  He quickly went and grabbed his ticket totals that he'd been saving for months and a couple of dollars.  And by lunch time we were ready to go.

skee ball is definitely one of his favorite ticket getters.

this was the first time that LG was let loose on his own.  Normally, the Man or I or some adult or bigger kid is with him, but today, he had free range of the place.  He loved it - believe M.E. 

Yummy Greasy Pizza!

Buddy took several breaks to come eat.

Meanwhile, Babe is celebrating being 4 months old today.

Eventually Buddy found this dragon game where you had to shoot your token in the dragons mouth. You got a lot of tickets for your effort so Buddy didn't move from this spot the rest of his time.

Look at him - he's just too cute. And growing up.  Do you like the hair cut?

At the end of tokens, Buddy had 244 tickets - combining those he already had saved, he ended up with 600. woo-hoo.

With 2 extra tickets from his brother, LG would end up with 100 tickets.

M.E. and Babe would play one game of Deal or No Deal and get 5 tickets.

I was really happy to take the boys on an outing today to celebrate being together. I'm still alittle anixous about tomorrow, but by the end of the week we'll all be good.  Although I'm thinking Babe won't know what to do when both boys are gone.  We'll have to wait and see.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Daddy Love!

The Man isn't feeling great today, as I mentioned on Friday, he has a major cough - that combined with his snoring kept M.E. up the majority of the night.  I'm exhausted today. 
So after church, we just hung out around the house - thats when I caught this moment.
This is too awesome!

We wound up watching golf the rest of the day and Buddy would be playing putt-putt outside all evening.  It was a nice day!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fun in the Sun

Kinda of lazy this morning.  Didn't really do much until after lunch.  The Babe just isn't let M.E. get much sleep so I'm alittle draggy.
I managed the energy to go to Walmart.  We were invited over to the Lewis' so we had get some supplies before we headed that way.
When I got home, I found the boys in our very unkept and overgrown backyard going on a "venture" as LG would say.
Buddy apparently lost his pants during this "venture".  They were so sweet playing together. I'm not sure what they had in their backpacks but they were loaded down.

Meanwhile the Man begins cooking or rather fixing.  He made my sister's recipe for cole slaw and during his clean up, he accidently grabbed the food processers blade wrong and nearly sliced the tip of his finger off.
Oh my, it bleed big time and it took us some real doctoring to get him patched up. I really think he should have went to the doctor for stitches but you know men. No go!

Even with the at home ER treatment, we managed to make the cookout on time. 

Babe in their seat and the little lady of the house.  She has just started walking and was so gentle with Babe. I was really surprised at how caring and helpful she was.  Babe really like her too!

They had a little pool in the backyard and the boys played in for awhile, but then Buddy spotted a glove and bat in the toy bucket and had to have a quick jam with the kiddos.  He is so funny about sports. 

The girls.  These are the work friends wives that I hang out with.  They are all super nice and we have a good time talking kids and babies.  Buddy is the oldest of our combined eight children. 

I would talk the Man into leaving at dark so we could get home and see some of the Little League World Series Regionals.  Auburn, WA is in the finals - so we wanted to get home to see them.  They WON!  We then watched the Seahawks before bed.   They would win too! woo-hoo!

PS. Happy Anniversary Grandpa and Nana!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Can't Believe Its Friday Already!

This week has simply flown by, mostly due to the Back-To-School activities.  I'm so excited.  Much like Buddy, I like routine and I'm excited to fill the calendar with school events, task, social events, etc.

Some Random Thoughts:

1 - On Wednesday, we had our first PTO meeting of the year, which I am secretary of.  It was nice to see alot of the moms that I haven't seen all summer and do some catching up.

2 - After which I rushed home to see TOP CHEF on Bravo - its one of our favorite shows.  We were S-H-O-C-K-E-D that Kenny got kicked off.  I mean really. REALLY.  Amanda nor Alex should even be on this show and you send Kenny home. The Man was so aggreviated he wanted to email the show a not-so-nice email about it.  I don't think he did though! 

3 - Thursday was school registration. Awesome!  This is where you go around the school and prepay and plan for the school year, like update records, purchase uniform items, preorder the yearbook, put money in the lunch account, etc.  It was nice to see everyone and to officially meet Buddy's new teacher. Although I already knew her from youth group, but this is her first year at our school, so its going to be exciting. 

4 - Thursday afternoon, Buddy had his Back-to-School Class Party. Unfortunately siblings weren't invited, ugh! So we didn't go with Buddy.  He went with another friend who didn't have to deal with cranky young ones like LG who don't understand why he wasn't invited. 

5 - I also got to pick up some new and most wonderful cloth diapers for Babe.  I'll be taking pics and posting a longer post about these because I am in love with them!

6 - Last night, LG completed all levels of his Indiana Jones wii game.  He was very, very happy.  Today, he started over. LOL!

7 - I have had no caffeine today.

8 - I registered for a free class at BigPictureScrapbooking.com called the Festival of Ideas.  We are in day two, if anyone would like to sign-up. Its free and the gallery is pretty cool.

9 - The blog is 7 posts away from hitting the big 500. FIVE HUNDRED!  hard to believe I've had that much to say. *laughing* But seriously its been great and I've loved every minute of it. I've been trying to think up something special for the big 500.  I'm sure the Man can come up with some cool idea.

10 - Speaking of the Man, he has had a chest cold and it driving M.E. nuts.  I've tried to get him to go to the doctor, but he keeps putting it off.  The cough is getting worse, so he'll likely be going Monday.  

11 - Currently he is at a clay pigeon tournament with some work buddies.  Interesting.

12 - It is also currently 107 degrees outside. I kid you not! 107! Log on to weather.com and it'll tell you.  10 of the last 14 days have been over 100 degrees.  Its so HOT and miserable!

Have a safe and cool weekend!  I'll be back soon with some pics.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A New Addition!

Yesterday, Babe officially flipped out of his carseat.  He was sitting in it unbuckled while I cooked supper and he managed to arch his back and kick until he came out of it. so...........

I got this today - second hand of course!  I'm hoping its going to save M.E. some time and energy when the boys go back to school. And he won't be getting out of this by himself.

He seems to like it, but he still isn't really that strong at moving around and sitting up.

Monday, August 9, 2010

I made a mess!

A batch of pictures arrived in the mail today that I downloaded and ordered.  They were of Babe's birth week and so I couldn't just let them sit there - I had to make a mess working on his "Week in the Life" birth week.

Buddy kept an eye or rather and arm on him for M.E.
How awesome is this.  Buddy is so helpful and wonderful with Babe, I'm really going to miss him when school starts.

I just love how Babe is holding onto to him.  There aren't words how awesome this makes M.E.

Meanwhile.... my mess

If you recalled I documented the week of Buddy's birthday back in February.  So I decided to go forward with Babe's birth week, including pictures, the cards, the Man's emails, etc.  Its coming along, although I didn't get to work too long on it. 

I'm so excited that I started this project this album is going to be fabulous once I add, the Man's, LG's and mine birthday weeks.  I'm so excited about it. woo-hoo!