Tuesday, January 31, 2012

So blogging isn't a priority...

 We have been so busy. I haven't even sat down at the computer more than five minutes, let alone have a change to blog.  Between indoor soccer and swim, two boys being sick, and M.E. working fiercely getting the new youth program off the ground and our social life, I haven't really caught my breath.

 Thankfully, last week was the end of winter swim.
LG came home from school Monday at 1:30 with a fever. Major allergies and he felt really crummy until Thursday.  He finally returned to school on Friday just in time for the 100 day celebration.  In other news he has a loose tooth. Wow, is he excited.

Babe has had a major cold too!  I was called Wednesday to come get him from Mother Day Out. He was screaming and had a fever.  Luckily the Man was home with LG, so I just went and got him then dropped him off.  He got two new teeth and lots of drainage and cough.  He went to school Friday and is still not well, but he's in a much better mood.

I helped with both the Kindergarten and 3rd grade decorations for Catholic Schools Week, which just started.  I signed up for this before I knew what Edge was, so even though I really needed to work in the office, I had other obligations.  They turned out really good, too!

Buddy had cub scouts this week along with everything else.  Sunday he had his first soccer game of winter session 2.  Only 3 players showed up, so they played 3 on 4 and still won 9 to 8.  The Man said Buddy did awesome and scored 4 goals. We are so proud of him.  In other news, he has a pulled tendon in his left foot.  The doctor said to rest it, but that's like telling a bee not to buzz.  It's been impossible.  He said he could continue sports if he iced his foot after games and practices, so that's what we are doing.

Both boys are officially sign-up for baseball and the Man had practice on Friday! Its kid pitch this year for Buddy, so it'll be interesting.

Sunday I had our 2nd successful Edge (youth group) night.  It has been so much work getting everything ready and its still not where I want it to be. I've been pretty stressed out about it, but I know once it gets going and more people get involved I'll be able to delegate to get somethings off my plate.

I managed a total of about 5 pictures all of last week.

 Babe doing homework.
 LG had several pages of make-up work to do, and of course, Babe need some of his own.
I would have never given Buddy or LG scissors at this age, but Babe he's the third boy and caution goes out the window.  And he did really well with them- made a huge mess and loved it.  
Definitely a lefty.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Face Paint

 Yesterday was the last day of duck season.
 The Man came home with one duck and a face painted with goo.
 The boys thought this was hilarious, so they all rubbed some off Dad and put it on them.
 They were so cute with their little face paint on.
Now only if I could get it off, completely!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Long Weekend

 The boys were so excited for a three day weekend, even though we had nothing special planned.
 We laid around in pajamas.  On Sunday night, LG decided he was going to sleep in the living room and watch a movie.  So out with the new sleeping bag he got for Christmas from Grampa and Nana.
 Wasn't 5 minutes and Babe wiggled his way inside the bag with him.  Buddy would lay on the couch.
I think LG lasted until 9:15 and fell asleep. Buddy following him by 9:30.  Babe outlasted both of them -of course.  But it was sweet and nice for them to all be snuggling like that.  Buddy refused to let M.E. take his picture. I'm getting nervous this is only the beginning of that!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I'm here!

I haven't posted because,
1 - I've been extremely busy
2 - haven't touched by camera in a week!

Not sure what the deal is, but I'm going to make a conscience effort to get the camera out and snap some photos.
In other news...
Buddy had fantastic soccer games on Saturday. He had a double header and scored 3 of the 7 goals in the first game.  Then turned around and scored 5 of the 10 goals in the second game.  Wow.  The Man said he was unbelievable. I think the reality is finally settling in for Buddy and I that he was built for this sport. The Man has said it all along.
Babe is really starting to repeat words with clarity.  He's added school, truck, and sky just this week.  Its so fantastic.
LG absolutely, without a doubt is in love with swimming.  He asks the moment we finish swim lesson when the next one is.  It motivated him all weekend to make better choice so he could swim today and Thursday.  He gets so happy and its such a joy to watch him squeal with excite that first plunge into the water.
Speaking of swim, Babe seriously doesn't like the nursery at the YMCA, so I'm planning to take him to the pool area with M.E. tonight.  Wish M.E. luck we both don't end up in the water!

Have a Good Tuesday!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Back to the Routine

Grampa and Nana are safely back in the PNW and we are back into the routine.  
Days spent at school for the boys, MDO for the Babe and work for M.E.
Evenings spent at swim lessons & soccer for the boys and school meetings for M.E.

Happy Thursday!