Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Project Life Week 2

Here's a look at Week 2 of my Project Life Photos in no particular order...Enjoy!
 LG sliding into home plate.  Got to love it!
 M.E. and my BFF Esther at the faith formation volunteer dinner.  We have yummy mexican food and a really good time socializing outside of youth group.
 Random pic of Babe sitting in the kitchen floor watching tv with his pet bear that he calls "bears" (plural).
 Buddy reading to the brothers before bed.  Love this pic and the fact that he will do this from time to time.
 The Man goes off to work after a very sweet goodbye to Babe.
 Laundry. Lots of Laundry.
 As usually per Babe, he loves hats.  He wore this for about an hour, everyone in the entire place was smiling at him and he was happy as could be.