Monday, April 14, 2014


Buddy got to participate in a really cool thing a few weeks ago, call Junior Achievement BizTown.
5th grade students from 2 other schools joined our class to run a city.

There was a mayor, newspaper, college, bank, restaurant, business, and the like.  Each student was employed and had to work, get paid, go to the bank and make purchases.  So much fun.

Buddy was the Chief Financial Officer of a major oil + natural gas company. 
This is him in his office, along with meter readers, engineers and CEO. 

He was luckily enough to get to work with Zman, who was an engineer.  

 As CFO, he was in charge of all the payroll of their employees, paying all the bills that came in as well as make deposits for incoming revenue. 

Here he is at the bank.  ha! 

He was super busy all day.  He was exhausted and said he really didn't look forward to having to do that everyday. 

I was so fortunate to get to volunteer for this event and get to check on him through the day. 
So cool! 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

LG ROCKS, Literally!

Awhile ago, I pick up LG from school, same as usual, when we proceed to have this strange conversation.

LG: hey mom, wouldn't it be funny if there was a rock in my ear?
ME: ugh no.  it wouldn't be cool, it could cause you real problems.


ME: is there a rock in your ear?
LG: no


LG: I was just tricking you mom.  
ME: no honey it wouldn't be funny.  your ear could actually start growing around it and you'd get sick and made even loose your hearing or have to have surgery, etc, etc.


ME: is there a rock in your ear?  I seriously need to know. 


LG: yes. yes, there's a rock in my ear. I tried to get it out but it kept going back and back.  I was putting rocks in my ears on the playground then being funny and they would fall out. like I had rocks in my head. But this one didn't fall out. 

So we got home and true enough there was a pebble in his ear.  I tried and tried but couldn't get it.  
The next morning we were off to the pediatrician and they had no luck.  
So then later that afternoon we ended up here at the ENT, who is the same one who took his tonsils out. 

He got the little pebble out and he was all good.  
Oh this boy! If only there was such a thing as a rock fairy! 

Friday, April 11, 2014

The Rest of Spring Break

The rest of our spring break was spent at Mamaw and Papaw's.   
Only left the house twice. too eat and do taxes. 

 First time was to go out to eat at a very local mom and pop restaurant/hunting shop. 
Babe was so tired from playing all day and eating his big supper that he fell asleep right at the table.  So funny. 

Papaw came home from the hospital only after one night and had a few complications. He wasn't feeling very well at all.  The boys then spent their days and nights over at Aunt Cream's house only visiting Papaw when he was up for it. 

The traditional porch swing photo.  

Ready for another flash back. 

Check this out….. circa 2010

Oh My Stars…. right!?

Speaking of babies, check out this cutie. 
This is my new grand niece whose 3 months! So super precious. 

And because Aunt Cream is so cool, she and Sman did Easter eggs with the boys a whole month early. Babe seriously didn't want to leave and told us to go on home without him and I honestly think he would have stayed too! 

It was really said for M.E. to leave this time.  
Papaw still wasn't feeling very well and it was just too short of a trip. 

On the road, I had to take another photo of the coke machine graveyard in Mountain View, AR.  Just cracks M.E. up every. single. time.  

And then just like that… REALITY! 

P.S.  Papaw is doing much better and actually out and about.  Thanks for all the prayers! 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring Break Day 3

 Day 3 was with the fishing guide Hotdawg. 
He is so fun and the boys just love being on the boat with him.  He's a really good guy. 

Buddy caught the fish of the day.  
This large female brown trout full of eggs.  She was over 5 lbs and they let her go, but what a catch. 

 As they came ashore, Babe took off running for the boat and Buddy was yelling at him too.  
It was so cute. 

 They may have loved being on the boat, but it was cold.  50 degrees and the wind was blowing about 30 mph.  Super chilly on the water.  Everyone was in such a hurry we didn't get a shot with all the fish, 35 rainbows. The boys made a line for the truck to warm up and Hotdawg cleaned the fish quickly and we were on our way.  

 tired and sleepy boys watching a movie. 

 We all get excited for the two bridges and it is really cool.   Cross the Mississippii, then a quarter mile and cross the Ohio. The barges there are awesome too. 

After I took this picture I realized it had been 9 months since I'd been to Kentucky.  Far too long!

Meanwhile while we were on the road my Daddy was under going surgery for a clog neck artery.   The doctors discovered a 95% blockage just days before. He came through the surgery well and would be spending the night in the hospital.  SO THANKFUL he is okay.

We arrived home at 8:30 PM to find Uncle Coke and Aunt Cream and Sman trying to get in the house. Mamaw had left the wrong key to the backdoor, so we were locked out of the house.  Too Funny.
So we break in the house, the Man lowered LG through a window with a little flash light and told him to go unlock the door.
Seconds later LG emerges through the back door with the his little flash light.  I thought it was hilarious that he didn't switch on any lights on his way through the house.  It was just SO funny! I can't even imagine what was going through his mind!

Good to be home!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring Break Flashback

While uploading photos and blogging about spring break, I was remember a photo of young Babe.  
How time flies! 

Here's to capturing many more of these moments! 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring Break Day 2

Yes, I am a little behind in blogging.  
Yes, I have been very busy. 

Woke up on day 2 to 4" of snow and the temp was in the 30s but rising quickly.  Buddy was the first of out the cabin to play basketball with his soccer ball.   Unfortunately the net was froze solid, so he had to get a big stick to unlodge his ball.  It was pretty funny watching through the kitchen window. 

 Meanwhile, Babe helped the Man rig up the fishing poles. 

LG wanted to go play on our little deck over looking the river, but because we hadn't packed winter boots, I needed the snow gone. So I gave him the dust pan from the cabin and had him shovel snow.  

 I had to finish the job, but he did about half of it. 

The coolest thing was him discovering that the snow would stick to the cold tree.  

Artsy photo looking up… just because.  

Finally the temp got up to about 50 and the snow was quickly melting, so the Man took all the boys down to the river to catch supper.  

We are really in love with the White River.  

I managed to find a hat for LG in the truck and put them in many layers for a day of fishing from the bank.  

Babe really didn't last that long.  Maybe a half hour, then he was done.  

So with that snow we cleared from the deck, we put it on the tree and made a snowman. But it turned out to be more of a grinch with the melting snow.  

LG with his catch.. 2 rainbow trout.  3 more and we had supper.  

In the meantime for lunch, which we went to walmart (about 10 miles away in this super tiny town) we let the boys each pick out a thing of chips.  A real treat for them.  LG then proceeded to create the "funinglo", equal parts funyons, pringles and cheetos.  ha! 

Selfie of M.E. 
Happy Spring Break!