Friday, April 30, 2010

Big brother.

Buddy is in love vwith Babe and already bugging us to hold him.

But after a few minutes, he gets tired of it.  He even asked if jusy laying there is all Babe can do?  Yep, for now its sleep, eat, and poop for Babe - not too fun for Buddy.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bringing Babe Home!

 We were so super happy to be bringing Babe home just one day after I was released from the hospital.  Although I have to admit I was nervous, excited and scared all at the same time.  I mean, my baby has been in NICU for a week with a collasped lung.  I was already terrified of SIDS- now even more so, but they assured M.E. that he is no more suspectable than any other baby.  Lets pray for that to be so. 
I was also really nervous, excited and anxious about nursing.  While I was still on the operating table and the Man was taking Babe to the nursery, I reminded him and everyone that I wanted to nurse as soon as possible.  Little did I know that it would be an entire week. 7 whole days before I could put my babe to the breast.  I had pumped continuously while in the hospital but the pump and I just don't click and I had a very difficult time of it.  I stressed, I cried, I prayed that this would happen for us. 
Breastfeeding is one of the most wonderful experiences of my life and I sincerely wanted this experience with this baby - with my Babe and the mere thought of it not happening was devastating to M.E.

So we arrived around 11 o'clock, the Man had to work so we were late getting to the hospital and I was thrilled that they had Babe already to go. 
After some snuggling (this is only the third time I've ever held him) I put him to the breast and he latched on immediately.  I nearly cried right then and there.  The Man could even see the relief and joy on my face.  Not that we bonded immediatley or even that he got much milk - just the fact that he was willing to try made it great.  I know its going to be tough because he's already eating 2 oz at every three hours and I definitely don't have that kind of milk supply yet. 
So the Man gave him a bottle after I nursed and snuggled for alittle bit as well, as I talked with the nurses, doctors and lactation consultant.

I really wanted him to wear the same outfit home as Buddy and LG did, but it was much too warm today, as they were both winter babies, so he came home in a cute dinosaur gown and cap.

Welcome Home Babe!  We love you!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Babe is doing great, but...........

...that doesn't mean that things are back to normal.

So...Sarah got all healed and came home on thursday. [Babe] did great in the NICU and made it home on friday. We picked him up and brought him home in the early afternoon...just in time for me to go pick up the boys from school and bring them home and introduce them to their new little brother.

Well, LG had a different idea. When I picked him up, he was a little flat...and he was burning up. Took his temp when we got home: 102. he and I go to Urgent Care. STREP THROAT. Are you kidding me??? :)

Needless to say, he was not allowed to be near the baby, so he and I stayed last night (and will stay again tonight) in a hotel. We are staying in room 408 at the new Hampton Inn if any of you guys want to send ME some flowers or visit ME LOL.
What a week!
Once again, we really appreciate EVERYONE and EVERYTHING that has been offered to us since [Babe] was born. When things get a little more back in order, we will organize our photos and post them or email them out.
Peace and love to you all-

The Man

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

We've got Pictures!

Hey Everyone!

First let's talk baby... [Babe] is doing great! He has no oxygen feed at all now and the only thing attached to him at this time is wires for monitoring his heart rate, breathing rate, and oxygen levels. No IV, no nasal oxygen tube...and he is eating just like a Bluhm! Sarah is not able to see him today (get to that in a minute) so I was able to spend a lot of time with him and got to feed him, take pics, giggle a little bit with him (although he was mostly asleep). [Babe] looks just like [Buddy] did.

They are prepping [Babe] for release from NICU, so we're hoping for friday??? :)
Sarah has been running a fever on and off for a few days so they a.) wont let her leave, and b.) wont let her see [Babe] until they are positive that she doesn't have an infection. She feels fine though and should be able to leave/ visit [Babe] again in the morning. Her fever broke last night just after midnight.

We just can't express enough how grateful we are for the friends we have. Thanks again to everyone for their continued support/ thoughts/ prayers.
I have attached some pictures of [Babe] that I took this morning (finally got some that didn't look so scary). He wasn't awake too much, but I think I got some goodies. If you were ever wondering how [Buddy] must have looked when he was born- this is it! LOL

Thanks again for everything, The Man

Monday, April 19, 2010

We've got a Name!

Thanks again to all of you who have offered prayers, thoughts, stories, comfort, support; it means a lot to us that we have such a good group of family and friends.

[Babe] Bluhm is doing great; he has been taken off of his oxygen and is now only being supplemented (just a little bit) through a nasal tube (he started out with a throat tube). Additionally, they have temporarily ended the chest tube suction procedure and will wait 24 hours to take an x-ray of his chest cavity. This is the 2nd time they have tried this. The first time they shut off the suction, they waited 12 hours, took an x-ray, and found that just a little bit of air had leaked back out of his left lung; this was a good sign that his lung had nearly healed. They gave his lung another 24 hours to heal and shut it off again...which brings us to the present.
Sarah has been doing great; she ran a low-grade fever last night for about 12 hours but it was just a "milk fever" and they have allowed her to continue to see Will despite the fever. Although it did take a call from Dr Larson for that to happen. She was able to take his temp, change his diaper, cuddle a little bit, giggle with him- and for this Sarah is very happy. Sarah may be able to leave here tomorrow afternoon; then little Will hopefully by this weekend.
So here we are: everyone is doing great!

Born April 16, 2010 at 12:38 pm
6 lbs 14 oz
18 3/4"
He is nearly a spitting image of [Buddy] when he was born, except he has my hair (lucky fellow) and Sarah's mouth. Lookout ladies!
Thanks again to everyone-

The Manb

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Babe Update

Hey Everyone! First of all I would like to personally thank everyone who has offered congratulations, support and love to Sarah and I and our family. It has been absolutely wonderful for us.

Probably some of you have heard either straight from us or from others that the new baby Bluhm has had some difficulties and is in NICU. Let me tell you what happened and bring you up to speed:

The baby was born and was a beatuiful, dark haired boy and scored 9.9/10 on his APGAR...but he had breathed in some amniotic fluid and his lungs were a bit full. He struggled mightily to get enough oxygen to his body and needed a supplement supply. After getting oxygen, his color brightened up and his breathing became closer to normal; but they believe his left lung had to work a little bit too hard and a slight leak formed and eventually his left lung collapsed. They noticed this immediately and took him to NICU, where they gave him an oxygen tube down his throat to provide the necessary oxygen, and a suction tube in his chest to suck out the extra air that had built up between his lung and his chest wall. They got all of the air out of his chest, and his left lung immediately responded and filled the chest cavity back up like normal.

Right now they are weening him off of the oxygen and he is doing great- he is basically breathing all on his own and his body is getting an efficient/ optimum amount of oxygen via his lungs. He is doing great!
Hopefully tonight they will be able to remove the breathing tube and concentrate on the lung itself...when they believe the lung is no longer leaking and is completely stable, they can then remove the chest tube.
The doctor is extremely optimistic and expects a quick and full recovery and also noted that this should not cause any future tendencies toward respiratory illnesses.
I will try to update again in the morning. Hopefully at that time he will be 100% breathing on his own without the respirator and his lung will show signs of being completely efficient.
We will probably be at the hospital until tuesday and of course, visitors are welcome anytime for Sarah and I.

Thanks again for everything, we really appreciate it-
The Man

Friday, April 16, 2010

It's a BOY!

Hello everyone, just a quick note letting you know that Sarah gave us

another little baby BOY today at 12:38 pm 6 lbs 14 oz. We have not

chosen a name yet, but I am pulling for (Sarah won't let me say). More

to come a little later...Sarah and the baby are both doing great. It

has been a wonderful day-

The Man

Monday, April 12, 2010

If nothing else............

If today didn't put M.E. into labor then nothing will and it'll be the 23rd before this child arrives.

Saturday we finally recieved our baseball schedule after weeks of asking for it - only to find out our first game is today.  Love the 2 days notice, so today, I had lots of loose ends to tie up before game time. 

I got both boys to school, then headed out for my day or errand running and project completion. 
Being the organized team mom that I am, I like having laminated name signs for each player attached to the dugout fence in batting order, so everyone knows whose next and where to place their belongings at the end of each inning.  Well, our printer died last week or at least the power supply did, because its not getting any juice and the Man forgot to print the name signs out Friday, so that meant I had to run to the library after dropping LG off to print out the necessary papers and rosters for the game. Printer Dead - Strike 1.
Then it was off to the mall to pick up caps. Well, the baseball caps I'd ordered (2 weeks ago) for our new players didn't arrive on time, so now I have 4 players without caps. Strike 2.
I get home for a quick lunch and about a 45 minute rest on the couch, then its off to school to pick up the boys early, because today is dentist day. I'd scheduled these appointments like two months ago, not realizing I'd be so miserably pregnant and the same day as our first game, but I didn't want to cancel so off to the dentist we go. 
Here's Buddy all ready to go.

The first hygenist was awesome and she did a fabulous job on Buddy and letting LG run around the room.  
I was assuming that once he was done LG would jump up in the chair, but that wouldn't be the case. uh oh.  Another lady comes in and asks LG to come with her.  LG wasn't too excited about this and started to balk at the idea of getting his teeth cleaned. But I managed to talk him into getting in the chair.

Very curious about what was going on.

About half way through the appointment, its very apparent to M.E. that this lady doesn't usually work on kids.  She was very professional, but she did not put much effort into pleasing LG or trying to be patience.  I was getting very furstrated with her thats for sure.

Nearing the end, I make myself a note in my phone, not to get this lady again and just as I'm putting my phone back in my purse, she is forcing a mouth guard full of a flouride foam into LG's mouth with him screaming no and her holding his hands down.  I quickly cross the room in time for the vomit to come out.  Yes, vomit.  LG, like M.E., has a very swallow gag reflex and her forcing this into his too little mouth and his stress level triggered it and he threw up not once but three times, all over himself, her hands and the chair.  He was upset to say the least, but she was more upset. She leaves the room and doesn't return for some time. Serves her right.  I know this is horrible to say, but she's wasn't kid friendly so that's what you get - vomited on.  LG has to leave the dentist office near naked, as he's close were soiled.  I'm sure he's going to love the dentist from now on.  Vomiting at the Dentist - Strike 3. 

We race home in time for Buddy to eat a quick bowl of cereal and get his uniform on.  The babysitter came over to hang out with LG, which was such a blessing.  We quickly loaded up and headed to the ball park.  I only got to stay for the 1st inning, because I had a PTO meeting to attend. ugh. 
But I did manage to get Buddy at his first at bat - what a stance.

Its modified coach pitch this year and the Man really hasn't practiced that much pitching and when he does pitch - he did so under handed. Well, we were told at the game it needs to be overhanded.  The Man wasn't quite prepared for this.  Buddy managed to get a base hit.

Love his concentration.

And he's off.

He'd score.

Like I said early, I didn't get to stay for the entire game, but I knew it would be a long shot if we won and I was right.  We lost 29 -15.  When I finally got home about 8:15 (my feet swollen to the size of footballs), the Man nor Buddy was in a good mood.    Lets just hope Thursday's game goes much better.

And with all the activities and stress and strike outs, I didn't go into labor.  I know its for the best, but I'm just so anixous.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Another Fabulous Day for Mexican Food

Today was another beautiful and perfect day for being outdoors, so we just couldn't stay home.  So after church we went out to eat with some friends of ours. Mexican food.  I'm secretly hoping it puts M.E. into labor. I'm sooo ready to go.

Later in the day (after a nap) we headed down to the river with some other friends to walk around window shopping and to eat more mexican food.  This time it was more spicy, so perhaps it'll push M.E. over the edge. 

Sorry, no pics, I've just not been in the mood lately.  Although I did capture this moment right before bed..... and nope the mexican food didn't work.
I'm pretty sure there is a very similar picture of M.E. doing this very thing at this age.

Gotta love it.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Birthday Party

One of the Man's friends at work hosted a birthday party for his son who was turning 3 today and we couldn't have asked for a better day.  The weather was perfect and the boys had a blast.  I put the Man in charge of the camera, so needless-to-say we have about 50 pictures from the day.  I'm narrowing that down.

They rented a monster truck bouncy house.   Here's LG and the birthday boy. 
Of course what's a birthday party without a pinata to bust with a baseball bat.  Buddy being the oldest had to go last, but that was ok, because it allowed him to get in the final blow.

The boys hoarding the loot.

The awesomest cake ever - it puts my homemade cakes to shame.

LG stealing a cupcake before the birthday song.

M.E. and Buddy

M.E. and my belly. (37 weeks & 1 day)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Baby Update & Contest

I went to the doctor yesterday and she said everything is looking good. I've gained a total of 48 pounds, blood pressures great & only my feet are swollen. Unfortunately my body isn't ready - no dialation. So we are playing the waiting game. UGH! 
I know everyday the babe is in the womb the better, but I'm sooooo ready.  Either I will go into labor with real contractions every 10 minutes for an hour, my water breaks, or the 23rd, which ever happens first will be the day she takes it.  I'm really going to try and not think about it.  yeah, right!

So I thought we should have another contest.


2) BOY or GIRL?
5) HAIR or BALD?

Please 'click' on comments to write your answers to all 5 questions REMEMBER to sign your name so it will be entered.
Points will be awarded for each correct answer.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Good Tuesday morning.... having checked the poll it looks like most of you are wanting us to have a baby girl with very few votes for a boy.  I'm just as anixous as you to know what it is. 

The Man told M.E. this morning he thought today was the day. Why, I have no idea, but I wouldn't mind as along as it is healthy.  I was talking to my friend Kathy last night at baseball practice, about my inability to live in the moment these days. I've been pining for what's next and my Mom has always believed this to be some sort of sin, which I must agree.  I can't neglect my family, my house and my friends because I'm too preoccupied with what this child is and when it will come, but let M.E. tell you its hard to do. 

I had a long chat with Buddy and LG about that very thing this morning and what they can expect or not to expect to happen.  Buddy kind of got excited about it - not the baby- but the prospect of getting to go over to his friends house and possibly having to spend the night with his best friend because I'd be in the hospital.  I was not disappointed, but rather relieved that he's going to see this as an adventure and hopefully not get stressed out about it.  He's my sincere one and has much empathy for people and situations.  LG will be fine.  As long as where ever he's at there is a Wii, I could be gone for a month and I don't think he'd mind. 

So here I sit, trying to focus on today and the chores at hand and forget about the braxon-hicks, aches & pains and when the child will arrive.                  Wish M.E. luck!

PS.  I've already drafted a blank email with everyone's address in there, so the Man can email from the hospital on from his phone about the upcoming arrival - at maxiumu of 17 days - not that I'm counting.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!
LG woke up bright and early and immediately started to play the Wii.  Buddy got up alittle later to discover that the Easter bunny had indeed stopped by our house.  Its so funny how he is so surprised by these events, Santa, Tooth Fairy & Easter bunny. I love it.
Here he brings LG and his own basket to the living room.

He was pretty happy to get some legos in his basket.

LG was too busy playing the wii to care that the Easter bunny came and left him anything.  It just amazes M.E. how into that thing he is.

Love this pic.... Buddy's reaction to discovering that his eggs he colored are gone.  I told him the Easter Bunny took them to another little boys house who wasn't very good this year and so when he woke up this morning he was just going to have eggs, no treats.  Buddy was a bit shocked.

Later on the Man would discover that this wasn't the case and that their eggs they left for the Easter Bunny had been hidden by him in the front yard.  Once again LG could have cared less, so out goes Buddy by himself.

Looks like the early bird got ahold of this egg - literally.

After breakfast I got ready for church and I didn't manage one picture of us in our Sunday's best.  Opps!

I was up tight and a little stressed about the Egg Hunt that I never got the camera out of the truck, but luckily the Egg Hunt went fabulous and I was so blessed with everyone giving M.E. hugs, well wishes and thumbs up to really mind. 

Although I must say the Man was such a big help getting the boys ready and to church with out M.E. and followed them around at the hunt.  They managed about 30 eggs each, so not bad at all. 

Afterwards, my feet and braxon-hick contractions were killing M.E.  My feet were about 2 shoes sizes to big for my shoes and thus were in much pain from all the walking I'd done and that also contributed to the fact that I hadn't consumed much water and I was having some serious contractions. 

After lunch I came home and laid down for about a half hour and they really slowed down.  It was also another beautiful day so I couldn't spend it in bed or in doors  - so we had another fabulous day playing and hanging out outside.  The Man had rented a garden tiller so he spent the majority of the day breaking up the garden spot.  I wouldn't let him plant anything, becuase it was Sunday and Easter and I told him the Lord wouldn't bless our garden if he planted today, so he was content after all his hard work to not plant anything.  The garden's going to be twice the size of last year and he is so excited about it.  It makes M.E. excited to see him get so into it. 

After that the Buddy, who had begged us to play with him all day, convinced the Man into playing some corn hole on our new WKU boards.  Incidently the Man and Buddy were both wearing their WKU gear so it was pretty cool, you'd never know we lived in OK from these pics.
Buddy takes corn hole, well all sports for that matter, very seriously.
He was not happy to loose to the Man and spent another hour after their game practicing for future games.

LG played in a mud puddle from when the Man cleaned the tiller.  It doesn't matter the size of a puddle, LG will be in it.

We eventually came inside about 6 just in time for the beginning of the Sound of Music on tv.  I love, love, love this movie and so does Buddy, we wound up staying up until 10 watching it.  (He doesn't have school tomorrow so that's ok). 

We had a good Easter, missed KY alot, but it was ok.  I think it was probably the first Easter ever that I wasn't there, but I'm a big girl and it wasn't that big of deal.  We still had fun.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Good Weekend

We had a really good weekend around here.  Friday, as it was Good Friday, we didn't have school and the Man didn't have to work, so we got to sleep in and have some family time for a bit. 
Buddy wound up going over to a friends house and LG and I went and got our hair cut.  Mine's back to chin length and I love it.  LG's looks much the same just shaped up. 

Having had Friday off it made Saturday even more special. The Man got up and out early for some shopping.  He wound up going many places and getting many things, all of which we needed of course.  I managed a trip to Walmart and other than that it was life outside.   It was in the 80s with a great breeze so we managed to spend as much time outside as possible.

The boys played basketball, drew cities with sidewalk chalk, we had a picnic, got all the church eggs ready, and eventually dyed our Easter eggs.

I was in charge of our church's egg hunt this year, so I had over 1000 plastic treat-filled eggs in our hallway all week. So tempting for LG who loves candy, especially chocolate. 
Back home in KY we have all the colors for dying the eggs, but with just M.E. and the boys this year we only had 4 colors, but it worked out ok.
Here LGs having a blast.  I got the idea of using our metal whisk from the Family Fun magazine.  I really wished I'd had one for each color because it was so simple for LG to dunk, redunk, look at and retreive his eggs without cracking, breaking or spilling the dye.
Buddy took his coloring very seriously and got upset with LGs style of quickly dunking and removing.  He wanted deep dark colors that took a lot of soaking, LG was not patience enought for that.

Our favorite part or rather my favorite part of dying eggs (& its quickly becoming Buddy's favorite part) is using the wax crayon to draw on the eggs before dunking.  We love it. Its just too cool.

They really had a good time and we didn't have any messes. Amazing for LG who spills something almost daily.
Only having 4 colors wasn't so bad.
We would later have company with the Adam & Carrie and the girls.  We have so much fun with them and the girls are great for the boys to play with.  We played outside until game time then it was all college basketball.  I totally was going for WV but unfortunatley Duke won. UGH! 

I'm nervous about tomorrow and the big Easter Egg Hunt, we'll see how it goes.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Conversation with Buddy

This morning Buddy and I had this conversation.

M.E. "you know its suppose to snow today?"
Buddy "what?, I'm wearing shorts"
M.E. "April Fools" [I'm not very clever ok]
Buddy "But its not April"
M.E. "yeah it is, today is April 1st, April Fools Day"
Buddy "wow, you are going to have the baby this month." *pause* "in 23 days"
M.E. "yeah or maybe earlier if it decides its ready"
Buddy "23 days"

I don't think he is very excited, but it was kinda of weird to think of it in terms of days, not months or weeks.  It will be here before some of the food in our frig expires.  Now that's something to think about.