Sunday, May 23, 2010


Like I said the other day, we are half way through the baseball season and I think I've only posted about 2 pics.  I've been busy. 

The season has been pretty good.  We've lost several games which is different from last year - this stresses the Man out a bit.  He and Buddy have a tough time sometimes, but yesterday I managed to get some great pics.

Buddy played the entire game at 1st base today. Normally he switches up between here and pitcher.   He caught several to get some outs at first.  
First at bat - he'd hit a triple. woo-hoo!
End of the inning its tied 8 to 8.

His second at bat (I was in the van nursing Babe so there's no pic) he hit a single. We go up 15 to 13 at the end of the second.

His third at bat he got out at first - a rare event for sure.  Neither team scores we go into the fourth leading by 2.
Meanwhile LG is running bases on an empty field.

Still running.

The Man pitching. 
Buddy taking some practice swings before his last at bat.

LG running home.

Top of the fourth they score 8 runs to go ahead 21 to 15.  We need 7 to win and the pressure is on.
Buddy's last at bat. (sorry about the wires from the fence.  Its hard to get good pics through the fence)

Its a hit and he's off.

LG cheers for himself.

Buddy manages to come all the way home on over throws for a big HOMERUN!

LG complaining about somthing.

We would pull it out and win 22 to 21. YES - we needed this win.
And all these pictures are possible because our friend Dee was watching Babe.

It was a pretty great day.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Back to Normal????

I'd like to say life is finally getting back to normal around here, but I'm not exactly sure what our "New" normal is going to be.  The first two weeks Mamaw and Papaw were here helping out and now Grandpa and Nana are here, so I've really had it easy that's for sure.

First, my sincere apologizes to my faithful readers.  I know you've missed us and I have missed you too. 

I'm going to back post so scroll down after this post for more pics.

Babe is doing great - he's five weeks old today.

I'm sure he has gained a couple of pounds but I won't officially know until Tuesday when he goes back to the doctor for his check up and I think shots. ugh!  He's nursing really well, too.  Those first three or four days were pretty rough, getting him to be patience with my milk and M.E. not having enough, but we quickly got into a routine and now we are good. 
I must admit I'd forgotten the sleeplessness.  I know I complained while pregnant about not getting enough sleep and using the bathroom 10 times a night, but actually getting up and nursing for 30 minutes every two hours is tough when you are in your mid-30s.   With that said, he did manage a 4 and half hour snooze last night.  I'm hoping its not a fluke and that he's going to start sleeping like this regularly. The secret (don't tell the nurses at the hospital) - putting him to bed on his stomach.  He is definitley strong enough to move his head really well, so I'm feeling comfortable with this position and he seems to really like it. yeah!

LG has shown little to no change in his world due to the arrival of Babe.  He's his own boss in his own world so he's all good with it.  He has today and Monday of school left for the year and he has done so well.  His words are coming out better and he is really communicating well.  I'm so proud of him.  He is writing his name and soon will have the whole alphabet down.  He can recongize all numbers and counts and is starting to add.  woo-hoo!  He is a very proud big brother and tells everyone that Babe is his.

Buddy has been the most effected by the arrive of Babe, but overall has done really well.  He just gets stressed out with change and wants things to be the same and when that comes to M.E. - things have changed.  He doesn't want other people taking him to school, doing favors for him or putting him to bed.  I can't really blame him, he's the oldest and is expected to do more on his own.  He's got today and then three days next week left of school and I think he's already getting a little stressed about that.  He loves school and his friends.  He'll be missing them alot this summer as we do lots of traveling.  He's also midway through baseball season and loving it.  Unfortunatley the spring storms have prevented us from playing several games, so the season is currently on hold until the fields dry up.

Speaking of weather, we have had some serious storms the last week or so.  Tornado sirens have sounded on three different occassion and beleive M.E. when I say, the first time - I nearly flipped out.  It was 4:45 AM and I woke up to some major wind and storms. I look outside and the sky is green. EMERALD GREEN - I kid you not.  Within minutes the sirens go off and I get the family in the scrapbook room (our sheltering room) and we get the tv on, to find out its moved so fast that its already through our neighborhood.  Wow!
One street over from ours.

Our Friends Jungle Gym

Its been wild.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Buddy definitely pays more attention to Babe than LG.   Here Babe enjoys a visit from his biggest brother.  It was such a wonderful exchange between them.  Babe, I think, already recongizes Buddy and his voice.  Its so cute.

Buddy being silly for him.

Where's he going?

Monday, May 17, 2010

Meet the Baby...

Some of my dearest friends were nice enough to put together a little shower for M.E. and Babe this weekend.  I'm so blessed to have such good friends to help M.E. celebrate the his arrival.  We had a really good time visiting and passing around Babe.

My Friends

Babe in his baseball outfit and cap.

He was so cute and adorable.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Cub Scout Campout

Buddy's school boy scout group had its annual Family Camp Out over Mother's Day weekend and yes, I took Babe camping. 

This apparently shocked many people, but we were all good with it and he did fabulous.

Here's the gaint circle of chairs.  We had a great time.
M.E. and Babe

LG was going for the dirtiest kid award.......

Buddy wasn't far behind him in this department.

Buddy and his friends doing a skit around the camp fire.  They were so funny and I couldn't be prouder of him for it and his willingness to get up in front of everyone and do this.  If the cubscouts do nothing else for him, at least he will be able to do some public speaking.

Babe's first camping trip at age 3 Weeks!