Thursday, July 30, 2009


Happy Mother's Day to M.E.! We got to use the tickets the Man bought M.E. for Mother's Day and go see Wicked.

I'm not sure if everyone knows, but M.E. loves all things Wizard of Oz. LOVE IT! So I was most excited to go see the Broadway Musical Wicked. The story of the Wicked Witch of the West and how she was always misunderstood. Here's a pic of the cast board, sorry its so dark again, I was having lighting issues.

Here's the Man and I waiting for the show to start. I was so excited. The Man had never been to a Broadway Musical so he was alittle anxious to see what it was going to be like. BTW, we had second row seats. YES, SECOND ROW! I could see the actors blink and even made eye contact with a few. It was too awesome!

As cameras weren't allowed once the show started I got this pic off the internet.

Turns out that Glinda the good witch of the north and Elphaba the wicked witch of the west were friends once upon a time. It was a great, great play. Too coo! I loved every minute of it and really wish I had the money to go see it again. It was simply FABULOUS!

I am so blessed to have a husband that will take M.E. to broadway musicals and stars on ice and such....I love him so much and the Land of Oz!

Family Outing

The family wanted to do some sight seeing while in town, so scouted the internet for things to do (of interest to the fam) and it was raining pretty good this morning, so we settled on going to the air and space museum in the city.
It stopped raining by the time we got there and ready to see the sights. We were there within 10 minutes of the next planetarium show, so we quickly headed over there for the star show. Well, let M.E. say this, I WILL NOT BE VISITING THIS PLACE AGAIN ANYTIME SOON. Not that it wasn't really nice, interesting and cool, but when they put that night sky on the ceiling and started spinning it, zooming in and out, I got nausea. Really Nausea. I had to close my eyes to keep from throwing up. Craziness. After it was over Aunt Cream and Papaw both said the same thing. Must run in the family.
Next we headed over to the hangar to experience some planes and all things air. With high ceilings, I had a hard time taking pics. Using the night function on my camera I was able to get a few blurry ones. Here's Little Guy with a cool old plane.

Sman flying a plane.

All the boys in the cockpit.
M.E. the Astronaut

Upstairs of the museum was some cool science games and activities. We had the most fun up here playing. Here's Mammaw on a Bed of Nails.
They also had a safe cracker game to learn number sequences, and weighted calipers races and our most favorite of the day, the turn table. This was too cool and we could have spent hours playing with this. It was a table, you see, and in the center a rotating disc. It was heavy metal, very smooth and turned pretty quickly. And there were these weights with holes in the center that you put on a wooden dowel and balanced on the turning disc and then remove your dowel, so the weight would spin and travel on the turning disc. Its kinda of hard to explain, but it was so fun.
After the museum, we headed down to the river for a bit.

The railing on the walk way was not up to code and LG could fit through them so we only stayed about 5 minutes, for fear he would fall in the river. We really have a good time playing and hanging out with the family. It was great having them here.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Phone Call....

My sister called today and I let Buddy answer it.
Sman got on the phone and explained to Buddy that they were in the middle of Missouri. Buddy realizes what this means.
Mammaw, Papaw, Aunt Cream, Uncle and Sman will be at our house for supper. WOO-HOO!

Secret Mail Man

Found this in the mail box.
I've no idea how or when this made its way into the mail box, but it doesn't get any sweeter than this.

Dixie Pieces

Found a new scrappin' website that I'm really liking. They have monthly kits, contests, challenges, and best of all open forum, so you can meet people and chat about scrappin'. woo-hoo.

I'm taking on some of the July challenges to be in a drawing for the September Guest Designer. Awesome. I've only got two days, so I've going to be playing today, but that's great because its raining anyhow.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I think I've already posted pics of the boys playing in the sprinklers, but they have so much fun doing it and its really all we did today beside watch Spongebob and iCarly. School starts in a couple of weeks, so we are just relaxing and enjoying our time together.

I'm not sure but I think LG might be turning into a frog...

So that would be mean he's now a little prince, right?


I don't normally even check out all the things forwarded to M.E. but trusting Wanda May, I had to check this out and she is so right, its AWESOME!

If you need a smile today, check this wedding procession out.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Close Call....

Before you flip out, Mammaw.! We are ok and there is a perfectly good explanation!

So here's what happen..... the Man and Little Guy fell asleep really early last night. So the Buddy and I decided to stay up and watch a movie. It was around 10:30 PM and the movie was coming to a conclusion, when I noticed out of the corner of my eye, a light flashing in the sunroom. First, I thought it was just the tv reflection or something. Then I saw it again and looked that direction, and there was a light of some sort. So I tried to think of a toy or something that might be the source of this light, but couldn't think of anything, so I jumped up and ran down into the sunroom to see flames!!!!!!! FLAMES! A FIRE!!! OUR FENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OUR FENCE WAS ON FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With Buddy on my heels, I run down the hall trying not to panic telling the Man to get up get up the fence is on fire..... then I run outside and turned on the water hose, and start dragging it around the garage. I'm so grateful we have a super long hose. The Man joins the Buddy and I and takes over. There were flames extending from the ground to the top of the fence. No small fire.
As we or rather the Man is tending the waterhose (we are now on the other side of the fence) I've got a pitch fork trying to stir up any remaining sparks or coals as this is also our compost pile of dead leaves, grass, veggies, etc. And may I remind you its 10:30 PM and very dark. We have no outside light in the back, so it wasn't easy to see, as the flames are now gone and we are just being caution.
We try to explain to the Buddy (who is completely flipping out and is insisting we call 911) what spontaneous combustion is. This was actually funny. The Buddy, who could care less what the scientific explanation is, just wants to call the fire department and the fires already out.
As we stand there, adrenalin pumping through our veins, Buddy wanting to call 911, but won't leave my side to go to the phone, the Man realizes it was not spontaneous combustion that started this fire, which was all we could at first come up with. There was another perfectly good explanation, why our fence caught on fire. This is where the Man dumped the ashes from the catch pan of the grill. I had suggested that the catch pan under the grill be dumped because it was super full and about to spill out all over the garage (this happened once before and Little Guy played in the ashes and... its another story). So the Man decided to listen to M.E. and dump the pan. He nor I thought anything of it. It wasn't the coals, just the ashes from previous uses, neither of us thought it possible that there might still be a hot spot in the ashes. Well there was and now this is what our fence looks like.
OK, so maybe it doesn't look so bad from the front, but still our fence was on fire. FIRE!

See there's a small hole at the bottom now. Thankful, Grateful and Blessed that Buddy and I were still up to see the flames and get this little accident put out.


1)I think we will be moving the compost pile away from the house and into a bin.

2)No more dumping ashes unless they are watered down first

3) the Buddy knows about 911 and was ready to call if we needed him too. Excellent! Now he just needs to learn our address.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sweet Baby

This afternoon we had some friends over for tacos and a visit. They are the ones who got us interested in moving to OK in the first place, so its nice to visit and catch up with them.

Their son was born back in January and is now trying to sit up, is teething, and eating solids. It was so awesome seeing and hanging out with them. Isn't he just adorable?

He had a big time watching Buddy and Little Guy. Buddy didn't have to do much to get him laughing. It was too funny, to hear him belly laugh at Buddy for nearly no reason. I think he really enjoyed his visit.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Back to the Lake.

Becasue we enjoyed the lake so much last weekend, when my friend Esther texted that they would be at the lake all day and to come join them, we were all in.

We love hanging out with Esther and her family, they are so fun. Buddy and her 8 year old, get along so well and had a blast playing on the beach. It was alot more humid today than last week, but it was still fun to get out of the house all day.

Friday, July 24, 2009

To the pool

I made a new friend last week and she invited M.E. and the boys down to her subdivision for a dip in their pool. WOW!

The story is, the Man was talking about M.E. at work, I think it was all good stuff because my love for all things scrapbooking came up. One of his coworkers' wife also loves all things scrapbooking, so he told his wife, then through him and the Man she emailed M.E., so I now have a new scrapbooking friend. YEAH! DOUBLE YEAH. We are already playing to attend an all night crop in August. woo-hoo! Anyhow, they have a daughter 11 and a son 6, just like Buddy, so we knew they'd have a blast.

My boys love the water, I defiantly see swim lessons in our future. Is this guy not cool or what?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

What is this?

I'm not liking Oklahoma bugs. This strange hybrid cricket/spider was in our sunroom. Yikes!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lego Mayhem!

FYI: LG's spots are still there. They haven't increased and have stopped itching, but they are still there. We'll just have to see what happens.
We were suppose to go swimming today, but the weather is so cool - only 80 degrees, so we have postponed until tomorrow. Hopefully it'll be warmer. What a statement to make in July!!!
So today, after some house work, I started "playing" in my scrapbooking space, (I'm really going to try and get refocused on that), when Buddy pulls out the lego bucket. He and LG begin their day long activity of building Star Wars ships.
First let M.E. say I'm really proud of the boys, because they played nearly all day together. TOGETHER, without a fight, fist thrown, yelling, screaming, etc, etc. I'm so proud. After a couple of hours of focusing on my scrap supplies, I really took notice of what they had created.
Here's what looks like a battle line in the extra bedroom, where I was working on my scrap space. They even have a second defense. Then, there were these scary looking guys by the kitchen sink. Guarding the watering hole, I suppose. And in the living room, there were some more aircraft of some sort scattered about. I think there was a battle in here.
You have to admire there craftsmanship and quality of their aircraft. Simply Amazing.

So while they were building legos, I was working on cleaning my scrap space. Its looking good. I came up with a ribbon storage solution. I love it.
A piece of styrofoam I found in the garage and some wire makes a cool holder for my spools of ribbon and its easy to add and remove spools and it was FREE.
Next, for those ribbons not on a spool. I wrapped them around popsicle sticks and secured with a paper clip. I've seen this in several magazine articles and blogs, but I wasn't sure I'd like it. But I do.
And its so pretty to look at. I'm really happy with everything so far. I've only got a few more things to organize and I think I'll be able to fit everything into the cubes. YEAH!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Little Guy trys to redecorate!

After our wonderful outing on Sunday, the boys have been really rejuvenated and all-around good kids. We've really have had a great couple of days. Today, Buddy actually got out his homework folder and started working. I'm so proud. 1st grade is only a month away.

As Buddy joined M.E. in the kitchen to prepare some lunch, Little Guy got into the school supply box. YES, he made a mess. And you are probably thinking crayon colored walks, but you'd be wrong. How about glue covered floors?

I like the fact that he has a small napkin, realizing that this is a mess needing to be cleaned up.

Later today, I come in the kitchen to find this on the floor.

This is pink chalk that I have no idea where he got it. This line goes across the kitchen through the foyer, down the hall and stops at the extra bedroom. Apparently he wants to redo the floors or he knows messing up the floors is a lot easier to clean than walls. I'm not sure. But I needed to steam mop anyway, so now my floors are clean.

Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm seeing Spots!

Buddy had a playdate this afternoon and he was so excited. However, Little Guy wasn't excited. He was actually pretty upset that he didn't get to go play, so we came home and I really showed him some attention, playing hotwheels. About an hour later as he's walking through the house in only his underwear, the official "I'm at home Outfit", I noticed something.


At first glance there were about 6 spots on his belly. An hour later about 10, a couple on his arms, then the legs and more on the belly. So I call the doctor, (like we need another doctor bill), and the nurse said it was likely an allergic reaction to something and to give him Benedryl. If it worsened or he got really sick to call back. So I'm keeping an eye on it.

I called the Man to let him know and discuss the situation. I tend to do my own diagnosis for aliments around here, but this one needed some consultation. The Man was quick to guess, the LAKE. Yep, it was probably something in the lake that caused the reaction. He is my sensitive one.

Closer to bed time, it started to itch, but he really doesn't seem to mind.

Hopefully, they'll all disappear by morning.

Garden Update

The Man's garden is in full bloom. Check it out.

Here's his cantelopes, that I'm not sure are 100% cantelopes.
There are so many tomatoes, we should be able to make several batches of sauce.

It's pretty cool.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Man had an idea....

And that was to get out and enjoy this nice day. The weather here has dramatically went from 102+ degrees to about 88. Ahhhhh! There were no clouds and no humidity today, so we finally got our act together and got out of the house.
The Man found a state park about an hour away with a lake for us to enjoy. The shoreline consisted of nice sandy beaches, so they all went for a swim. Buddy enjoyed the Man throwing him into the air.
Then again...
And again....
The Little Guy stayed close to the shore. I think he was a little intimidated by the vastness of the lake.

Then one more time.
After about an hour, we headed back up to the picnic area where they had a little park for the kids to play. Here's LG on the slide.
And Buddy.
Then LG fell over the side, so Buddy had to carry him to M.E. for comforting.
Then we decide to play corn hole. First the Man and Buddy, then I would play the winner.
LG watches from the back of the van.
The Buddy is too good!

He managed to bet the Man and I both in the first round of play. Then we took a break to grill some hot dogs. Here I'm trying to help Buddy get a cockle bur out of his foot. They seriously hurt and he was having a little fit hopping around on one leg. Not a bad picnic spot, huh?We played one more round of corn hole after supper. The Man beat M.E. so it was up to Buddy to beat him and that he did on a major come back. A couple of kids from another campsite even ventured over to watch Buddy beat his Dad. Let M.E. tell you, Buddy was on cloud nine to have an audience. It was a really great outing. Good idea indeed!