Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring Break Day 1

We left Oklahoma headed east about lunch time Sunday in the pouring rain.  So super happy the Man and I were proactive and ordered a bedcover for the truck weeks ago and installed it Saturday because the further east we got, the rain began to change over to snow.  
This was taken about 2 hours from our destination on the White River. Over an 1" on the ground.  
An hour later we were in heavy snow with the bridges beginning to completely cover over.  To say that I was a nervous-wreck was an understatement. But I prayed quietly to myself, the Man drove very carefully and slow and the boys were just happy it was snowing. 
We finally arrived safely at around 7 PM. Took us an extra hour and the Arkansas Road Crews did a fantastic job of sanding and clearing the main roads. 
Our evening view, 3+ inches on the ground and 20 degrees.  We were very happy to get settled in for the night!  Many more pics and stories to come!!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day for the White River, AR! 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Indoor Soccer

I've said it time and time again. I love indoor soccer way better than outdoor.  Using the walls, the quick pace and short halves, its just fun to watch. 

Last week, I got to take the Buddy to his indoor game.  Upon arrival, we got a little intimidated by the size of the other team.  As in they were nearly all over 5 feet tall and looked tough.  

Right out of the gate, the opponents were bullies. They used their weight and size to push our players around, knock them down and had little skill.  It took our little and quick boys about 2 minutes to adjust.   Buddy went in about about 6 minutes into the first half and on his second touch of the ball was slammed into the wall hitting his elbow on a beam.  He was hurting, but the hurt was his fuel.  He quickly showed that boy was real indoor soccer was and dribbled that ball on and off the wall around him multiple times.  He stiff-armed, he shoved and he play hard core ball. 

His effort and beast mode paid off! He score 4 of our teams 5 goals.  


It was by far one of the best games I've seen him play and I loved it. When he got off that field he was beaming and I couldn't blame him.   I eventually remembered his elbow and he said he was fine, but upon inspection, it was split wide open!  Probably could have used a stitch, but he said he was fine and it didn't hurt. Oh my stars, this kid.  I love his passion and conviction. 

Proud of you, Buddy! 

Babe and his Toy Story

Babe has reached the age where all things Toy Story are awesome!  

He loves to watch the Toy Story movies with his Buzz.  

Actually he likes to do everything with his Buzz and Woody. 

I love it when he quotes the movie.  Often he even does so in great context of our daily lives or just randomly - like exclaiming he has a snake in his boot! 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Pinewood Derby

A couple weekends ago - (I know I should have already posted, but better late than never) - was the annual Cub Scout Pinewood Derby Race. 

LG and the Man actually worked for several weeks and days in advance this year instead of the night before, getting this car ready for the track. 

Wheels and axels were polished and Lego constructions built. 

The Wolf Den

 It is easy to say that LG was the most animated and into cheering on his car. 
His feet were off the ground nearly as much as on it. 

 He was confident in another win, although it wouldn't be in the car this year.  Each time it came down the track Lego pieces were flying off. It got lighter and lighter and wobblier and wobblier.

 He cheered and jumped but his little car just wasn't the fastest on the track. 

 The Lego Machine only won 2 of the 20 races. 

 Here it is on the middle track. 

He was disappointed and wanted to be upset and cry because he didn't place. 
But he was really happy for his friends and quickly was on to other activities. 

His personality is like none other and its such a blessing and challenge all rolled in together. But who couldn't love this Little Guy jumping for his car! I mean really???! 

Better luck next year, LG. We are proud of you! 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

News Studio

LG's cub scout group went for a tour of a local television station last week and it was really cool.  I had no idea how small the studio's were. I seriously thought they would be huge but there aren't at all.

In the news room, reporters were working on their stories and listening to police scanners.  
LG was telling the PR lady why it was important to listen to police scanners for news.  So funny!  I'm glad he was into it!  

Coming up live at 6!  

Of course the high light of the tour was the green screen. So cool.  I kinda wanted to go play with that myself.  Just to see if I could do the weather. ha!  

Here's LG with a green folder, making it look like he is into two pieces.  So cool and fun.

It was a really great tour and so glad to have gone. 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Preschool Pajama Day

I have no idea what's up with the hand signs?!  

Probably something LG showed him.  

Nonetheless, he is awesome! 

Saturday, March 1, 2014

WARNING - Dishtowel Required!

The aftermath of our 9x13 glass pyrex dish exploding immediately out of the oven.

The Man baked his homemade calzone and when he got it out of the oven, he sat it on the dry ceramic stove top and POW, it exploded into a million shards of glass.  It shot all the way down the hall and into the living room.  Scary and Crazy. 

And after reading an article about this, sent to M.E. by Elizabeth Dillow, it apparently happens often with pyrex and anchor glassware made in last 20 years.  Apparently, there's also a warning label about temperature change and that the best way to handle it with a dishtowel - always! 

So if I'm to replace this dish, which I used a lot, I'm to go thrifty for an old-school gramma version.