Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Random Photos from KY Part II

Finally getting around to posting more photos from KY - needing to make room for the 300 plus photos we took in WA.

Here's a pretty girl.  Buddy, LG and AJ had a blast playing together. They really get along well and it was sooooooo nice to get to visit with my bestest friend.  I miss her very much.
After we left there we went over to visit the Morgans.  It was a super nice evening of cooking out and visiting.  The kids played in the water and had a blast.  It was really fun for them and us.
Here's our sweet God Daughter.
We had to head home about dark and got caught in a crazy thunderstorm probably the worst one during our visit in KY and of course I'd have my kids out in it.  But Buddy helped take care of Babe and we made it home finally.

Here's Mamaw with my boys on the swing.   It was getting time for us to start packing and get on the road.  I looked forward to getting home but will super miss my family.
Babe tells Mamaw goodbye with a sweet smile.

On Saturday we headed to Nashvegas to pick up the Man at the airport, then hit the road West.  We got stuck in traffic and it wasn't fun and it was incredibly hot. Heat warrnings were out for the area which made M.E. a little nervous - hoping the van holds out. 
When we pulled up to the arrival gates, I can't tell you how happy Buddy was to see the Man.  He could get out of his seat belt fast enough and hugged him for a long time. It was so sweet, I wished I'd got a pic but I was driving and didn't get to the camera. 
We hit the road and the Man was determined to drive straight through to OK, but Babe had other plans. He wasn't too happy riding and required we stop every 2 hours and cried alot.  Just through Little Rock, big thunderstorms were rolling in and Babe was screaming so we stopped for the night.  
The next morning, I got these great shots.

And this one......

And my favorite....

It was good to be home.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Photo Shoot

My Three Boys

After church I tired to have a little photo shoot with my three boys in their similary colored outfits.
Its really hard to get all three of them looking and smiling at the camera at the same time.
I love the swing and the trees in the back ground.
I love that they at least let M.E. take this many pictures before they got up.
I'm looking forward to doing this again.
I love my three boys very, very much.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Random Photos from KY part I

The days went by fast and they sort of ran together, so here is a group of cute and random photos from the first week or so in KY. We had so much fun.

The boys with Babe. I'm sorry its blurry, still don't know how to use my camera.  But all the kids just loved Babe and were really into him.  It made M.E. smile.

Some of you may know LG and if you do - you know he's wild about the Wii and even crazier about the hand held DS games.  While camping he fought over Kelsy the entire weekend and upon arriving at the fam's, he quickly grabbed Sman's and this was what he did pretty much the whole first week.  The world could have blown up and he wouldn't even have noticed. He was sooooo into it.
Here's all the grandkids minus two.  It was really cool to have all them together and playing.  They had a slumber party the first night at Mamaw and Papaw then the next night at Aunt Cream's. Too fun.

The first Friday we were there, M.E., Mamaw and Babe headed up to Owensboro to go scrapbooking with some of my dear, dear friends from my KY scrapbook club.  I miss these ladies tremediously and look forward to every year seeing them and catching up.  Here they are with Babe.

I'm so glad my Mom went with M.E., it gave us a lot of time to talk and just be together.  Babe liked it too. With Babe being so little and M.E. being so sleep deprived we only stayed to 11PM instead of all night.  Next year will be another all nighter!

I can not express how wonderful the porch swing is at my parents house.  My dad and I built it together when I was about 17 or so. I remeber I was already driving when we started the project one summer.  Anyhow there's almost always a breeze on the back porch and this swing is in the perfect place. I love it and so did LG and Babe!
Each morning LG would make his way to the porch and swing, this also included pee-ing off it as well. 

The moving on the air mattress.  The boys would sleep at Aunt Creams on the weekends and with M.E. at Mamaw and Papaws during the week, so this required the one air mattress to migrate with them.  Funny!
LG had to have a hair cut while we were home. It was getting to the point of needing a brette.  So we had our dear friend Novice cut it for us.  She was our barber when we lived in KY, but I think LG had forgotten her and needed Aunt Cream's help in getting his hair cut.  Either that or he just wanted Cream to feel sorry for him.
One Friday night we headed out to one our closest church families, the Whalins. I've grown up with this family as nearly my own my whole life, so it was fun to have my kids get to play there with the others.  They really had a fabulous time playing dodge the bike. 

One Saturday I needed to go to town, so Cream and Uncle loaded us up took us shopping. But what was an innocent shopping day turned into a sugar overload for Buddy.  (LG really doesn't like shopping or the grocery, so he stayed with Mamaw). 
My boys really don't get that much sugar.  They rarely drink soft drinks or coke and their candy and other sweets are pretty limited to one a day or so. 
Well, that flew out the window while we were in KY and on this particular day, Buddy got a soft drink for lunch. Sugar #1.  Then he went in the grocery and bought himself some cracker jacks. Sugar #2.  We then stopped for ice cream. Sugar #3.  Uncle then proceeded to give him this liquid sugar candy stuff, that Buddy nor I even knew how to eat, but let M.E. tell you it was pure liquid sugar and Buddy ate it. Sugar #4. 
That night was a long and crazy night as Buddy literally bounced off the walls.  It was nuts.  After this night, Buddy and I made a bet.  If once back in OK he can go an entire week with out sugar then he'll get $5.  I'll keep you posted on that one.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Water Balloons

With the temps being in the 90s in KY, the kids would quickly get hot outside and often wanted to play in the waterhose - so to make it alittle more fun - Aunt Cream got water balloons.  Several evening she and Uncle would make up a batch of balloons but the kiddos would run through them very quickly. 
So we finally went for the big bucket - 700 water balloons.  She, Uncle, Jane and I sat down assemble line fashion and filled up nearly half of them with water.
Here's the big batch.  We lost count on how many we made but it sure was a lot - my guess 250 to 300.

The had a blast.  We first tossed the back and forth getting farther and farther away each time and until it would bust on some one.  Then they tossed them in the air and tried to catch them.
Here LG pretends its a baby.
Buddy was having us toss them way up in the air, then head butt them as they came down for a big splash on his head.  It was hilarous.

I must say it was worth the hour + it took to get them filled up as well as the skin missing from my fingers as I tied and tied balloons.  The kiddos will definitley remember the huge water balloon fight for years to come.

Upside Down Day

Our last full day in KY, I decided we should have an Upside Down Day - food wise.

This meant dessert for breakfast, supper for lunch and breakfast for supper. The boys thought it was hilarous and Cream and I really got into it as well. We had banana splits for breakfast.
We gathered our supplies.

We headed out onto the porch for a lovely view, somewhat cool temps and a happy time.
LG enjoys a cold mouth-full of ice cream.

Uncle and Papaw even got in on the banana splits for breakfast.

Buddy enjoying his cherry on top.

We certainly made some memories today!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Visiting Aunt M's Farm

After a wonderful nights rest on Monday, Mamaw rode with Babe and M.E. to take the Man back to the airport.  We are so going to miss him and I could hardly keep from crying, but I knew the boys I needed this visit with the fam.

We got ready and headed over to my Aunt M's farm. 
Here Aunt Cream gets Babe out of the bath.
Aunt M's Farm.

I really love their farm because of the trees and pasture combined. There little underbrush so it just perfect.  This picture doesn't do it justice at all.  The boys really liked it too.  They got to visit with the cows.

When the kids ran up to the fence the cows weren't sure about them.  They aren't used to seeing kids and were confused by them.
Buddy and the kids started running around and playing then the cows started running with them and playing.  It was unbelievable how they were mimicking the boys.

Soon after we arrived, Uncle D made his way to the hous - he'd been moving hay.
He was glad to give the kiddos a tour of the barn lot.

He gave the quite the education about own and operating a cattle farm.  He explained so many things to the boys and surprisingly they were all ears.  They even were asking questions. It was so fabulous, you've no idea how cool that was.

LG at the barn lot.

Buddy at the barn lot.

Meanwhile, Aunt M held Babe and talked with Cream on her new back porch. Loved it too!

Before we left, LG wanted to make sure I got a pic of their dog.  I can't recall her name, but I want to say its Kate - sorry Aunt M if I got it wrong.

We had a blast and look forward to visiting again.  The boys loved it.

Happy Camper - Memorial Day CampOut Recap

The Happy Camper
We left OK on Thursday after Buddy's last baseball game, which was a nail biter.   I was really glad to get some driving in on Thursday instead of trying to do the trip all in one day.  We wound up staying in a little town in MO, so as to make tomorrow only a 9 or 10 our day.  
We arrived in KY Friday afternoon and Babe did great in the car.  We were all alittle nervous about how he would do, but I only had to nurse him twice and he slept most of the way.  Unfortunately, we barely made camp before a thunderstorm rolled through. 
Here LG has a snack in the van waiting for the rain to stop.
The Babe and M.E.
One other couple made it out Friday night, the others would arrive on Saturday.
Saturday morning was nice, we managed some good shade and it wasn't too terrible hot. 
Our Camp

The boys simply love camping and did a wonderful job just hanging out and playing around the camp. They made some friends in the next site up so they played in the drive way a lot of the time with them.
After lunch, everyone but Babe and M.E. loaded up and headed to the lake for some fishing.
They got quite the catch.  LG loved it.
Bluegill and Catfish
While they were gone, I gave Babe a bath in the sink at the bath house. He loves to be naked.
He's so adorable and just goes with the flow.
Other friends arrived mid day and we had a really good time catching up and visiting with everyone.
On Sunday all the guys but the Man went golfing as they did last year.  Thankfully it didn't rain for 14 hours straight, just a few pop up showers throughout the day.  I felt alittle guilty for asking the Man to stay at camp, but with the boys and a newborn, I just couldn't manage just yet. 
Anyhow the Man said he was happy to stay and slow cooked some ribs for us all.
Looks like they are enjoying them.
Meanwhile, Babe took a quick nap in the tent.

Closer view.
Too cute.
We managed to have a quite evening on Sunday and loaded up and headed to my parents on Monday.  It was a really nice and low key weekend which was definitely needed. Babe did wonderfully and so did the boys.  Other than a few tick bites and thunderstorms is was perfect.