Monday, April 30, 2012

Project Life

I'm here!  Just busy!

So there's this thing in the scrapbook world called Project Life, a scrapbook kit for everyday mementos and pictures and words.  It was developed by Becky Higgins and is AWESOME!  I've drooled over it for about 3 years now, but its not cheap.  Sure I could have used some of what I had and done it that way, but I really wanted the kit and just couldn't justify spending the money, if I couldn't keep up with weekly layouts. 

Well, long story short, I won a project life kit from Cathy Zielske's blog a few weeks ago and it arrived on my doorstep on Babe's birthday.  Now most people do PL from Jan 1 to Dec 31.  But I decided that I'd just go for it. Start now with Babe's birthday! 

Have I got anything done?  Some.  I managed to take a ton of pictures.  I managed to take notes of our week and I managed to collect little pieces of life (actually I always do this but now I have a place to put them).  As I can't print photos at home, I'm challenged as staying caught up, but I thought in the mean time, since I haven't posted in ages, that I'd share the past weeks' in photos... What I plan to print and put in the album.

Week 1
 What 2 looks like around here!  messy face
 Baseball, Baseball, Baseball
 Pregame goofing off!
 The Man and Buddy coaching LG on running home! 
 At a birthday party, Buddy talked Babe into being the mule.
This one is so laid back but wild at the same time. 
I love this shot of him hanging out in the cart after shopping.
He has no idea he is only two!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy Birthday, Babe!

Really?!  You've got to be kidding M.E. this little thing is now 2 years old!  Where does the time go?

Friday, April 6, 2012

Buddy gets a Save!

Last night at 7:56 we took the baseball field for Buddy's 3rd game of the season.  Yes, 7:56 - four minutes before bedtime! ugh!  We are very unhappy that we are have these late games. Luckily we don't have school today for Good Friday, but we will be in the same boat on Monday with another late game.
I got a sitter for LG and Babe as they are both sick and I didn't need to have them at the ball field.

We were up to bat first with Buddy the lead off batter. He was walked. as were the next 5 of 6 batters. Buddy stole every base on wild pitches and scored our first run of the night.  We would limit out at 5 runs.
Bottom of the first, 2 up, 2 down.  We'd walk the next 2 batters and the strike out the next allowing only 1 run to score. woohoo! score 5 -1
Top of the second, our first batter got a hit to first base, then several walks including Buddy. We'd limit our runs at 5 again with only 1 out. We were feeling pretty good about ourselves at this point.
Bottom of the second, a walk, a hit, a couple more walks, a thrown out at 3rd and a out at first put us at three runs and two outs, but we couldn't hold them and they scored their limit of 5. score 10 - 6
Top of the third, we struck out, walked, struck out and got one hit and an out at first only scoring one run.
Bottom of the third,  we walked the first three batter, then they got a hit scoring two runners, then more walks and a double to score their limit of five.  score 11-11.  oh no.

We only have about 12 minutes left in regulation but because we were tied we have to play a complete 4th inning.
Top of the fourth, we took first, then Buddy was walked and the next. then a strike out but Buddy managed to steal home for our second run scored in the ending. The last two batters both got out at first.  ugh.
Bottom of the fourth, we needed to hold them to one run and Buddy is pitching.  I'm nausea at this point because I get so nervous. He was so tired and knowing we needed to hold them added the pressure.
He walks the first batter, walks the second batter, during the third at bat, the first runner scores with a very close play at home base. We thought he was out, but he wasn't.  We have to hold them with one run scored and no outs.  Pressures on.  Buddy strikes the third batter out for out number 1. Next batter gets up and on a wild pitch the third base runner tries to steal home and Buddy is right there to receive the ball from the catcher for out number 2.  Yes, no run scored and another out.  That batter would walk, so we had one scored, 2 outs and the tying run at first. Buddy was so cool, calm and collected.
The fifth batter gets up and hits the second pitch to 2nd base for a thrown out at first. Game over!  Score 13-12. Buddy gets the save!   He threw 16 balls, 4 strikes and 1 hit.  He was the first and last run scored. We were all so happy for them all and ready for bed.
Sorry no pics, but keeping score and counting pitches doesn't allow M.E. anytime for socialize, let alone picture taking.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Happy Early Anniversary!

Next Saturday the Man and I will be married 10 years!  

As this is our first big anniversary, the Man went all out with his present and actually got it three weeks ago and felt last night was the night to give it to M.E. early. 

An anniversary/engagement/mother's ring all in one!  I couldn't have been more surprised.  

When we were married, we had no money and an engagement ring was not part of the equations, not that ever complained. I'm not much of a jewelry person, so it didn't bother M.E.  But it has apparently always bothered the Man that I didn't own a diamond. 
Right after LG was born he got M.E. a mothers ring, in which I promptly lost Buddy's birthstone from and since we've had Bab.  He went to get it fixed and they said they couldn't.
So.. my new 10th anniversary/engagement/mother's ring.  

It's beautiful and I'm very happy. 
I love you, Hun!
Happy Anniversary!