Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Story & Update...

Thursday afternoon, in preparation for a baseball game, I decided to take a supper of hotdogs and snacks along with us to the ball park.

Just as I was finishing the hotdogs and packing them away in my bag, Babe comes into the kitchen and being the curious little man that he is, reach up and grabbed the pot on the stove.

In slow motion I turn to see him grab the handle and tilt it to see whats in it.  I scream. He jumps and scalding hot water pours and splashes all over the place including his right arm.

Screaming, I scoop him up and take him to the bathtub where I submerge it under cold tap water and then screaming I get a wet dish towel wrap his arm and jump in the van.  Buddy and LG are on my heels and we called the Man to meet us at the hospital.

They immediately see take him back and start an IV of morphine.  
They take the dish towel from his arm and gently wrap it in clean linen before transferring us to the burn center at another hospital. 

At the burn center, they apply a silver lined foam pad directly to the burn and once again wrap it up.  

 At home Thursday night, he rests with morphine still in his system. Trying to make sense of what has happened. The other little brace was for his IV, so he wouldn't pull it out.

Yesterday morning, he got to see the official burn doctor and he diagnosed it as
Deep 2nd degree burn on 40% of his right arm from his knuckles back to his elbow with minor burns on the underside.  He has some blistering on his hand like a severe sunburn.   

We go back to the burn doctor on Monday.  He thinks it will heal on his own with out any surgery or graphs with little to no scarring.  However it will take about a month. 

For the most part, he's fine. Last night about 7:30 he asked for medicine for the first time since the morphine and I gave him so pain meds.  He's sleeping fine.  Alittle more cuddly than normal, but overall same little wild self.  

Thank you to everyone who said a prayer, sent well wishes, stopped by and been there for us. 
We appreciate all of you and love you so much. 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Land Run of 1889

First just let M.E. say, I'm not an Okie! So I really didn't have much knowledge of what a "Sooner", "Claim-Jumper"or Land Run really meant until Friday! 

Buddy's class has been studying OK state history for the last week or so and hosted a reenactment of the 1889 Land Run.  It was really cool! 

There are not words to describe how handsome he was today in his overalls with his lunch pale and horse. 

Of course, Babe and I got in on the action too.  I made my apron last night.  It turned out pretty good.  Although I forgot pockets.  I wish the school wasn't in the background.  I could have turned this black/white and looked for real. 

 Too sweet in their overalls. 

 Buddy and his BF.  They had a lot of fun goofing off after the run. 

M.E. at my homestead.  
For those who are like M.E. and don't know OK history, I was acting as a "Sooner" and set up a homestead without a land title/deed prior to the land run.  So this little family of girls, the Dales, who had purchased land titles for $14, were given the plot of land that I was already living on.  So they had to run M.E. off, including getting the sheriff involved and everything.   

Babe and I then, became "Claim Jumpers" and moved our homestead to another plot, without land title and hoped to call it home.   It was pretty fun.   
I wish I'd try to make a bonnet, but it looked hard, so I when with a flour sack scarf.  

What a great day! 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Friday, April 19, 2013

Happy Birthday, Babe!

The Babe turned three, yes 3, on Tuesday. I can hardly believe it. I mean, seriously, 3! 
Although we haven't officially had him a party (with cake and candles), we did have a playdate with two of his friends at the aquarium on his birthday.  It was really simple, low-key and most of all, fun! 

 Buddy had the camera most of the afternoon, so I have lots of animal pictures. I had to remind him to take pictures of Babe too! But these jellyfish are cool. 

 This little beauty goes all four days as Babe, and they are best buds.  Most of all his school stories are about her. 

 This is the resident Beaver. I don't think I've ever seen it out and swimming.  The kids love that. The Raccoon was awake as well, which is rare.  

 Babe and his best friend and girlfriend.  They are so cute together and had a really good time running through the aquarium. 


Happy Birthday, Babe!  We love you so much! 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Preschool Field Trip

Babe and I got to go to the zoo with his entire preschool on Monday. It was pretty fun day watching him run and play with his friend.   I totally remembered to bring the big camera, but forgot to grab the memory card from the computer.  I wasn't very happy about that. 
But I did managed a few good pics with the ole iPhone 3. 
He was totally into wearing his baseball hat all day. I loved it. 

 He and his BF got to ride a camel.  They were laughing and smiling, I could not believe how brave they were. So cute and adorable. 

So the zoo has these peacocks that are free and wander all over the zoo grounds. I think I've talked about them before and also how much I LOVE them. They are my favorite and today I got to witness a mating ritual.  
So, someone says, hey the peacock has his feathers up. So I quickly make my way over there.  This guy is strutting and strutting and calling. Finally a female peahen shows up and the dance starts. I totally wish I had my video camera.  He would strut up to the peahen, back up into her face and start shaking his feather making this crazy noise and dance around her in a circle.  Then another peacock comes over and tries to chase this guy away.  It was awesome.   My camera doesn't show the awesome colors 

In the meantime, the tour goes on. 

 Favorite part for Babe (besides the train ride) was the petting zoo.  He LOVED the goats.  I can totally seeing him growing up to be a farmer. 

What a great day for him! 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

At the Ballpark

We arrived at 5:15, so we would beat all the crazy afternoon traffic and LG could warm up with his team.  His game was at 6. 
 He played catcher and did a pretty great job. 
 He got bored a couple times and started playing in the dirt, but overall did a great job. 
At 6:30 Judy picked up Babe for M.E. so he wouldn't be at the ball park all night. 

I get too anxious and busy coaching him in the batters box to get many pictures of him batting, but he managed a strikeout, a hit and an out at first. 
 But I got him running home.  He doesn't always slide like last year, but he has fun. 
His game would conclude at 7:35 winning 16-15. 

Meanwhile, Buddy and the Man have moved on to the bigger fields for Buddy's 7:45 game. So late. 
I don't know all the details because I wasn't keeping score and I had to leave to go pick up Babe, but here's what I think happened.

In the first, they lead off with 2 runs, we got up and score 3 with Buddy fouling two pitches and then striking out.
In the second, they got 3 more and we came back with a run limited of 5 to make it 5 to 8.

 Buddy also played catcher all night.  He did a fantastic job.  I get so nervous, but he made some good stops and a couple awesome plays at home for outs. 

In the third, we got them out 3 up and 3 down, and they turned around and got us 3 up and 3 down, Buddy hitting a pop fly to 2nd. 

At this point I have to leave its 9 PM and LG needs to get home and I need to go get Babe and get home to bed. 

The Man and Buddy play on. 
In the fourth, they go up 9 and at they hold us to 8.

Top of the fifth, we hold them to 4 more to make it 12 to 8. and time has expired.  Luckily being the home team we get to bat and have a chance at the 5 run limit to win. 

First batter, gets a double. Second batter, gets a line drive, first batter score.  So on and so forth, two walks, including Buddy.  Runners stealing, batters striking out.  

It comes down to 2 outs, runners at 2nd and 3rd and our friend T is at the plate.  He struck his last two at bats and quickly gets two strikes.  Then BAM, line drive up the gut and runner at third scores to run limit and WIN the game. 


I love baseball!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Life's Busy...

Between the multitude of baseball games, practices, soccer practices and soccer tournaments and work, I managed to pull together some awesome costumes for our 80s prom.

Some 5th grade parents hosted an 80s Prom at school as a fun raiser for the school auction.  This past Friday was the big day and let M.E. just say I was pretty excited.  The Man and I decided early on that we were just going to dress 80s, we were going to be the 80s.

Judd Nelson as John Bender in the Breakfast Club.

Molly Ringwald as Andie in the Pretty in Pink

The results...

I had to substitue the sleeves for a jacket, because I couldn't raise my arms.  Took M.E. two days to finish construction of the dress, but I got it done.  The Man's outfit was spot on and everyone recognized his character immediately. It was so fun.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Buddy's Bike

 Over Spring Break, with Nana's and Poppa's help Buddy learned very quickly how to ride LG's little bike. It was much too little. 
 So he was very anxious to get a new bike, one his size, and Easter was just days away, so he was really hoping the Easter Bunny would bring one. 

Sure enough, he did. 
 He's learning to do little tricks, like standing up. 
 He also has been trying to go up and off the curb. 
He's having a blast learning.  He's also a little upset I won't let him leave our street, but I can't. He'll just need to be happy riding in circles here in the street. 

Here's to riding off into the sunset. 
(my favorite picture)