Thursday, August 29, 2013

Random Thoughts #11

Random Thoughts Volume Eleven with or without pictures. 

1 - I just received two separate emails that were about Christmas projects/sales or promotion within an hour of one another. Seriously?  Its not officially even September yet. I like to have myself a good ole fall with lots of colorful leaves, birthdays and turkey before I go all Christmas.  Just sayin'.

2 - Last weekend was the Creating Keepsakes Convention.  WooHoo! I was fortunate enough to take six, yes 6, classes and volunteer as a teaching assistant for another.  And let M.E. just say, I had a blast. Being a teachers assistant was so awesome. I really think my dream job would be to teach scrapbooking classes. yep. Its fabulous. 

3 - At the convention I not only got some cool products and pages done, but more than that I came home inspired and motivated to do more actually scrapbooking.  These days I manage my Project Life Album, which I love, but its nice to dedicate time and a whole page to just one story, one moment and in most cases one boy.   I made three pages just this week and hope to keep the momentum throughout the weekend. 

 This page was with pictures from summer before last, but still a great story that needed to be told. I even used a Project Life card from my Studio Calico kit. 

 This page was on of the pages made during a washi tape class at the convention. Not crazy about it, not my style, but I'm not going to throw it out. So, I came home and found this photos that I thought were perfect for it. That's LG at age 3.  Wow how time flies. 

Another LG page, this time about his portrayal of Indiana Jones and make-shift outfit.  With his imagination, it doesn't take much in the way of props for the stories to come to life. And when you are out of the letter 'e', use a three! that rhymes. 

I'm realizing now that I should have taken the time to take the pages out of the protectors and laid them on a flat surface before snapping photos because they are glaring and crooked. Oh well, next time. 

4 - Speaking of weekend and scrapbooking, I'm excited that I have some friends coming over to watch Twilight movies with M.E.  Team Edward in case you were wondering. 

5 - I also have about 50 projects that I need to devote some time to, but haven't.  Things like buying and hanging a new window shade in the boys bedroom.  They have had two beach towel hanging there for almost a month maybe longer. I'm embarrassed, but not enough to not post about it. 

you'd think I'd at least hang them right side up, but no, I just threw them up there. Sorry McQueen. 

6 - Babe had his first dentist appointment this week, which resulted in a second visit today because there was a little sticky spot that would soon be a cavity if left alone. I'm afraid he'll have teeth like mind which are horrible. But regardless, we have gotten a new and improved dentist that I think is amazing. Babe loved him; mostly because he sings while is works and does magic tricks at the end. Like I said the best. dentist. ever. 

7 - School is in full swing and while Buddy is super excited and cool to be in the 5th grade. *gasp* I can't believe it. He's doing fabulously. On the other hand, LG is struggling a bit with independent work.  He knows all the materials, the answers and can make amazing conclusion with little effort, but he hates and I mean HATES to write. So when left alone to work independently he choses to sit at his desk and daydream.  He doesn't see the point in math work sheets or worksheets of any kind because he already know his math facts, the teacher knows he knows his math facts, so why does he need to repeatedly write them down? Good point LG!  We've been around and around and he's still not satisfied with any answer we have provide.  Do you have a thought? do share. 

8 - Babe is a fish now and you would think he was now president of the school. He is the class ham and EVERYONE knows him.  He's such a wonderful mix of Buddy and LG that just makes him too awesome.  Who while I write is taking a longer than usual nap. 

Current photo as of like 3 minutes ago. 

9 - I figured out how to do facetime on the computer.  It will be life changing! The boys have already facetimed with Aunt Cream, Uncle and Sman twice and love it.  LG wants to do it every day, even though when we get on there, he just wants to show Sman his latest self-built lego ships and does little talking.  Regardless, its awesome seeing them. And last night they took it to a new level and were all wearing funny hats, when we connected. HA! Babe thought that was the greatest thing ever.  I'm sure LG is planning something similar for next time we chat. 

This is the boys waiting for Sman to answer our call. 
Sorry about the angle of the photo and the screen saver. I'm so used to looking at those seahawks players in the back ground I don't think much of it. But anyhow, here's my beautiful boys in front of the computer seeing themselves on the screen.  This is what they look like on Sman's phone and when Sman answers his phone we see them this size.  Its fabulous to see them and talk at the same time. Technology is truly amazing.  
Grandpa and Nana, you need an iPhone so we can facetime you too! 

10 - Okay, enough rambling.  Hopefully I can post more antics of these three soon! 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Babe: "mommy, [LG's] on the computer. Him on a dot com! Him not suppose to be on a dot com".

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


LG just said ...
"Mom how 'bout you just call Turtleman and tell him we have an animal problem and I'll open all the doors, we'll get an animal in the house"


Someone is happy to be at the dentist for the first time.
Lets he still happy when they finish! 

Monday, August 26, 2013


This afternoon Buddy asked Babe if he wanted to watch a movie...

Buddy: "what about Ratatouille?"
Babe: "the one with the little mouser? Yeah"

Little Mouser, that's funny! 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Project Life Weeks 16 & 17

Although its week 34 in real life, I like posting my past weeks here, but so I can record even further my likes, dislikes, designs, supplies, etc. 

Week 16: April 14 - 20 

We started off the week with our 11th wedding anniversary, although there's absolutely nothing in my album to document that.  Something I'll have to keep in mind for next year.  Baseball season keeps M.E. so busy and this was a super busy week for the kiddos - it has become just all about that.  I think I need to try to add more M.E. and the Man to the album too! 

Left side - This was also Babe's birthday week, so I included the paper crown he wore at school, the invitation for his friends to come to the aquarium and a snapshot of the kiddos outside the aquarium.  

We also had a soccer tournament, but without pictures, so I added the parking pass, to at least document we were there. 

LG lost his front tooth which was also a BIG deal!

Right side - Here we have more birthday pictures, the Oklahoma Land Run and then the big Hog Roast Picnic.  I don't know if you can see it but I edited the name of the boat the boys are in to say 4th Grade Rednecks, instead of Rednecks.  ha. I think that's funny!  

Studio Calico kit supplies: one 4x6 card (title card)
Ratio of photos taken by M.E. to photos taken by the fam :  M.E. 7, PreSchool Teachers 2 (Babe's birthday), School Friends 1 (M.E. with the boys at the Land Run) 
Ratio of photos taken by iPhone to big camera: 1 to 6.

Project Life is a memory keeping system developed by Becky Higgins. And its fabulous. 

Week: 17 April 21 - April 27 
So this week turned out to be all about Babe. We celebrated his 3rd birthday this week (although it was a week late) and then he burned his arm. 
Two things I love about this layout - 1) there's a bit of a color flow with all the blues and then the three pops of red on each side and the hints of yellow. I'm getting better at designing spreads even if the pictures are random. and 2) I love, love, love the large picture of Babe with his cake. While it may be blurry, its perfect to M.E. 

Left side - three pictures and its still a great layout.  I snapped a photo of the junk that had accumulated in the van.  This is real life for us and that's what happens during the spring, when I'm in the van as much as anywhere else. 

Right side - Babe!  I'm glad I do project life because it allows M.E. to document even the downs in life without having to do a whole scrapbook layout. Because most often, I don't want to make pages about sad things. But here, a couple of pictures, hospital bracelet, and lots of journaling allowed M.E. to document it all for Babe.  Because he will likely never remember it, but I will never forget. 

Studio Calico kit supplies: two 4x6 card (title card & calendar card), four 3x4 card (heart cutout on title card, random fact card, love you, and the recovery story card)
Ratio of photos taken by M.E. to photos taken by the fam :  M.E. 5, Babe 1 (Dad), the Man 1 (hospital)
Ratio of photos taken by iPhone to big camera: 2 to 5.

I love Project Life.  It so easy. Its designed to just be album, photo pockets, pictures, cards and pens. Done. I do like stickers, etc so I decorate. 

Project Life is a memory keeping system developed by Becky Higgins. And its fabulous. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Back to School Gifts

Several years ago, like maybe 4, I started doing Back-To-School Gifts for the boys teachers. Not really for 'brownie' points, but just because it's something I have really enjoyed doing it and its so practical.  As anyone knows, things happen at work and it'd be nice to have things be make life easier. 

This year, I went for the ever practical pencil box that can be reused for just about anything. 
The little card, I cut down from a Project Life kit, punched an apple using my Martha Steward apple punch and heat embossed the "Just in Case" as well as the outline of the apple.  

The goodies inside: kleenex, dental floss, blank note cards, vitamin C, breathe mints, advil, germ-x, chapstick, tide to-go pen, and a little lent roller.  Yep, lots of little things to help make their days in the class room go smoother, helping with headaches, lunch stains, etc. 

One for each teacher and that's just a good way to start the year! 

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Another Pinterest Project

Months ago, I saw some really cute little produce bags made from old t-shirts on pinterest.  

Of course, I pinned the picture and back in the spring I made a couple.  I gave one to Nana while in Washington this summer and she loved it. 

Last week, in a crafting mood, I cranked out a couple more. 
 I realized the deeper the better, so they don't really need to be very wide.  They weigh very little and its an extremely green alternative to the plastic produce bags. 
 The blue one is from one of Buddy's old football t-shirts, I cut out the number for a different project and this is just the front, the printing is on the inside. 
 I sewed a little scrap piece in the side hem, not in the original one that I saw, but I thought is would be awesome to tie them up when not in use. 
So here you go... all folded up and tied once (no knot needed) and they can easy fit in your purse, bag or car for the next stop at the produce stand.  

These little gems are headed to Nana's house. Enjoy! 

Friday, August 16, 2013

The Man thinks this is Funny!

I received this in an email from my beloved husband!
He thinks he's funny. 

Someone Borrowed my Camera

Found these pictures on my camera... wonder who took them?

 This would be my sewing basket and paper stash. 

 Sewing basket again


 Extreme close up of carpet

And some little fingers and toes.  Hmm....

Thursday, August 15, 2013

First Preschool Homework

Decorate your fish and include your family! 

First Day of PreSchool

Babe is officially a "Fish", our school's 3 year old preschool class. 

 He was pretty excited walking around saying, "I not a bunny anymore, I a fish". haha!

He loves school and couldn't wait to go play with their toys.  He asked M.E. about 10 times, if I was sure if the fish class had toys.  

 Check out those new red shoes.  His choice and I love them too! 

The cool thing about the Fish class is that they have recess first, so after he put up his backpack & lunch he got to go straight to the playground.  He ran so fast, I could barely keep up and managed this quick picture of him with the lawnmower after about 5 admits to take a picture.  

He was a bit overwhelmed with all the hugs and greetings from his friends.  They all missed each other so much. 

And then there's this cutie.  
This picture is my favorite of the month.  Whatever she is saying, Babe is like, "Seriously?"

The possibilities are endless...

"I pooped in the potty!" "seriously?"... 
"Did you see those bunny's (2 year olds) crying this morning" "seriously?"... 
"I heard we get two slices of pizza for pizza day" "Seriously?"... 
"my curls are natural!" "seriously?"...  
"you know, Mrs. Williams is a nut?" "seriously?"

okay that was funny!  Have a good day! 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Last Day of Summer Vacation for Babe

While walking out of school yesterday...

Babe: Is it just you and me, Mommy?
M.E.: yep
Babe: hmm, let's go to the aquarium, Mommy. just you and me.
M.E.: really, the aquarium, you want M.E. to call a friend to meet us there?

*while getting buckled in he is thinking*

Babe: No. no friends. Just you and Me.

ahhh, I love this little boy.  Off to the aquarium we went, love having season passes!

First Day of School

It happened... school started. 
 The traditional before school photo.  Oh how big they are getting.  LG going to 2nd grade and Buddy into 5th Grade. Are you kidding M.E.? I'm a 5th grade parent.  

If we were in KY he would be going to a totally new building. Scary. Although I have fabulous friends at the 5th/6th Center. Now that I think about it, I wish he was going to the 5th/6th Center. *sniff*
Shout out to Mrs. Lynette, Mrs. Lisa, Mrs. Nadina, Mrs. Lanetta, and a whole bunch of other wonderful educators there. 

LG was pretty happy to see his friends and get busy.  He's excited for the best year ever - we have a really great teacher this year and we love the short hair!  

Buddy wasn't too happy because the grocery sack we had his supplies in broke and his supplies spilled everywhere. ha.  But he was excited to see his friends and its just a fact - Buddy. Loves. School. and always has - its a good thing. 

Here's a better shot... I actually got a good one of him smiling but its super blurry, I'm assuming Babe must have pulled on M.E. or the camera or something. 

Here's to a good year! 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Last Day of Summer

Today marks the last day of summer vacation for the boys. Of course there are things we didn't do or get done, but visiting our family in June and early July were the most important and fun.   I also have to reflect and say this was a pretty easy summer, as in the boys are older and entertain themselves pretty well, even when "screen time is over" - no tv, computer or phones. 

Here's just a glimpse of today, right now as we prepare for tomorrow's back to school day. 
Buddy enjoying his last day to lay around and play on his phone. 
I'm busy getting backpacks ready to load with all the new school supplies, which thankfully we got two weeks ago. 
LG is enjoying his last day with computer time watching Lego Star Wars videos.  He LOVES them. 
When he's not on the computer he is busy playing Legos. 
He's been working on this base for about 5 days. Last night he went to bed early and Babe got into it and damaged it.  LG did spend about an hour this morning making repairs. 

I'm also getting uniforms ready. Ahh, the white shirts I have a love/hate relationship with these. That's another story for another day. 
And there's this guy, who has been running wide open since 7 AM.  Yes, he has a towel, a rope, a hat, and a pillow.  I have no idea what he's suppose to be but neither does he.  He's completely obsessed with ribbons, strings, and ropes.  He stays busy tying things up all day long.  Thankfully his knot skills are not advanced enough to ready hinder by day much.  ie when he attempts to tie all the drawer handles together or door knobs to chairs, I can still open them. 
The photobomb.   
Here's to a great last day and hopes for a great school year! 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

I told Babe...

I told Babe that he couldn't go outside because the Mosquitos would eat him up.  But he said he'd get dressed so he could go outside.  

This is the outfit he comes out of his room wearing... Love it! 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

He made it 9 months

LG has a fever! And we went to the doctor this afternoon. The doctor thinks its just a virus, but he took a throat culture just to make sure. We'll see in a few days. In the meantime, it's rest, fluids and fever medicine!

Poor guy hasn't been sick a day since having his tonsils out - I was hoping he'd make it a year but 9 months is good and we are on antibiotics yet!

Saturday, August 3, 2013


LG: I'm the sweet one, the funny one, and the wild one.  Yep, I'm three in one. *chuckle, chuckle, chuckle*

Friday, August 2, 2013


The Babe went to bed last night without asking for his pacifier and made it all night without it.  Don't think he ever thought about it.  First time ever. He's not a baby anymore!