Friday, July 30, 2010

Making a New Friend

Today, Babe got to meet one of his newest friends, Riley.  She was born at the end of May and is the beautiful daughter of one the Man's work friends.  We actually hang out with them quite often and got to share alot of stories about being pregnant and the upcoming arrivals of the babies.  Their first - our third.

Babe and Riley playing (or rather coexisting) on a playmat. She's as long as he is but 6 weeks younger - although he definitely out weights her by several pounds.

Aren't they just too cute!  It is going to be so fun watching them grow together.

In other news.... Buddy and I stopped at Walmart on the way to their house to get some groceries for us and also pick up some treats.  Treats being I had to have some chocolate chip cookies. I've done so good, so I was going to treat myself and ran quickly through the bakery section and got some freshly baked cookies to enjoy. 
In the van, I break into them, anticipating the yummy goodness, when I discover they taste rather flat. Almost yucky.
Buddy tries one and yes he agrees something is wrong with these cookies. I'm very upset. It has been weeks with out a cookie and now these aren't etible.
Well, turns out they were etible SUGAR FREE chocolate chip cookes.
Serves M.E. right I guess! 
LG would wind up eating most of them and getting diahrea from the splendia.  Not a good thing.

Jealousy or Performer?

LG pulled Babe's playmat up onto the couch and was playing with it - which also included using the pacsy.
He has shown little to no jealousy of Babe or been much trouble with the arrival and transition from youngest to middle - but now I wonder.
When he spit out the pacsy, he said "I babe"
So perhaps he's not jealous but a great preformer!

Thursday, July 29, 2010


On Friday, Babe had his 3 month check-up, where he weighted in at 14 lbs and 10 oz.  He jumped from the 25% to the 90% for his age and I'm not surprised.  His brothers where big babies and with him eating around the clock he'd have to put on weight. 
When I told the doctor he was still eating every 2 to 3 hours all day and night, he said "wow, you're tired".
yep, I'll not deny it, but its no different than with Buddy or LG.  They never slept either.The doc said that it really wouldn't benefit him, but if I wanted to give him some cereal it might help him sleep longer - 6 hours would be great.
(Here he watches Baby Einstien)

Sunday night, 2 oz of formula with 2 teaspoons of cereal.  He gobbled it down and slept 4 hours. 10 to 2, then it was every two hours til 8AM.
Monday night, 4 oz of formula with a tablespoon of cereal.  He fussed when eating it, but did and he slept 4 hours.  10 to 2, then it was every two hours til 8AM.
Tuesday night, 4 oz of formula with 3 teaspoons of cereal. He ate it up and slept only 3 hours. 10 to 1, then it was every two hours til 8AM.

Last night, 4 oz of formula with 4 teaspoons of cereal. He was fussy about it, like he didn't like it and he only slept 3 hours. 9 to 12, then it was every two hours til 8AM.

I'm thinking I might be done trying - He is just not a sleeper, but he sure is cute!

PS. Buddy was up half the night thinking there were critters in the house. I knew it!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

M.E. the Exterminator

Do you know that show Billy the Exterminator on A&E?  Well, its about a family in Louisana who have a reality show about their exterminating business and the critters they run across and relocate. 

Buddy loves this show, although he's not much of an animal lover, but I think its just Billy (who dresses like a goth rock star) and his drama about the animals. Anyhow, there was this marathon of Billy on tv yesterday.  So after playing the sprinklers (its was only 95 degrees with 50% humdity so we could actually go outside), I got the boys in the bath then we settled in about 4:30 to watch the Billy marathon. 

5 minutes into the show and Buddy screams, "there's a bird!"
I'm thinking on the show, but no, it was in our sunroom.

Apparently the back screen door did not latch and was open, so this little birdy walked right on in.  With 14 window in the room, he could not figure out how to get out and was banging his self again the glass.

The next hour would be hilarous, stressful and unbelievable.  I grabbed the camera, because I knew I'd have to blog this story even before there was a story to tell, just the fact that there was a bird in the house is news enough, right?

So I grab a broom and a laundry basket, the broom would be my 'shooing' device and the basket my head gear.  I open the back door wide open and open another window and punched out the screen, to help him escape.

First attempt, he wound up flying into the DVD rack and I couldn't get him out.  He did eventually come out and I started shooing him toward the backdoor and like an idiot I didn't close the window that goes in the scrapbooking room and he flew right in there and sat perched on the computer. 
Buddy is freaking out, I've texted and called the Man like 5 times, no response.  LG is telling M.E. to call, "him" pointing to the tv. How ironic that we are watching Billy the Exterminator on tv during all this.  Buddy is trying to explain that Billy lives in another state and it would take him 3 days to get here. That was pretty funny.

So he sits in the scrapbooking room for awhile, meanwhile, I've got Babe screaming in his crib with the door closed being protected from this little bird.
Finally he flys back out of the scrapbooking room and I quickly close that window, so it won't happen again and I begin shooing him again.

I got him to the door, but he went behind the door and not out of it.  So I got him out from behind the door and he started flying all over the room. I'm screaming, Buddy's screaming and LG is just standing there like this happens all the time. I'm batting him with the broom, so he doesn't fly into the rest of the house and we really have a problem, when he flys out the open window.  Whew! Its over. Buddy and I quickly close all the doors and windows and resume watching Billy.

Buddy would still be edgy hours later about the whole experience.  I bet he doesn't sleep well tonight. 
And, yes the Man finally got home to help about 15 minutes after I got the bird out.  I've really been earning my M.E. name this summer, for sure.

Problem: Bird in the House
Mission: Get the Bird out of the House
Results: Bird relocated to the outdoors unharmed.

M.E. the Exterminator!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Introducing Indiana Jones

Like I mentioned the other day, LG watched Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull like 10 times last week and has since played it on the Wii as much as we let him. 
So it was no surprise the other day when he found a little blue purse of mine and crossed it across himself and said

"I wook like Enananana JoneZ"

He was so cute that I had to help him out and make him a whip from braided ribbon and he grabbed his straw cowboy hat to complete the look.
He has worn these things for several days now.  So much so we are calling him Indy and he loves it.

I love his imagination and the adventures he is having.

In other news,
We took Babe to the doctor for his check up and shots and he weighed in at 14 lbs and 10 oz.  Big Hoss for sure. He also laughed out loud for the first time.  It was pretty awesome.

The last two nights there have been storms to the west of us and as we get excited with the thought of it raining we've watched all the storm disappear within 30 miles of us. Last night, we were sure it was going to rain, and then nothing. ugh!  The heat is  getting so annoying.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

23 minutes

Our packages from Grandpa and Nana arrived this afternoon and it took exactly 23 minutes for them to be opened, contents strown all over the house and the boxes to be destoried.
They were no match for my boys.  
More about the contents of these boxes later, I've got to collected and clean it all up first.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The M.E. Uniform

I have to admit it, I've adopted a new uniform since the arrival of Babe.
As much as it makes M.E. feel like a little old lady and somewhat like my mother, I have found that wearing a snap-front, pocketed house coat to be extremely practical for M.E. 

I love that I can do house work and not worry about getting dirt. Nursing is a breeze and I'm not concerned about the spit up.  The pockets are great for clothes pins and various lost items I find throughout the day, i.e. legos and pacifiers.

And I've always been a big fan of house shoes, so those are a no-brainer and these lovely pink ones the Man bought for M.E. the week before Babe arrived - which often find themselves serving as shin guards for LG.

Or make that calf guards.

Is it ok to be embracing the housecoat + houseshoes uniform at my age? 
I really don't care.  It saves my limited wardrobe from getting dirty and its comfy. 
Stacy and Clinton on What Not to Wear would flipped out.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Buddy's Indoor Golf Course

Since we watched many hours and nearly all 72 holes of the British Open last weekend, Buddy has been obsessed with golf.
He even talked the Man into taking he and LG to the kid-friendly driving range on Saturday in the 115 degree heat index.

This all lead to the creation of the indoor golf course - complete with 55 paper holes.
Yes, 55 holes.

He has entertained himself quite well going from hole to hole, keeping score and having a good time.

He has decided to ask Santa for an official indoor practice putting green.

Meanwhile LG hangs out with Babe.

Monday, July 19, 2010

12 Random Thoughts

1 - We've really been trying to get some normalcy around here since all of our traveling and its taking some time.  The boys are wild to be home and I've had to implement a daily routine, so they don't hurt each other.

2 - Babe turned 3 months last week, I can't hardly beleive it. He's getting so fat too. He's starting to really jabber and make noise. Its too fun hearing him.

3 - Its so hot here the boys can't go outside for more than 10 minutes at a time and when they do go out the mosquitos eat LG alive.  Its unbeleivable.

4 - Last week, I managed to get all of us up, feed, showered and out to the van before 9:30 to take LG to speech, only to discover the van had a dead battery.  Luckily the Man was in Missouri at a concert and his truck was here, so I single-handedly pushed the van out of the garage and jumped with the Man's truck.  I was on the phone with him the entire time, but I did it.  I feel like I earned some of my 'extraordinaireness' by doing this.  We made it to speech nearly an hour late, but it was all good.

5 - LG check out Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull from the library last Tuesday and we watched it about 10 times since. I've had enough.

6 - I'm absolutely amazed at how good the boys are with Babe. Buddy is always helping M.E. out and trying to tend to him.  Here he shared the new Lego catalog with him.

7 - Our family meals have resumed from the school parents and friends and its been wonderful.  We had the most delicious beef brisket ever the other night.
It was so yummy - Buddy made this for his lunch the next day.
That's an angus hotdog topped with beef brisket, ketchup and pickles.  He said it was awesome.

8 - I finally broke down, Sunday night and got M.E. some chocolate chip cookies.  The first batch since I finished off Nana's in WA.  I'm pretty proud of myself.

9 - We've started a new game called Monster Baby.  The boys build towers with their blocks then I have Babe come along like gozzila and knock it down.
Its blurry but you can see how excited it makes Buddy.

10 - I got to go see Twilight: Eclipse on Saturday. woo-hoo, woo-hoo, woo-hoo! It was awesome, awesome, awesome.  I loved every minute of it and it was really good to get out of the house alone.  although I did meet a friend there.  The Man managed all the boys and said it was a good afternoon - though I'm not sure if he'll be volunteering to do it again anytime soon.

11 - I've really been wanting to scrapbook, but its simply not happening anytime soon.

12 - Last but not least, my boys!
I'm so lucky!

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Wednesday, July 7th

Today was movie day.  The Man, Nana and Aunt J loaded up all the kids for Toy Story 3 in 3D.  It was a great way to spend the morning and conserve energy. 
Conserve energy? you're wondering. 
Tonight would be the All Comers Track Meet at the Man's high school.  Its a pretty big deal and all the cool kids are there.  Its actually pretty fabulous.  They have races for any kids beginning at age 2 through teenagers and even adults.  

LG runs the 50 meter hurdles.
He'd get a green ribbon for his effort.
Next, Z runs the 50 meter hurdles.

Buddy runs hurdles.  Notice the Man in the back ground trying to jump for him.
This is the first time he's every raced track let alone hurdles and he placed 2nd.

LG runs the 50 meter sprint.

He placed 3rd.

Buddy running 50 meter sprint.

He'd place 2nd again.
Here Jolly runs the hurdles.

Buddy would run the 100 m and place 3rd.
LG would run the 100 m and not place at all, getting another green ribbon.  This did not sit well with him and Aunt J has to console him. 
Jolly ran the 800 m and placed 1st.  It was awesome.

All the kids decide to run the 200 m. 

Look at these handsome fella.

Here's Buddy.

LG having fun.  He stopped several times and talked to the other kids. It was too funny.

These were the last races and it was very disappointing for LG that he didn't get a red ribbon.  He wanted one so bad.

Do you think he takes after M.E. or the Man?

Z and Jolly don't know what to make of the cry baby and try to console him.

It was actually pretty comical, but poor LG wanted a red ribbon so bad.  But they'll be other days.  Buddy thought the entire experience was too cool and was already talking about next year on the way to the car. 


We all loaded up for a short hike out to the delta.  There's a huge river that empties out into the bay near Grandpa and Nana and its created a enormous delta and when the tides out it's sand is exposed and/or covered in shallow water - perfect for playing.

Uncle and all the kids walk way out to find a good spot to dig and build in the sand.

They start out building separate things but it would soon merge into one giant canal system.

M.E. and Babe find the only shade around to relax and nurse. 

LG walks in the spiral of broken sea shells, I made.  There were clam shells scattered about on the delta and I collected some for a little art project.  LG thought it was pretty cool.
The boys with their canals.

Babe hanging out in the shade.

Dev and Buddy running back to shore after we told them we would be stopping for ice cream on the way back home.

Z and LG in another hot tub, the boys dug for them.

Z and J made a wishing well of sorts or a castle - I'm not sure what it was going to be.

Walking back we caught a real kodak moment between an teenager and his mom.

Here's M.E. - I've really got to lose some weight. I've got Babe in the sling and then I had to cover him with a diaper, because I was afraid he would sun burn.

LG talked Uncle J into carrying him the last leg of the hike to the cars.  Too cute.

What a wonderful family!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, our last day.

All the guys in the family were off golfing all day, so the kids and I hung out at Grandpa and Nana's a bit.  Went out to the beach at Gramma, one last time.  Stopping by Pal's house then back for some swim time.
It only took it the entire week to finally get warm.

Fun Times!