Sunday, November 2, 2014

Week in the Life 2014

This past week I followed along with Ali Edwards and thousands of others scrapbookers and memory keepers to capture the stories of my week, Oct 26 to Nov 1. Ali did her week, Oct 27 to Nov 2 to include the whole weekend, but I'm a Sunday to Saturday person and like seeing the different in the two weekend  - what a different a week makes.

I love this project.  With that said, every year, I get really excited, I get overwhelmed and I rarely finish.

This year, I even purchased the first ever, Ali Edwards (& Studio Calico) Week in the Life kit.  I knew whether or not I actually completed WITL, I'd always use these fabulous products.

After much inspiration and little plan, I committed myself to taking pictures. And I did take pictures, lots of them.  Buddy even asked on Wednesday, what's with all the photos?  to which I replied, Week in the Life.  He accepted this answer and knew it was some crazy scrapbooking thing.

Not having a plan was freeing.  Not having a plan makes completely the project a little more difficult.

At week's end, I have to decide what I want to do with all these photos. What do I want to share? What do I want to say? Because unfortunately I took no notes, not a single quote, timeline, nothing.
NO WORDS is a regret.

Up until Saturday, I had no idea how I was going to wrap up this project, but I read Ali's blog post and realized I could simply answer the question, WHY?  Why did I take this photo. What am I trying to capture.  What do I want to remember.


So with that question, I give you a few photos from each day.
Because I seriously need to start blogging again and need to share.

SUNDAY, October 25
Big Camera Photos 80 & iPhone Photos 3
I edited many of the photos with a free trial of RadLab.  I might have gotten a little carried away with it.

 I want to REMEMBER… waking up in a tent on the Mom & Me Cub Scout Campout, beautiful 65 degrees.

I want to REMEMBER… this Oklahoma Sunrise

I want to REMEMBER… My Scout and Me

I want to REMEMBER… taking this Buddy to his soccer tournament.   He had a good game and I am learning what a midfielder does.

MONDAY, October 27
Big Camera 28 & iPhone 9

I always start strong and go down hill, but I kept snapping photos.

I want to REMEMBER… Babe's habit of telling the Man an extra goodbye as he leaves for work.

I want to REMEMBER… driving all over town to prepare for Halloween and driving the same streets over and over and over again, knowing every detail, every pot hole. 

I want to REMEMBER… Han Solo and taking the chance on buying those boots.  He absolutely loved them.  

 I want to REMEMBER… Luke Skywalker the III, the mix matched shoes, because he couldn't find a pair and the big boy attitude.

I want to REMEMBER… Richard Sherman and those dreads. 

I want to REMEMBER… this trunk or treat that I wasn't in charge and was only a participant and how LG and Babe were ready to leave after 20 minutes and Buddy hanging with his friends until the very end.

TUESDAY, October 28
Big Camera 6 & iPhone 10

I want to REMEMBER… the commute to Riverfield and these large flags in the wind.  It's always windy here.

I want to REMEMBER… how much I really want to paint this door and make a new curtain. 
 I want to REMEMBER… my birks and my leggings, this is one of the Man's favorite outfits I wear.

I want to REMEMBER… this little bench from the RetroDen that I simply adore. I love it so much and this is often the morning scene, with my morning RC perched on it.

I want to REMEMBER… Babe's first season of Tee Ball, keeping score, and losing EVERY game.

WEDNESDAY, October 29
Big Camera 0 & iPhone 15

I want to REMEMBER… volunteering for his fall festival at school between working in the office and marveling at his super duper personality. He cracks everyone up. 

 I want to REMEMBER… reading to him over and over and over again.

I want to REMEMBER… picking these two up from school, parking in the lot and letting them take their time, no rush, no hurry up!

I want to REMEMBER… how awesome this guy was at the dentist although he has his first cavity.  UGH. Both brothers were good. 

I want to REMEMBER… how well these two have been getting along lately. LG has turned a corner on maturity and is much more tolerate of Babe in his space.

THURSDAY, October 30
Big Camera 9 & iPhone 6

 I want to REMEMBER… this blurry scene of normal weekday breakfast of sausage, egg and cheese biscuits and Buddy's bed head.

I want to REMEMBER… taking a break from laundry and cleaning to read my favorite blogs and Babe always in motion. 

I want to REMEMBER… this school, so truly blessed for LG to be here.

FRIDAY, October 31
Big Camera 10 & iPhone 10

I want to REMEMBER… getting LG up a half an hour before anyone else so he can ease into the day and how a couple days a week, he falls back to sleep on the couch.

I want to REMEMBER… accidentally capturing a selfie in the mirror when bored at a red light snapped the time.  I have always like 12:34 and of course 11:27. 

I want to REMEMBER… my halloween stocking and this leaf imprint in the concrete outside my office - very appropriate.

I want to REMEMBER… LG deciding to go with Harry Potter to school, just because its easy and that hair. oh my. 
 I want to REMEMBER… receiving this picture from Buddy's teacher from school and almost crying at the happiness I see in him.

I want to REMEMBER… wearing a pretty apron helps me deal with the tasks I don't like. 

 I want to REMEMBER… Pumpkin carving indoors, because the temperature drastically dropped today and its only 40 outside and that the Man and I didn't even carve ours.

I want to REMEMBER… Jack O' Laterns 2014. Bottom is Buddy, then Babe and on top LG's.

SATURDAY, November 1
Big Camera 16 & iPhone 1

I want to REMEMBER…waking up today to cold 34 degrees and Buddy getting ready for a big soccer game in OKC.

I want to REMEMBER… finding LG in his bunk reading, two months ago this was not happening.

I want to REMEMBER… having fun in the van, singing songs, telling jokes, and playing games. 

I want to REMEMBER… legos, but I'll likely not forget that.

Until next year… Happy Week in the Life!