Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sunday Picnic

Having fun after church at a local park. Babe LOVED the slide!

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Scenes from today!

Post bath Babe. How cute is he. I also got a good backside shot but decided not to post. LOL

Today was the first day of full sun - no rain, no storms! So lots of swimming for the big boys.

LG can't get enough of the pool.

Tonight is wasn't hot, so we decided to have a weenie roast. Sorry the pics are dark.

Aunt Cream and Sman roasting giant marshmallows.

S'mores anyone???? LG loves them.

Having fun in KY and looking forward to another relaxing day.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Vacation has begun!

The boys, Mom and ME made the 12 hour drive from OK to KY yesterday.
I have no intention of driving it all in one day but as we approached each big town, I was not ready to stop and the boys were great.
So once we crossed the Mississippi River and entered KY, we decided to get it over. And good thing because it has stormed and rained all day today.
The boys slept late, played with Sman and swam briefly in the pool between storms.

They are now piled up in the living room watching a movie before bed. It's good to be home and relax. More pics to come!!!

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Friday, June 17, 2011

They got second!

The boys played their final games of the season tonight for the championship. We needed to win one game to win it all, but it just didn't happen.
Despite some hard effort and guts we lost the first game 11-15.
We then turned around and played the same team again to only loose in the bottom of the fifth 16-19!
Buddy has cried and cried and my heart aches for him and I have no words that seem to help!

Luckily, Mamaw comes tomorrow and then we head to KY for a couple weeks - something to look forward to!

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Around Here Today

We have been at VBS all week and it's been fun. Buddy is glad to see his friends.
Here's the last eye pic. It's really green now!

I finished "World Without End" by Ken Follett. Really enjoyed. Hard to believe I got through 1000+ pages in a week.

This is the sequel to "Pillars of the Earth" also a great read.

LG is playing ghost.

I snapped this under the sheet.

Here's a sneak peek my incomplete scrapbook area.

It's coming together and I'm super excited.
Here's Babe with a wii remote thing.

Pretty cute and adorable.

Tonight is the baseball championship and tomorrow Mamaw flys in town for a visit.
Can't wait!!

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The boys

This evening - like many others - the Man and boys were piled on our bed just being together.
Here's some very blurry snap shots.

And glimpse of Buddy's eye, that's now turning yellowish green.

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Bruised but not Beaten

Saturday night we played in our first tournament game in the city 2nd grade championship. Or rather Buddy played and the Man coached and pitched.
Buddy plays first base and in the top of the first inning, with bases loaded, the fourth batter smacked a ball up the first baseline. And just like he's done a hundred times before Buddy puts himself in front of the ball to avoid it getting in the outfield. As a result it took a bad bounce and smacked him in the face. My heart sank immediately and I didn't know what to do. Several coached including the Man and the umpires gathered around him as Buddy is doubled over with his face in his mitt obviously very upset.
Turns out he took a ball to eye. Here it is today.

Closer look

We had an ice pack on it at the game and when he got home so the swelling is gone but it's purple!!!
The Man also took a line drive to the knee leaving a bruise in the form of the stitches of the ball. Crazy.
And before the game was over another of our players got smacked in the nose by their first baseman on his way to second. Poor sportsmanship if you ask ME.
After two close innings we held them in the third and forth and won 21-8. We play Thursday night for the championship!!! Woohoo!!

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Thursday, June 9, 2011


I'm really feeling blessed to have the opportunities that I have to share with the boys.
Like good friends and good times. Yesterday's adventure took us to a waterpark.

That's buddy in the blue tub going down the lazy river. The place was small and perfect for little kids.

Here's LG and D. She was awesome today with the little ones. She played with Babe for a very long time. Blessed.

They had a great time. Blessed

This guy loved the water too and was a real trooper.
On the way home they all crashed and they remained asleep even after I pulled in the garage.

Blessed. To be able to take them there and make such great memories.

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A pretty good day!

The boys and I had a pretty awesome day cruising all over town. After breakfast and tv time we did our daily summer work, which LG complained little about today. And after a super 2 hour power nap by Babe, we loaded up and headed to the free movies.
In Buddy's haste getting in the van he grabbed two shoes and didn't put them on until we got to the movies. That's when realized his mistake.

Two right shoes. He has an old pair and a new pair of the same shoes. So all day he wore two right shoes. I've heard of two left feet but never right. LOL
And Yep the movie was F-R-E-E! Despicable Me was playing and the kids really like that one so off we went. Babe lasted little over an hour then we had to leave. He wouldn't be quiet and we know how the movie ends so it was no big deal to head out.
We had lunch and because we were right next door to the aquarium we had to stop in.

LG has been so many times since Easter he is like a little tour guide walking through the place.

It really has surprised ME how much they love it.

After an hour at the aquarium it was time for groceries and then home to cook supper. We had a pretty good day and it's fun doing stuff with them each day.
Not sure about tomorrow, but I'm sure it'll be good too!

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Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer School Work

Here's a peek at the boys doing their daily school work. I seriously hope to keep this routine up every Monday - Thursday for the entire summer.

Today I made Buddy a states and capitals worksheet, a math review and a journaling prompt.

LG is still working in writing his letters, which he totally doesn't like. I think tomorrow I will have to give him a break from writing and do something more fun.

Meanwhile Babe hangs out. He loves having his brothers home all day!

So far so good! Happy Summer!

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Around Here

Since the last day of school, I've managed to take 3 pictures - THREE!  Let just say its been busy. Here's some of what we've done!

Buddy went to a sleepover at Zkids.
We went on the CubScout Family campout.
LG had strep throat again!
When to Esther's for a Memorial Day cookout.
Played board games.
Went to the grocery twice.
The boys and I went to the aquarium.
Buddy had three baseball games to end the season 10-1-1.
I'm almost done organizing the playroom, yet again.
Tired to stay cool, its been in the upper 90s here.
Watched about 3 movies 10 times each.
I've washed about 12 loads of laundry, almost caught up.
Have stayed up very late - the boys made it to 12:30AM Friday night.
The Man and Buddy went to a minor league baseball game.
Bought and moved furniture.
Cooked out.
Played in the sprinkler.
Ate lots of popislces
I've got the boys doing summer work 4 days a week and its going good.
Having fun!

And I'm sure there's several things I've missed. But I am happy to report the big boys are getting along so much better than last summer although its only been one week - they have played well and fought very little. I'm so happy.  And they occupy Babe so well, that he really is entertained most of the day and I'm not carrying/holding him much at all during the day. Woohoo for that.

I'll do better with pictures this week. --- PROMISE!

P.S. Baby Finn goes in for surgery on this legs Thursday the 9th.  Whisper a prayer for him and for his parents Cyrena & Jeff.  We love you guys so much!