Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

It was a wonder thing to be back in the Pacific Northwest with the family.  We all got up after a very late night last night and headed to the soccer fields to watch the nephews play ball, then back to the house for naps. 
The Man and I managed to sneek into town and eat some fabulous mole.  That's not mole as in the ground vermit, but mo-lay, as in the wonderful mexican bbq type dish.  I love it and the only place I've ever found it in a resturant is in the Valley, so I make it a priority to eat it everything I'm here.
After lunch we got the kiddos ready for trick o' treating.  Cousin Cyrena invited us all down to her shop.

Cyrena was with us every moment of Buddy's birth and holds a very special place in our hearts.  We are so proud of her and her shop success.  Its a pretty cool place too.
The city had closed the street off and everyone was just milling around getting candy and visiting.  It was pretty fun. Grandpa with the Jedi.

Candy Corn Witch, aka Cousin Z.

The kiddos

Pal also made it downtown to hang out with us and he was too cute in his cowboy outfit.

The highlight of the day was when LG spotted a little dude dressed up as a Star Wars Clone Trooper.  He runs to M.E. gets his light saber out and goes over and creates a stand off between himself and the clone trooper.  The other kid had no idea what to do and just stood there as LG stares him down with light saber drawn.  The crowd has to go out around them because they are stopping the flow of traffic.  LG was extremely serious and we had to go over and get him and put his lightsaber away.  It was too funny.

It was a fun and happy halloween.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Off we go...

Buddy wanted to go to school this morning, and I needed to take his cupcakes to school anyhow, so this morning it was routine as normal. I came home and talked to Mom for nearly a half hour. Daddy is doing good and is still on the heart monitors.  He is seemily fine and most of the test they have run so far have all came back great and normal.  We'll have to wait and see what the other tests reveal.
I ran back to school to get Buddy and packed up the van to head out for Seattle.   The Man arrived and we were off to the airport. 
Unfortunately, we were there for a long time.

We were scheduled to fly out at 11:41, but we were delayed until 1:30.  It was real if-y, if we would make our connection in Minneapolis.  ugh!
We finally arrived in Minneapolis at like 3:15, our flight was scheduled to depart at 3, so we quickly ran in and checked the ticket counter and the flight was delayed but was pushing back from the gate.  We seriously missed our flight by less than :10 minutes. *double ugh!*
So we stroll through looking for dinner.   We found Snoppy.

We had been told that there was a 5 o'clock flight, but it was booked and the next would be 9:30, so we thought we'd be stuck a long time, but to our surprise, we had been bumped to the 5 o'clock flight. YEAH!
So we took the train around the airport to the new gate. LG loves the trains.

Sometimes, I don't think I know this kid.

Then our 5 o'clock flight was delayed to 5:20, then after we are on the plane and ready to go.  LG is up on what to do in case of an emergency.

The captain comes on and tell us that another delay flight is about to land and there's is 23 passengers needing to caught our flight to Seattle and hoped we could all be patience and wait. So we sit at the gate another 30 minutes and finlly get in the air about 6 PM, a full 3 hours after we were suppose to orginally fly out.
But alls well that ends well, we arrived safe and sound for Uncle Jayboy to pick us up and begin our visit with Grandpa and Nana.  The boys were too excited. M.E. too.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Monster CupCakes

I signed up to make the Halloween Cupcakes for Buddy's party tomorrow, not realizing at the time, that we wouldn't even be here for it.  Oh well!  I knew I would be super busy getting ready for our trip, so I broke down and got store bought cupcakes. *GASP*

But I put the ole M.E. touch to them.   First I gathered some supplies I picked up last week.

Licotrices, Gummies, Marshmellows & Jellybeans to name a few.

Then I made scarey and not-so-scarey faces on the cupcakes.

Sorry about the glare from the containers, I should have opened them up to take the pics.

I think they turned out pretty cool and Buddy liked them.  And beings he wasn't going to be able to enjoy them at his party, I let him have one tonight.  He said it was good.  I'll take them to school in the morning for his class to enjoy.

In other news: My Daddy is in the hospital.   He fainted while driving him and Mom home yesterday afternoon.  The Lord truely was watching over them as he left the road in the best place possible and came to stop in the middle of a pasture not getting a scratch on him, Mom or his truck.  He is in the hospital undergoing test to help determine why his blood pressure and heart rate were so high at the time of the accident and why he fainted.  We are very blesed that they are ok. And I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Change Is Good

Busy day today with getting everything ready for our big trip this weekend.  I had so much to do.  After taking the boys to school, I decided it was time to make the big change.


Another pony tail off to Locks for Love. I really like it and it'll be so easy.
I quickly made my way back to school to help out with Little Guy's Halloween party.   He was so sweet and it was fun to get to be with him in his class.

Here's him with his good friends.

They were too cute.  Next I headed downtown to have lunch with the Man.  I really like going downtown, its definitly out of my usual circle and I wanted to show the Man my new hair.  He loved it.  I quickly headed back home to finished up a few things before picking up the boys from school.  We got to play on the playground a little bit before heading to house and getting ready for Trunk or Treat.

LG started off alittle bit cranky, but we managed to get him in a good mode before the treating began.

We had a blast and the weather wasn't too nasty.  It was chilly with alittle drizzle but nice enough to get some treats and visit with everyone. 
We managed to get home and get the boys to sleep in time to watch Top Chef - our most favorite reality show.  We are so into it.  We were absolutely shocked this week that Mike went home, especially before Robin.  too funny.
Well, Happy Wednesday, hope you like the new M.E.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Details of our Tuesday

I'll begin at the beginning.  Buddy has been wasting time, water and my patience lately by taking 10, 15  or if possible 20 minute showers.  He loves to just stand there and let the water wake him up.  Sometimes he plays games with his washcloth, sometime his sings, and sometimes he just stands there still half asleep. 
Not anymore..... introducing the timer.

This morning it worked like a charm.... hope it continues.
Also, this morning it occurred to M.E. that I'm in need of a egg skillet.  There is such a thing, isn't there?  You see Buddy requests two fried eggs with toast at least 3 days a week and I am using my huge frying pan for this but only using a quarter of the surface.  The reason I don't like using this pan is that it doesn't fit in the dishwasher, so I have to wash it my hand everyday. Poor, Poor M.E. --- I know! Christmas wish list item: Egg Skillet! Moving on....
After taking Buddy to school, LG and I did laundry and more laundry.  Trying to get everything clean so we can pack for our trip to see Grandpa and Nana, as well as, all that dirty laundry the Man brought home from Dallas.
Then while browsing the interent waiting to fold clothes, I discovered the most fabulous sale going on at Hobby Lobby.  Seriously! 

So LG and I get ready and head that direction.  I manage to print out a coupon, but when I got to the register everything I got was already half price.  YES, half price. 
All the albums, paper packs, stickers, ribbons, spare part embellishments, & wooden stamps were all 50% off --- A SCRAPBOOKING DREAM!
LG got to go to the Red Box while we were out and get a movie. Monsters vs. Aliens.  One of the voices is Reese Witherspoon, so of course I love it.   It took LG about a week to save the 15 gems it cost him to get the movie, but it was well worth it. He loves it.
After he watched it one time through and I did more laundry, it was time to go get the Buddy at school.  I've gotten into the new habit of cutting through the church parking lot to get in the pick up line. Well today, I not only picked up Buddy, but this.....

In my tire no less.  They are replacing the roof at church and you would know that if any debris is in the parking lot it would find my van.  So afterschool, we had to make an unschedule visit to Midas.  They managed to dig it out and plug-patch it from the inside out.  It is there that I read an article in the paper that the Pioneer Woman will be in town tonight for a book signing. WOW! 

The Pioneer Woman is a pretty famous Mom in the blog world.  Her blog is HUGE and she just came out with a cookbook and she will be in town tonight at 7 for a signing.   I instantly want to go and it not too far of a drive, so I'm really thinking of standing in line for who knows how long with a bunch of other crazy blog readers to meet a woman I don't know, whom will never know M.E. for what?????  This last thought came shortly after I realized that tonight at 7, Its the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, comes on tv.  And how could I possible justify not sitting at home with a bowl of popcorn watching this beloved classic with my boys?  I can't.

So anyhow, $20 later, we were on our way with a tire full of air headed to the playground, where I gave Grandpa a call and was reminded the importance of today!


Happy Birthday, Nana.  We'll call you later.

Back at home, more laundry and started supper. Buddy's request Asian Skillet.  Pork roast cut into small strips, frozen veggie stir-fry and ramen noodles.  Doesn't get much simplier.  While I cooked he and the Man headed out back for some football tossing.

The Man making a pass.

The Buddy loves this, let M.E. tell ya!

To finish up, I finished our fall wreath.  About a month ago, I mentioned the boys and I taking a walk to collect pinecones and sticks, well this is what I made.

Happy Fall!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Fat Lip

I'll spare you pics today, as I spent most of it at the dentist office.
Two weeks ago while eating a BLT without the L & T, I broke a tooth.  A small chuck of tooth from one of my molars broke off and left a razor sharp edge behind. OUCH! 
Now, let M.E. say, I have bad teeth.  I grew up in a grocery store and considered myself an amateur expert on all types of candies and sugary cereals, hince my mouth full of cavities, fillings and broken teeth.  I do maintain good oral hygiene now, but much damage has already been done.
So after I broke off this tooth, I managed to get into a dentist then, just to get the edge smoothed down, so it would not slice my tongue off, but the real work was postponed until today. 
They numbed M.E. pretty good up for a temporary crown.  Pretty long procedure, but still worth saving this tooth. I felt like I had a fat lip until about 2:30 this afternoon.
Amazingly the crown feels very normal and I'm glad to have this part over. 
Woo-Hoo for the dentist!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Blogspot Updated

Blogger has updated blogspot, so I'm still trying to work out the clink on my formating, picture downloading and I can't figure out how to spell check, so bare with M.E. and my spelling skills.  I'm really bad at them.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Game 5

Well... I'm almost embrassed to say that Buddy burned up the football field again this week.
At the coin toss we were to receive the ball so they kick off and we get it for about a gain of 3 yards.  Next play, Coach sets it up for Buddy and off he goes.  Touchdown!

[sorry, I don't have action pics, my batteries were dying in the camera]

We kick off to them and they go down after many plays and score.
They kick off to us, Buddy catches it and returns it for a touchdown.  We even had a passing play on our 2 point conversion and made it.  It was awesome.
Their ball and we managed to stop them within 5 yards of the goal line after many plays. Awesome.  We then march down the field and score again. 

We win 20-6.  Buddy having 12 points.
After the game all the parents always make a tunnel for the team to run through and celebrate them.  I did manage a pic of Buddy, although its hard to see him.

It was also picture day.
Such a good looking group of boys.

After the game, Buddy and his good friend whose next to him on the bottom row, load up for a cub scout nature hike.   We headed up to a local nature center for a sack lunch and hike in the woods.  It turned out to be a really nice day and alot of fun.  All the boys were well behaved, much to my surprised being outside, but they were all really into looking for tracks in the mud and locating different leaves.
Buddy spotted the first deer tracks and I beleive I found some armadillo tracks.  Not having these creatures in KY, I was relying on our track guide index card to make this determination. But they are native to this area, so it very likely was.  Too funny.
With LG's allegries having acted up last weekend, he and the Man opted to go scout ducks via inside the truck and they also had a really good time.
Sorry for no nature hike pics. I didn't want to carry the camera among the other stuff for the boys.

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Man's Home

At some point in the night, LG made his way to my bed and this is how I found him this morning fast asleep.  I wonder why my back was hurting.... can we say little feet.

Love the hair!

The Man got home tonight safe and sound.
*loving sigh*

Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Project

I cleaned house all day today and managed to get in my scrapbook room and getter dun!  It clean. YEAH!  It has been months and months since this space has been presentable.  But having finished the big scrap project for Chris and Alison I was ready to clean up and move on.   So after I got everything put away and table cleaned off.  I decided to make some much needed thank yous.  I've been oweing them for a while, so they really needed to be done.

I really like how they turned out. The letters were heat embossed but its hard to see how sparkly they really are from this pic.
It was so wonderful to create and still have this clean space to create. I'm going to get some much done in the next couple of weeks. Well, I hope too.
Lots of projects and idea a brewing.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Little Mouser

I was taking a rest on the couch reading a scrapbooking magazine this afternoon, when I hear the russelling of a bag coming from the pantry.  It sounded like a little mouse named Little Guy trying to get into something, and knowing that I have several bags of unopened halloween candy in there, I was quick to conclude that he was into candy. 

I yell that he'd best stop what he's doing, but the sound continues, so up I go to find this.

He has gotten the toliet wand and is trying to fit in a toliet brush. 
Help, he says.

Got it!  He then proceeds to go clean the toliet. Why? I have no idea, but I was really glad he wasn't into candy and to actually get something cleaned was a major bonus for M.E.
Too funny!

Several Things

1. The Man is in Dallas... Therefore LACK OF TECHNOLOGY has prevented M.E. from updating. He however said he would update. It hasn't happened.

2. The Buddy's football game went well Saturday, I have great pics and will load them this weekend, next game this Saturday.

3. LG had a round of allegries this weekend and did attend preschool on Monday. I didn't want to expose him to other germs while feeling down and didn't want him spraying his germs all over his friends. But he is feeling much better now and went to school today. The wind has really picked up with this front moving in and it stirred up something that made him, sneeze, sneeze and sneeze.

4. A great teaching friend of mine from KY was able to use this blog in her classroom. Read her comment.
"Hey of our vocab words at school was DECOY. My kids watched it on a Peep video and were curious about decoys. I took them to your blog and showed them your story about the Man's decoys. They were impressed! Thanks for posting about it....very educational. :)"
This is awesome, awesome, awesome. It made M.E. proud.

5. Cub Scout Halloween party last night. FUN for the boys, but we came home with too much candy. Again I got some great pics, but will have to post later.

6. I can't not beleive Natalie got kicked off 'Dancing with the Stars' last night. Louie needs to go!

7. I'm loving the reds, oranges and golds the leaves are turning. I'll try to take some pics this weekend. Its so gorgeous here right now.

8. I finished a huge scrapbooking project for my friend, as a surprise gift for his wife. It detailed a six week backpacking trip they took in Hawaii. It turned out fabulous with 40 layouts and the best part, she loved it. (it took M.E. four months to do, so now it's time to start a new project)

9. Counting down the days until our trip to WA. I'm too excited to see all the family again, especially Grandpa and Nana. LG asks everyday, if today is the day we go to the airport.

10. I miss the Man!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Jedi Knights

So yesterday afternoon, I recieved a reminder email about the cub scout pack meeting and that it will be a halloween party, so the kiddos need to wear their costumes. COSTUMES. I hadn't even started working on the boys.  I knew what they were going to be, but I hadn't started sewing them yet, so today, in record time I made to Jedi Knights.

I present Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi

Sorry the pics are dark, but the sun was setting as we headed out to the cub scout halloween party.

Obi Wan


Attacking the tree instead of each other

At the party, things were wild.  They had lots of games to play and activites. It certainly was a blast and LG did so well with his patience waiting his turn for the activites. I was so proud of both boys for their behavior in such a crazy atmosphere.  
Here's a blurring pic of Buddy's den.

Happy Early Halloween!

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Right after we first moved to OK and started getting involved with school and church, I began volunteering for the church youth group.  I think most of you knew that already, but its something that I totally loved doing and still do.  Some of the first people I meet at youth group was Adam and Carrie and we have fast become really great friends.  So we finally had them over for dinner.  You've seen their little girl on here before as she's played with LG.  But now they have a new darling 5 month old.

So before they got here, Buddy informs the Man and I that he isn't going to play with the BABIES (referring to the girls), as the girls are 3 and 5 mo. He said he would be outside the entire time other than to eat.  Okay we say.

This was taken by LG along with these.


and again

Yeah he loved his lego CARS creation.
Later I catch Buddy with the 3 year old BABIES in the messy scrapbook room watching spongebob. 

Meanwhile the babe needed a bid to eat supper, so which other would she borrow than the hilltopper one.   Such a cutie!

Then Buddy begs to for this......

He's too sweet and he did wind up spending the majority of his time with the girls.  Come on, they are too cute not to spend time with.  After they left, he even exclaimed, "that was a great party".  Party?  We just grilled brats and hot dogs, but hey it was a great time.   We really look forward to having them over regularly.