Thursday, March 31, 2011

Babe + Big Boy Bed = Happy ME

So we've finally done it.
After having had to ween Babe due to my near death flu/scarlet fever/miserable sickness - I decided there was no longer a need for Babe in my bed.

Thus we officially moved Buddy to the scrapbook/guest room and I got his bed ready for Babe. This included putting up a fence so he doesn't fall out and covering it with a handstitched with loved blanket for my Aunt M. She has made a blanket for my boys and all the nieces and nephews and I was thrilled to get Babe's while home for spring break. Perfect Timing.

Here's the precious one waking up from his nap today.
He has slept in his bed since Friday night. Nearly a week.

The first couple nights he got up several times for milk and comfort. And two nights this week he only got up once. ONCE .. I actually got 5 consecutive hours of sleep for the first time in over a year.

Isn't he the cutest and that quilt. How awesome is that.

It's been great and I think he really likes it. Although I think Buddy misses his old room. But I'm working on that.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Weekend Update - Pinewood Derby

Saturday was Buddy's cub scout pinewood derby race. As I mentioned early, he and the Man got a bit of a late start on working on his car, but Buddy put in quite a bit of work on sanding it and helping the Man paint and sanding the wheels down. They were up late Friday night and up early Saturday morning. But the work was not in vain. Buddy's car was fast! Here's Buddy's car coming down the track in first place. Its the red one.
Buddy and his best friend Zkid watching the races. Buddy won race after race.
Another first place finish. I was getting almost embrassed as he continued to win a totally of 19 out of 20 races.
He would take first place in his den. He was pretty stoked as was the Man.

So after all the Den's in our pack raced, Buddy and the Man headed back to school (LG and I went to his baseball game) for another round of races.

He would compete in ten races and win all ten. WOW!

Later that night, the whole family went to the scout banquet.

Here he is with some of his friends being silly. They have such a good time.
He's den performs a dance dressed up as pillow case people. It was too funny. He is on the far left. I wish we had a video to show because if realy was hilarous.
Meanwhile, LG would eat a brownie the size of his head. It was so big he had to use a fork and knife to eat it.
After dinner, dessert and the show was the awards ceremony. Here Buddy gets his first place trophy for his den.
Here his is with both his first place trophy, car and grand champion trophy for the pack.

We are so proud and we are happy to support him in scouts. Its pretty cool.


And it was also a National Park themed banquet, so through out the night the scout master asked trivia questions about National Parks. The Man, Buddy and M.E. all answered questions correctly. It was pretty cool.

Let's test your knowledge.

1) What was the first National Park?

2) What National Park is home to the world's longest cave?

3) What National Park has the highest volcanoe in the lower 48?

Weekend Update - Baseball

LG is playing baseball like a pro and its a wonderful thing. I just can't get over how different the experience is than with Buddy. New for ole M.E. He is having such a fantastic time and I'm so happy. Here he's is running for home plate. He is the only player on the team that always without fail slides into home plate. And if he doesn't get dirty while doing this, he reaches down and picks up dirt and puts it on his pants. He not only wants to play baseball but look like he plays baseball.
In the dug out having a good time. I really think he's so happy to be out of Buddy's shadow and doing things his way on his own team.
He's not a heavy hitter, but he sure is happy. He smiles from ear to ear each time he gets up to bat and he really concentrates on making contact and running hard. Much to our surprise he is fast like Buddy.

Ready for grounders. He hasn't done too much dancing, flower picking, bug chasing or any thing else in the outfield. He has managed several good stops and throws to first. He has also missed many and likes to run from right field to left field for balls and dog-pile on other kids going for the ball.

But all-in-all its been fun and we are so fortunate to be on a good team with our friends. He is growing right before my eyes and is becoming a little man.

Spring Break Recap (two weeks late)

Fishing the White River in Arkansas!
The Man and LG fishing the White River only a few feet from our little cabin. It was so nice to break up the drive from OK to KY like this. Especially since I was still slightly sick and not feeling very well.

Babe wasn't so sure about the grass as it was his first time to really experience it and play. But he did find plenty of sticks and leaves to put in his mouth.

Buddy and the Man would go out with a guide and fish their little hearts out. Buddy caught 20 rainbow trouts but only got to keep 9. The Man fished for brown trout and caught about 10, kept 1. It was a good time and a place we will definitely be visiting again in the future.

Couple of things

1) I thought the reason I couldn't post to the blog via the laptop due to the virus turns out to be Bloogers problem and I'm still unable to write a post. Ugh!!! Double ugh!!!

2) LG woke up this morning and said i had a good dream. It was Halloween and got got choose tattoos. I got a lightning and a rainbow. He pointed to each cheek. Too funny.

3) we had a super busy weekend. And I really want to share everything that happened. I may have to switch blog servers. I don't want to but I can't deal with not being able to post.

4) I've email them and hopefully it will be resolved asap!

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Friday, March 25, 2011

I have to post this.

Today in Walmart I got lots on stares and comments because of Babe.

He was asleep when we arrived and about 10 minutes in my arm was about to fall off he's so heavy so I laid him in the cart on my bag.

He woke up but didn't offer to move. He just cruise around the store.

I have to admit it was pretty awesome.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Baseball has begun

Last night was LG's first baseball game ever! It was so much fun watching him. He is so different from Buddy on his approach and attitude about sports. He was most happy about his uniform and being with his friends.

He is playing in a different league than Buddy. They don't keep score or have outs. They just let every player bat for about three innings. This is perfect for LG. I managed a bunch of pic with the big camera and the Man got the laptop fixed so hopefully I'll be uploading all my pics soon. Yay!

It was also quiet a different experience for Buddy who has not ever been the spectator.

He did a lot of running around socializing with other older siblings and wasn't to interested in the little guys playing. Here we were being goofy.
It was a good evening. He has two more games this week. Buddy's season doesn't start for two more weeks, life is about to get real crazy.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Look what Babe Did.

As I was cooking supper I was busy peeling potatoes, etc. And Babe was happily playing in the cabinets as usual. I hollered for Buddy because I wanted to ask him something and when he came in the kitchen, he was like,
"I am not cleaning that up"
I said, "huh?, clean what up"
That's when I turned around and saw this.

Babe pulled the bag out of a box of cherrios.

He was pleased with himself

How his managed this I'm not sure.

He's all boy and he clapped and clapped. Throwing cherrios all over the place.

Look at that cute face. How could I be mad. Just took a minute to sweep up. Now if he had added milk to the mess, I might have been really mad. LOL.

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Back in OK.

It's good to back at home even if it's not where our family is or where we were raised.
But it is where the boys are familiar with and where all our stuff is and mostly importantly where good friends are.
I was super surprised to see this.

That's my mother's day flower from Buddy nearly three years old now. The fact that it is still living is huge. The fact that it decided to bloom again is enormous. I do not have a green thumb at all. And it doesn't look real healthy and it really only has two branches now, but I was delighted to see it blooming when we got home yesterday.

Today, the Man and Buddy have spent considerable amount of time working on the derby car for cub scouts. I even caught Buddy outside sanding it some more this afternoon after church.

He wants it super smooth before they paint it.

He is putting more effort into it this year, which is nice to see. He 's so competitive - it's not funny.

They have since spray painted it red. I'll post again when it's finished. But for now I'm going to enjoy our beautiful weather with Babe outside.

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What a whirl....

Well I'm alive! Barely!
On Sunday the 6th I was diagnosed with influenza A and let ME tell you I was sick. SICK. I seriously thought my body could start shutting down and I would die. The Man had to take the entire week off work to tend to the boys and ME, as I laid in the bed. Seriously didn't get up for anything except to vomit (reaction to the meds) and use the bathroom.
On Wednesday the 9th, my ear was hurting so bad I drove myself to urgent care before they opened to get some relief. Major ear infection and a ready to burst ear drum was the diagnoses.
Later that afternoon I discovered my rash ( what we thought was a possible allergic reaction to something I took) was worse, so the Man loaded ME up and took ME to his doctors, only to be diagnosed with strep throat which had been untreated for some time and the rash was actually scarletina aka Scarlet Fever. OMG. He took ME off all previous meds and started all over.
I was one sick Mama.

I would manage to shower and get dresses Friday in time for us to head East on Spring Break.

The Man had reservations at a cabin and a fishing guide lined up for the weekend. I didn't feel great but it was nice to be out of the house and the weather was perfect. I got some good pics on the big camera who knows if I'll be able to up load those to blogger.
Saturday the Man and the boys fished off the dock at our cabin. It was really cool.
Sunday the Man and Buddy met up with the fishing guide and caught some trout.
Buddy caught 20 rainbow trout and the Man caught 11 brown trout.

This photo was taken by the guide and forwarded to ME via the Man. That's a large brown trout. Buddy and the Man both had a blast.

Later that day we would make our way to KY. Woohoo! We hadn't got to visit since June. It was nice to be home again!!!!

Didn't manage any pics. We just laid low and I tried to get well. Still have a severely clogged right ear that rings and prevents ME from hearing anything, but all in all I am much much better!!!!

We had a super good time in KY and miss everyone so much!

Hope to be blogging regularly soon!

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

We're still here....

I managed to get all of Buddy's birthday pics on the computer but blogger still won't let me uploaded them into a post. It's really starting to make ME mad.

I'll keep trying.
Today I took Babe back to the doctor third time in three weeks. He has a sinus infection and really sore throat.

The doctor did a strep test.

It was negative.

We only found that out after an hour of being in that little room. Yep one solid long hour.

The boys stayed busy with the blocks, puzzles and books.

Hopefully this round of antibiotics will kill these germs making my babe sick. I need some sleep.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I can't upload photos!

So the laptop has not let ME upload any photos so I thought I'd give you a peek at what we are doing right now via the iPhone

Used the clothes line for the first time this year. A great start to March.

This guy loves to open my cabinets now and play while I'm cooking supper. He's growing too fast.

He also has decided to have a growth spurt so we are having to supplement his nursing with bottles. I think he will soon be weening himself. *sniff, sniff*

We are having enchiladas for supper and I just cooked the chicken that will go in them. Yummy. I also reserved a small unseasoned piece for Babe, who will be having meat for the first time tonight.

Hope to be back to blogging normally soon.

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