Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Buddy and Babe

Today after school we headed to the library.  I like getting into the routine of going to the library once a week.  As of now, Buddy has his very own library card illustrated by a local artist. Its pretty cool. LG usually just gets a movie and one book. Although he loves books, he gets excited being at the library and can't patiently pick out a book. Although with the weather getting colder, we will be spending our afternoon's waiting for Buddy to get out of school, reading. Love it.

So after we got home, Buddy sits down to read and along comes Babe - who is army crawling on this tummy. 
 Babe wants to see his book. And yes that is a piece of bread under my couch. OMG!

 Buddy loves Babe so much!
 Babe seriously wants the book.

 Buddy distracts him with some tickling.
Babe loves this and is laughing all the time now. 

Totally loving moments like these.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Decorating the Tree

We were greeters at church today and I really like doing this. Although the Man complains about M.E. signing us up for everything, he too enjoys it.  The boys do so well. It adorable to here LG say 'Good Mornin' to everyone who comes in.

After church a friend of Buddy's invited him over for the day, so we ran home and got his clothes changed and then I took him over there.  Back at home, I decided to take advantage of the Man being home and one Buddy being gone, and one Babe taking a nap and got out the tubs of decorations for the tree.  After all its been up for two days now, looking lonely.

I laid out all the ornaments.  It always amazes M.E. how many I have and I know exactly, who, what, when and where each one came from. 
This picture reminds M.E. of the boys, I Spy, books. Can you find the Teddy Bear?  that would be a cool project to do. Make my own I Spy book - like I need another project.

 LG would help M.E.
We found some cute reindeer head band in the tub and LG sported it all evening, didn't realize it was on backwards until I uploaded the pic. Oh well.  

I let the boys put on their own personal ornaments. Buddy has quite the collection.  He had made it back home by the time it was his turn. And I recently read a blog post at AliEdwards.com about a fabric ornament box her grandmother made her for all her ornaments growing up. I definitely will have to do this.
Our Tree.  
One of my favorite parts of the season is our Advent Wreath.  The boys love it and its so simple and a good reminder of the Reason for the Season.
I've still got to decorate the mantle and the Man needs to put up our lights, so more decorating to come.

Happy Decorating!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Birthday to M.E.

It was my birthday on Saturday and I decided to fill the day full of activities and fun stuff for M.E. 
It began at 10AM with a visit from D, Zkid's sister.  She loves crafting and as do I. We decided to make a date of it and had us some fun. First we made this fabric mobile. It took forever but it turned out lovely.  It was really cool and I'm happy that we made it, although I'm not sure I'll be making one again.

We made several project - my hopes were to try several so we could figure out what would work best with the girl scouts.  For the last two years and again this year, I do a crafting project with them in May. 

We made fleece pillows, super easy and cute.
 And I made this adorable headband with felt flowers and buttons.  Isn't she pretty?

 A closer look at the headband. I think this is the project we decided would be best for the troop to do.
 Before our crafting was done, Buddy had a friend come over to play.  They started out with the wii, but with Buddy's lack of Wii interest (other than football), they quickly moved on to the outdoors.  Yes, that's LG in Babe's sit and Babe getting a dirty sock.
 LG is too funny.

After D went home and we took Buddy's friend home and the babysitter got here, we quickly got ready and went out for my birthday. Nothing fancy.  We met up with Carrie and Adam at Red Robin for some fish and chips - my fav. and then we headed (in the same parking lot) to this fancy restaurant that has this molten chocolate lava cake for dessert. I have mentioned it before.  We get there and the place is closed for renovations. WHAT? but its my birthday. UGH!!! So we wound up walking over to Johnny Carino's for some pre-made, pre-frozen cheesecake.  oh well. It was still pretty good and we had a great time talking and visiting with our friends. It indeed was a pretty good birthday.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Mission: Find the Perfect Tree

I'm not sure why today is called Black Friday. It should be something like Green Friday because everyone is spending money. Its not like the stock market is crashing again. But anyhow - I had to get out and about. Not to shop per say but needed to get something and take advantage of the Man being home.

I went to Hobby Lobby and Michaels ALL BY MYSELF. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!
It was wonderful to not hurry, worry about someone breaking something, wanting to buy something and in general a less stress shopping experience. It was nice.

I managed to get lots of things for tomorrow - more on that later and on my way to Michaels I discovered this.
Are you kidding ME?  I now have a chik-fil-a within in 2 miles of my house. This is bad news, seriously bad news.  I will have to use restraint not eat here everyday or even every other day.  We all love this place.  I was most excited and went through drive. Had too!

After our lunch, we headed out in the country to a Christmas tree farm.  The last two years we've use my fake tree and decked it out in my many, many ornaments. But this year the Man insisted we get a real tree. So I said ok, but if the branches are too weak to hold my ornaments I'm putting up the fake one in the kitchen or playroom.

We had the perfect day for our outing.
(pictures are taken with my phone, as I was carrying Babe the whole time)

The boys had a great time running through the tree field.

Most of the trees grown here are cedars - not ideal for a Christmas tree, especially when you've lived in WA and know what a real tree is like. 

Buddy found a little Charlie Brown tree that was free.  So we decided to let the boys get it.  
The Man cuts the boys tree.

What a Man.

The boys tree.

We would settle on getting a pre cut tree imported from Oregon, go figure.
Then we jumped on the wagon for a hayride around the farm.

I'm not sure what's so funny here.

Babe refused to look at the camera.  But he had a blast.

I couldn't help but think of Clark Griswald - seriously a national lampoons moment.

 After several hours of furniture rearranging, cleaning and a trip to walmart, we managed to get the tree up.
Its perfect.
 Buddy spent his $12 he has been saving on a battleship board game. So we spent the rest of the evening having a battleship marathon. 
You sank my battleship!

A Happy Day!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well our little Thanksgiving here in OK was very pleasant and complete with everything we needed.
We stayed in our pajamas the entire day. 
We watched football, played wii football, and Buddy made it outside for some real football.  Mind you, it dropped 30 degrees last night and is in the low 40s today.

The Man gather himself enough to go to walmart and get a turkey breast, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie and rolls to fix us a little dinner.

After dinner, I got crafty and decided to do something with my cool fabrics.
Behold my lopsided, poorly trimmed potholders.
First attempt - was better than I thought but they still lack alot.  I'll be working on these again maybe not this year, but I'm so glad I tried and got some crafting out of my system.

Happy Thanksgiving. We love and miss everyone so much!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

5 days off update

As the Man was duck hunting and I was home all day in my pajamas I did laundry and prepared for our evening plans.  Tonight is the first night ever that Beauty and the Beast has been aired on tv.  I was so excited. I think I've only seen this movie once and so I wanted to make a big deal about it and it helped keep my mind off the Man being gone all day and not being in KY.  So I invited A and her little sister J over for a pajama party. And wouldn't you know I didn't get a pic of us in our pajamas. ugh!
But first I got this pic of Babe trying to get out of his rocking chair and get his ball.  He was buckled in and managed to squirm nearly upside down.  It was too funny. He looks so much like Buddy in this pic.

I got fancy and dipped some pretzels in chocolate for our dessert during the movie.
The white chocolate is my favorite.

The Man who left this morning at 1AM finally arrived home at 6:30 PM. Yes, that's over 15 hours of duckness. Here's a pic he got with his phone of the first round of birds. We currently have several ducks with feathers and all in our deep freeze.  He was more than exhausted - but oh so happy.
 Moose the dog. The Man said he was a super retriever.

Near the end of the movie, we got a little thunderstorm.  We had been having off and on thunderstorms all day because of a big cold front.  At 8PM is was still 75 degrees out and at one point we got hail.  We went outside on the porch and I got this for Buddy - sorry we didn't get a coin but it was every bit of dime sized.  That's Carrie's and A's toes in the photo. LOL!
Hailstone in Buddy's hand.
Turns out the boys were just as excited to see Beauty and the Beast as I was. And how cool at the end.  For those who have seen it and those who have not.  When Bell finally kisses the Beast they make fireworks, sunshine and make flowers bloom.  Not that's love!

5 days off and Resolutions

So with five days off of school and sports and few commitments I really had big plans. I was
1- going to stay in pajamas
2- get lots of projects accomplished
3- bond with my family

6 hours into our Thanksgiving holiday and I'd like to update you on those three goals.

Staying in pajamas - done and done.
Projects like organizing all the papers that multiple over night on the kitchen table.

They are still sitting there reproducing as I type.
Or perhaps a huge project like sorting all our pictures into categories for easier scrapping- library of memories by Stacy Julian.

Old photo albums untouched/unscrapped.

Or how about getting crafty with some wonderful fabrics.

Nope. I'm zero on the projects front.
But I have done laundry.

Five loads to be exact with four more to go. This we give ME empty baskets. A true rare event that only happens when Mamaw or Nana is here.

I've also made lists- lots of lists.

I can't help it - I love lists.

And I've also loved on, feed, played with and enjoyed these guys.

The Man has been gone a duck hunt since 1AM. So bonding with my family is coming along.

As for resolution - I'm not fond of setting myself up for failure but I can't help but make mental notes and lists of things I'd like to accomplish. Lose 30 pounds of baby weight, a scrapbook page once a week, organize better and enjoy my boys more - they are growing to fast.

What's the saying... Shoot for the moon because even if you miss you'll land among the stars!

Yep- it's worth the try.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

20 Random Thoughts on Where does the time go?

I need a major dose in time management because I can't get anything done.  Seriously, its not like I have a clean house, well behaved children or an awesome project going on - I simply am treading water. 

So here's a week in a post.
I don't like bunching so much in one post, but time, time, time doesn't allow for much else, but hopefully that's all about to change as - we will only have sports 1 night a week this winter. ONE. woohoo! and LG only has one more speech date until after christmas, woohoo!

1 - LG loves his new light up shoes.  He is so funny about them.  He also loved his Harry Potter wii game, but it has proven to be difficult and he is currently grounded from the wii, so its all about the shoes.
 2 - He is grounded for not cleaning his room.  He was a total diaster area.

3 - Basketball practices are in full swing.  Buddy is most excited to be with his friends and playing.  They have 12 boys so they are going to divide them into two teams.  Kind of dreading this.  I really want to be on Zkid's team so D can help M.E. with LG and Babe during games.  Is that selfish?
 4 - Buddy and I have been having some communication issues.  Lots of yelling and pauting going on.  Its not been fun and he's not even a teenager yet.

5 - Cotton Pickin' - Tuesday we stopped to pick some cotton. One of our neighbors has a row of cotton growing at the edge of their property and it just so happens we go to church with them. I spoke with them last week about stopping by and letting the boys pick cotton and they were more than happy for us to stop by. 
 I'm not sure what we will do with it. But it was fun pickin it.
 I wish I knew how and had the time to spin it into yarn.  How cool would that be? Serioulsy it would be Awesome.
 6 - Tuesday, LG, Babe and I had lunch with the Man.  As always it was wonderful.  We got to talk alot about Thanksgiving and we are still on the fence about what to do.

7 - Today was also, Librarian for a Day!  Our sweet little D was the school librarian all day and she had a blast. Babe, LG and I had to go up and see her before school was out. First thing LG said was, like your boots.  He's on a shoe kick right now.  Now that Buddy knows there is such a thing at the auction to be Librarian for a Day, I can almost promise you we will be bidding on this. He loves - no - LOVES the librarian. She is his all time favorite.

 8 - Buddy and I had another round of fighting and I grounded him.  This meant no wrestling for him, just LG. This about did him in. oh my.

9 - I had LG's parent teacher conference on Wednesday.  It was actually very productive.  I think we are on the same page and she said he is talking better, but no good.  Good news, he has lots of friends and is very social.

10 - Our friend Heidi was in the audience on Throwdown with Bobby Flay on the foodnetwork.  It was a Thanksgiving cook off with Bobby and the Pioneer Woman and Heidi was invited. We got to see her twice during the show. It was so cool.

11 - Cub Scout Popcorn is in and so we went delivering at the Man's work. It was so funny.  Buddy sold $1000. I can't believe it.  He is so excited to get his prizes.
 How awesome is he.
 12 - Its Thanksgiving Charlie Brown.  Just happen to stumble upon the show moments before it came on and I was soooo excited. Its my all time favorite. I put Babe in his seat and he watched every minute without blinking. He loved it. 
 He kind of looks like Charlie Brown from the back.
Snoopy is my all time favorite for sure. Especially when he is fighting with the chair. Love, Love, Love it.
 13 - So Friday after school the Man and I decided to take the boys back to the bowling ally to finish spending their money and turn in their tickets for prizes.  Last week on LGs birthday we just didn't have time to do this, so we had another round of it. Buddy got over 400 tickets mostly from this basketball game.

 14 - Buddy had his last soccer game of the season on Saturday and you'd know I'd forget my camera. I was so bummed. Almost came back home for it, but decided to just let it go.  Afterwards we had the season party complete with bobble head trophies. Too cool and the boys had a blast.  We only lost 2 games all season and Buddy had a great time playing.

15 - I had a table at church this weekend for my moms group. I handed out activities and ideas for Advent which begins next Sunday. It was nice to fellowship with everyone.

16 - WICKED - I got to go see the broadway musical Wicked again this year. My friend Stephanie from youth group had an extra ticket (she's a season ticket holder) and so I was lucky she invited M.E. An early birthday gift to M.E.
It was wonderful as I remembered and could see it over and over again. It was fabulous.

17 - Its warm here. Like 75 degrees. It does not feel like Thanksgiving.

18 - We are staying in OK for Thanksgiving and its bitter sweet. I'm glad we will get to have a stress free 5 days and hang out together and get some much needed projects done. Its also sad not to be with my family. Love and Miss you all.

19 - 31 days until Christmas. OMG! I seriously need to get some projects done - like Christmas cards.

20 - If I don't have a chance to blog before than - have a Happy Thanksgivings!
I'm thankful for everyone who visits the blog!