Saturday, January 31, 2009

ICE & more ICE!

The drive to KY, like I said was fine or rather the interstate roads were fine. We did have a little adventure trying to find Gas. With the 80,000 folks without electricity in KY and unpassable roads for mulitple days last week, many places were without gasoline or the ability to pump gas. We stopped at the border of MS and KY to try and fill up before finishing the last leg of our trip and we unable to get gas. I must say it was a little scarey driving through the town and all of the gas stations being closed. But we found some and were on the road again. Most of Western KY was without power so driving hundreds of miles without seeing any lights was eerie. Small towns looked like ghost towns all covered in snow and ice. We took several pics (the fence covered in ice was very close to my parents) but I'd like to borrow one from one of my KY friends, Angie. This pic is of her parents driveway and is a very good example of what half the state looked like. There were acres and acres of trees that were damaged or broken to the ground. Power poles were snapped in half or completely down. It will take weeks to replace all of the electric poles. Fortunately, my parents had power when we arrived, but many family and friends are still without power. We spent most of the day with Mammaw and Papaw visiting. We did manage to get to see Novice and she cut the little guy's hair. Yeah!

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  1. Glad you guys had a safe trip! I'll share this with my was her pic. She'll be SO proud! :) Angie