Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lastest Casualty

Here's the thing... backing up in a mini-van isn't the easiest thing to do nor have I ever parked in a garage before requiring me to back up all the time. So there were bound to be casualties (I'm average one a month) to this learning curve of backing out of the garage. And its true Nana drove a truck with horse trailer from WA to AZ and only killed one traffic cone and I can't even back out of the driveway.

1st it was a small basketball - you would think it would have rolled out of the way, but no - I popped it. It was very loud.

2nd was the tricycle. This one actually brought tears to the boys eyes as they examined the mangled wheels and broken back axel of this hand-me-down tric. (It was already being held together with duct tape). Grandpa and Nana were here and it was even worse when Grandpa declare it dead. But they came to my rescue and got the boys some used bikes. Yeah!

3rd it was the kick ball that had been on our neighbors side of the fence for over a month and then two days after I retreived it, I parked the van over it and it melted - so technicly this was not due to my backing up skills but to my lack of judgement.

4th this lovely pink girl shovel that Little Guy used to dig in the flower beds and bury his CARS cars.

Moral of this story... Don't leave things behind or near Mommy's van or she will kill it.
P.S. I haven't actually hit the garage - yet!

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