Friday, January 9, 2009

Santa was here 2 weeks ago...

So I've taken the tree down, taken the lights down, put the mantle decoration away, filed the Christmas cards, and yet the stockings still hung.
Santa visited us in New Hampshire and apparently spotted by our empty house in OK and left a little something for the boys in their stockings, but did the boys rip into them? Uh, no. Here they are two weeks after Christmas and still hoping that someone will open them.
Finally wanting to put all decorations away, I mentioned to Buddy that he might not want to offend Santa in more and open his stocking. He was more than willing and excited. I'm not sure what they were waiting for, but they did get open. Little Guy got a DVD of all the School House Rocks songs and Buddy got a Dale Jr #88 die cast car. Santa sure is smart. The car is just what Buddy wanted.

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