Saturday, February 7, 2009

Busy Day

Busy around here. First thing this morning, we were off to the basketball courts for Buddy's game. They did really well and Buddy scored a record high 20 points. He's becoming quite the ball hog. Its so fun to watch these guys play though.

Came home to more house work and projects and tv. Having the extra tv now is well.. wierd. The Man actually commented its like not having kids. They are in their new room watching tv and we are in the living room watching tv and its quiet and peaceful and lonely. As much as I enjoy watching a show and hearing all the words, I still miss the boys being in the same room with us.

Luckily, toward bedtime with sleepy eyes they both wandered into the living room and sat right on me. This is typical and although it is uncomfortable at times, I love it. I'm only going to have a few years- if that- of this snuggling, so I'd better get it while I can. And becaused I'd forgotten to take my pic of the day, the Man snapped this one of the boys and I watching tv. Gotta love it!

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