Sunday, February 15, 2009

Three More Reasons....

Since I've began blogging, I've provided several reasons why my DH (dear husband) is THE MAN. Today, I'll provide three more reasons.

1) He's a Great Dad!

Yesterday while the furnace was getting installed he decided to take the boys for an outing, leaving me at home for nearly three hours of uninterupted M.E. time. (well, the furnace guys interupted a few times, but I'm not complaining) I got to play on the internet and read and read some more at . This is a wonderful, wonderful website. I love it. Thanks, HJ for sharing it with me. I truely enjoyed myself while the boys were out.

2) Great Gift Giver!

He always manages to surprise me and last night was no different. At bedtime, I was helping Buddy with his pajamas when I discovered an envelope on Buddy's pillow. Upon opening it, I discovered a gift certificate for a 100 minute Swedish Massage. Like What!

I've never had a massage in my entire life and its something I would probably have never done for myself, so it was such a surprise. It includes 60 minutes of massage time and a facial. A FACIAL. I'm not even sure what that is, but I think I'll like it. Happy Valentine's Day to M.E!

3) Such a Romanic!
A couple of weeks ago, we saw a commercial for Stars on Ice, figure skating event here in town. I commented that I'd love to go. I have long since been a huge fan of figure skating or at least I used to be. I've not really watched it since having kids, but I was so into it when I was younger watching Katrina Witt and Nancy Kerrigan. Long story short, the Man got tickets and we attended the Stars on Ice show.

Here we are in the stands awaiting the show. We really look so romanic, lol.

A blurry picture of Sasha Cohen.

I must say I was impressed with the event and I'm so glad we went. I even think the Man was a little impressed even though he'll likely get teased at work for going to watch figure skating, but we had a great time.

So there's my three new reasons why I'm married to THE MAN!

P.S. This day six years ago, I was in labor with the Buddy the ENTIRE day.

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