Friday, April 24, 2009

Goodwill Find!

The Man only works half days on Friday, so its almost like having a three day weekend - almost. So today, I decided to run some errands BY MYSELF, before picking up the Buddy from school. Now don't get me wrong, I love my boys and take them everywhere with me, everywhere, but sometimes its really nice to go somewhere with out them. Today, it was to Sears (there will be a Sears post later on) and Goodwill - because its close to Buddy's school and I had some time and cash to spend.

I scored a really cute skirt at Goodwill which I'm excited about and as I was leaving the store, I was walking along the sidewalk looking in the display windows. When I saw something that made me stop in my tracks. I literally ran back in the store and pulled it from the window and paid for it - without thinking. I think its my very first impulse buy. There were no second thoughts, it was like, here's your money (and it was half off at the register, double bonus)!

Ok, so you are thinking, you ran back into the Goodwill for this. An old picture that belongs on the Little House on the Praire. Well, yes!

But let M.E. explain, this very print is currently hanging in my parents kitchen in KY. It has been hanging there my entire life and I absolutely love it. I've always loved it and I don't recall ever having seen another one before and to find one here in OK. Well, I had to have it. It would have haunted M.E. to know that it was there for sale and I didn't get it. Back at home, I presented this to the Man. He says, "hey that's in your parent's kitchen."

First of all for the Man to have noticed this in my parents home and have remembered it is a big deal. Second, he totally agreed to letting M.E. hang it in my kitchen, for my boys to enjoy their entire lives. It's like a circle thing. Now if I could just find the print of the little girl leaning against the barn, I'd be set.

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  1. That is truly wild! What are the odds of finding artwork by pure chance!!?? That's cool!