Monday, April 27, 2009


As I mentioned earlier, here is the Sears post. So, last week or whenever it was we got the new bed, I was looking at the duvet covers and bedding and saw something I really liked. It reminded M.E. of the Hampton Inn bedding, so I put my eye on it. Upon check out, we got a $15 off coupon for any bed or bath item. Yes!
The coupon expired Friday, hence why it was a big deal to go by myself to Sears. Off I go to get that bedding I wanted. And guess what? It was on sale, 20% off. How wonderful.

Today, I washed it before putting in on the comforter. Upon taking it out of the dryer, it was super wrinkled. UGH! I do not iron. Ok, I do iron, but I loathe it. And its a very rare occurrence. So I attempted to iron this huge, queen size duvet cover on my skinny foot wide ironing board. IT was soooooo fun! Anyhow, I got the major wrinkles out and check it out.

Now, I need the bed skirt, throw pillows, art above the bed, etc. But on thing at a time, that's how we roll.

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