Saturday, May 2, 2009

"Forget It Dude, Let's Go Bowling!"

I have sneezed more today than I have breathed. I've been miserable. Whatever grass, weeds, mold, rain, etc that grows here has M.E. and the Little Guy all out of sorts. He has had a runny nose and congestion all week and now I've got it. UGH! And you would think with the rain it would be better that it would damper the pollens, but its not, perhaps its the rain we are allergic too.
It has rained all week and there' s no end in sight. It even rained yesterday, the first day of the month. My Grandmaw in KY always said, that if it rained on the first day of the month you'd have 15 days of rain that month. Well, I don't know if this is true for OK, but it rained today so that's 2. We'll keep counting.
So in the middle of rain showers and sneezing, the Man and M.E. decided it was time to get ready for our bowling party. We were to participate in a school sponsored bowling party tonight and we've known this for over a month. We also knew that we needed to don are best bowling attire, so why we waited until the day of, hours before, to get our outfits together is beyond M.E.
Off to Goodwill we go to get some button-ups as our shirts, and its then that I realize we are missing the Derby, the KY DERBY. What? I've not missed the Derby in like 20 years, not really, but I like to watch it being from KY and all. I heard later that a 50 to 1 horse won, which is always exciting.
I convinced the Man that our shirts would look awesome if we painted them with a bowling motif. He was skeptical but agreed. Here he is "fixing" to paint the shirts.

I think they turned out pretty fabulous for a last minute dig. And we were the only ones who actually made their own shirts verses buy them. We had a really good time and it was nice to hang out with some of the school parents and get to know them better. Here's some pics.
The Hosts for the evening.
The Man bowling, although I'm not sure about that form.
And of course, George Clooney would win the best dressed award!
Good Times!

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