Saturday, May 9, 2009

Typical Saturday

It was cloudy all day today, but I'm not sure if it ever actually rained. I've lost count on the rain total, but I think we are about at 8 days half way to 15.

We worked in and around the house all day today. Its amazing how fast things can come undone, if you don't stay right on top of them. After lunch the Man and the boys shared a pint of ice cream.

It easy to see why my boys, i.e. Little Guy never wears a shirt. He doesn't realize he has too. And do you think that ice cream is going to help the Man's Ultimate Weigh-Loss Challenge? We haven't updated in a month or so, but I'll try to get on that Monday as it will be the 11th.

Tonight we had a fiesta at church as a thank you for all the youth group volunteers. We had a really good time visiting with all my friends. I'm so blessed to have only lived here 10 months and have such good friends already.

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