Monday, May 4, 2009

Reasons to Weep!

Reason 1. As some of you may know, Simple Scrapbooks Magazine, is no longer being published. This is my most favorite magazine ever, the one Nana and Grandpa renews for M.E. every Christmas. Anyhow, its no longer and today, I got my first Creating Keepsakes magazine that will be finishing out my subscription. Now don't get me wrong, I like CK magazine. It has Ali Edwards, one of my most favorite scrap celebs out there, but its not the same.
Reason 2. M.E. is feeling better today, but the Little Guy is feeling worse. He coughed all night long, poor guy. He laid on the couch all day and refused to eat, a big sign that he is sick. After mowing the yard (before it rains), I came in and he said, "Mom, I sick, I go doctor". So I immediately call the doctor and got an appointment for after school. I took his temp and it was 102.5 and I actually think it got higher than that while waiting in the doctors office. The doctor did a strep test and it was negative, so its likely a sinus infection, so antibiotics to the rescue. He was simply miserable, but still cute.
Reason 3. Upon leaving the doctor's office, we head straight to Buddy's scheduled baseball game. The rain gets there the same time we did. (That makes 4) We went ahead and took the field, but the umpire's wound up calling the game off - after we had stood out in the rain for at least 20 minutes. The kiddos were soaked to the bone. Buddy exclaimed, "even my underwear is wet!" Sorry, no pic of this, but it was funny. Little Guy is still miserable, but I've got some antibiotics in him now, so hopefully he's on the mend.

Gotta love Mondays!

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