Sunday, May 17, 2009


As I've mentioned this week, Buddy has been doing super good at school. Either he's finally learned self-control & good decision making or his teacher is giving us all a break with only 1 week of school left. Whatever the cause/reason, he had all smiley faces on his Friday report. We were so happy for him. He had 4 last week for a total of 9. I think he did this one other time this school year, but its not the norm.
Yesterday morning, he started brainstorming what we (the Man and M.E.) could do for him as a special treat for being so good at school. He decided he wanted to go spend the night in a hotel and swim. I immediately said, we aren't spending that kind of money so you can swim. However the Man thought it a great idea. What? He remember that last week, he received a reimbursement from city taxes when he worked in KY and he had been debating how to use it and he thought this would be perfect.
I must say I was surprised. I really thought the Man would use this money for hunting gear or new CDs, but instead he wanted to reward his sons. Now that's a MAN!
So off we go to a hotel. It was only blocks from our house, which was so funny. We could practically see our house. We checked-in and immediately the boys got their swimming gear on and headed for the pool. The boys wound up swimming three different times and had a blast.
Little Guys simply has no fear of the water. He just loves it. Buddy, too!
What a special treat! It was so worth it!

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