Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Heading West into the Storms.

The boys and I got an early start this morning for the drive back to OK. We weren't sure how far we were going to get but Buddy wanted to drive the whole way once we got going. He has really missing Daddy.
Approaching our favorite stop along the way, I called the Man to see what the weather was doing. There had been some serious storms the last couple of day and it looked stormy ahead. During our phone call, the Man discovered a storm that when from tiny to huge in a matter of minutes. He quickly tells M.E. to stop at our favorite little spot and ride out the storms.
No problem. The boys and I were kind of glad to get out of the van and stretch. We got some supper and was settling in to watch iCarly, when I see this outside.
OK, I studied weather in college and love watching the weather channel, so when I saw this, I nearly panicked. There was alot of horizontal rotation. If it hadn't been for the kids, I probably would have been a wreck. I flip the channel to a local station to find out that we were under a tornado warning (meaning a tornado has been spotted or one indicated on doppler radar). I immediately call the front desk and ask what I should do. They told M.E. to stay put, they were watching it and if we needed to go to the shelter in the center of the hotel they'd come get us. I'm nervous at this point. 5 minutes later the cable goes out and the wind and rain starts then lightning. The Man finally calls M.E. and says they reported on the weather channel tornado and debris on the roadway very near to where we were. It was intense that's for sure, but soon it passed and we were all good to go to bed. The cable never came back on, but at least we got some rest.

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