Wednesday, June 3, 2009

On the Hill

My aunt (the baby of my Dad's 8 sisters) lives up the hill from my parents house in the family home place. I love this house and my entire life we have called this house the Hill. As in I'm going up the hill, can you see whose up on the hill, etc.... It just one of those sayings like "across the creek" or "over at the property" that only my family would understand the specific location of and distance to get there.
Today with the cousins still in school, the boys and I spent the day on the hill. Luckily my cousin's little girl was visiting my aunt for the day so we had a really good visit. After racing around the house, snacking on candy, and playing barbies (yes, barbies) when finally my boys decided it would be fun to ride a little truck down the little hill in the front yard. Big brother first.
Little Guy takes a go at it, although with caution.
Not to be out done, this girl is tough.
As much as I love capturing the rider of the truck, I love the expression and action of the observers. As above, Little Guy is really cheering her on. And not all rides end so well.

But at least he's laughing!

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