Wednesday, November 18, 2009


While waiting in a line of traffice this morning on the way to school, we see an older gentleman out for his morning walk.  As he turns the corner and nears our van he begins to stop and pick up things along the curb. 

Buddy: What's he doing?

M.E.:  Looks like his collecting somthing.

Buddy: What?

M.E.: I don't know, probably nuts, I think that's a hickory nut tree [there was a big tree over hanging the sidewalk]

Buddy: Nuts?

M.E.: Yeah, I think he's picking up nuts.

LG:  Donuts?  Donuts? [craning his neck to see]

Always ready for a treat that LG is!

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  1. In my pictures. Remember Norma Saltsman, Delores's niece, she is the younger one and the other one is Diane Stewart - Norma's best friend.