Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Party and M.E. Panic

After getting both boys to school, I quickly make a grocery run and got things for Buddy's Christmas party for this afternoon and some last minute shopping.  The Man was hunting and I knew he was scheduled home at Noon so we could wrap all the boys gifts.  So hurry, hurry, hurry was the name of the game today. 
But check out the gorgous Christmas cupcakes.

All I had to do was ask for some plastic containers at Wal-mart and they gave M.E. the neat little holders.  I brought them home after the party as well for future use.  And while waiting for cupcakes to bake and cool and icing to harden, I made my very first batch of white chocolate covered pretzels - one of my all time holiday favorites. 

Side story:  In college every year I worked the Christmas season at JCPenney's wrapping gifts and helping with catalog pick ups.  I loved this job.  Not only was it fun to wrap presents but I got a JCP discount and usually stayed on through the first part of January to help with inventory, anyhow, there was this lady there who made M.E. my very first batch of white chocolate covered pretzels and I totally thought I wouldn't like it, but I loved it and every year after that she would make M.E. a batch and I'd get her an ornament.  I think she actually still works there, but that's how when I fell in love with this treat.
Now back to today.... The Man and I wrap all the presents and then got ready for Buddy's party, when I received a phone call and email explaining that someone in Buddy's class has been diagonised with spinal meningitis.

Time for M.E. to PANIC! 

We rush to school and find out that its a little girl and she hasn't been at school for 4 days and she's very, very sick and in ICU at the Children's Hostipal.  Ok, I'm really scared now.  She was unconicous this morning and had many complications.  Immediately after the party, I go -along with a couple other parents- to our doctor and on the way was informed by another parent that it was streptococial meningitis.  I didn't know there were different kinds but apparently if you have to have it this is the best kind and its not contagious.  Therefore Buddy, LG nor I need to be on antibotics.  My midwife agreed. 

Apparently, she had a stomach virus and then got strep throat that was not diagnosis due to the vomiting and other symptoms of the stomach virus.  She then was found unresponsive in her bed and taken to the ER where they put her in ICU and did a spinal tap.  It was determined that the strep infection spread itself to her spine and spinal fluid thus causing the meningitis.  SCAREY, SCAREY, SCAREY!

All I could think of was the death related to meningitis and that I didn't want my kids or myself (being pregnant) to get it and I just about flipped out.  I know some of the other moms weren't nearly as scared as I was, but then again they aren't pregnant with a million raging hormones, and you know what, I don't care if they thought I was crazy.  As my good friend put it, we weren't talking head lice, we were talking spinal meningitis.

To take my mind off the hurry, hurry of the day and the panic attack of a scarey illness, then Man decided to take M.E. out for a date.  Got to love him!

We went to a sushi bar (we had a gift certificate) and I had some nut encrusted halibut (before Mamaw calls M.E. it was cooked) and it was pretty good. Then we headed down to another fancy restuarant, where the Man had his office party last year and I got this fabulous dessert.  A molten chocolate lava cake. YUMMY!  I have to say that even as a non-chocolate lover, I love this dessert and it was so worth the one year wait to get this $8 dessert again.  We were home by 9:45, but it was a very relaxed and good evening.  

Thank you hun, for always being there for M.E.  I need you more than you know!
  Time for bed!

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