Monday, December 21, 2009

December Daily Album - Day 3, 4 and 5

Another couple of completed pages...

December Daily Album - Day 3 before

December Daily Album - Day 3 after

This was a clear page protector with a large tag in the lower left corner.  This day I talked about making our Christmas card, so I added a cut out ornament - like the ones on our cards - to the back of day 2.  And I also like the way LG is peeking out from the next day.

Journaling Reads:  between loads of laundry I worked on getting our cards ready to sign and mail.  I love how simply they are!

December Daily Album - Day 4 before

December Daily Album - Day 4 after

I'm so glad when I was ordering prints I included some random shots of the boys from recent days and this one in particular I ordered as a 5x7 so it fills most of the page.  With his big allergist appointment on this day I focused on LG.  I used one of said random pictures of LG and did a play on numbers for the title.  As it was the 4th day and he is 4, I used the number two ways.   I added a red tag for journaling to the back of day 3 to help hide some adhesive from the front side. 

Journaling Reads - After some much anticipated Christmas shopping.  I picked up the Little Guy for an allergist appointment.  They went ahead with the scratch test and determined that he's most allergic to dust and we will need to make changes to his bedding and room.  But luckily no meds!  I'm very grateful for that and him!

December Daily Album - Day 5 before

December Daily Album - Day 5 after

Again, I was grateful for some random shots of the boys and their 5x7 size.  I was able to peel back the Merry Christmas border sticker at the bottom and the star at the top very, very carefully to put the picture behind them.  I decided that since I'd used tags on the last two days, I've journal right on the page, and along the cool parathesis border.  On the back of day 4 I just stacked some glittered cardstock work stickers to help describe the busy day.

Journaling Reads - A busy Saturday took us to [Buddy's] 1st basketball game (L11-28) - made some cookie dough - Brian and LeAnn's for a birthday party - cooked a huge meal for the Jacksons and delivered it - ate up some yummy Man cookies - some quality snuggle time on the couch with the boys - loved it.

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