Sunday, December 13, 2009

Up with the Tree!

After much discussion and argueing between the Man and I, the Man gave in and told M.E. to put up the fake tree.  You see, he likes real trees for christmas and I too am fan of live christmas trees, but here in OK the only "choose 'n cut" trees are pine trees, big, bushy, floppy, trees that would unlikely hold the weight of my ornament collection, therefore I voted on our fake tree. 
Now I was more than willing to have both but he only wanted to have on tree and so up with the fake tree.
First, Buddy does his job and sorts the branches by size.

Here, I'm adjusting each and every branch on the top portion of the tree, while Buddy brings in the first set of low branches.  He was such a big help.

I take my time and shape each branch like a minature tree, so that once assembled the tree is full and ready to go with lights and ornaments. I wish you could see my belly in this pic, but its just out of view. It's getting big.

The Man helps out by clearing the mantle and prepping it for stocking and orders pizza for supper. LG helps out by eating said pizza!

Meetin' in the Middle.

Finished tree with lights and Grandma's tree skirt. (sorry its a little blurry)

Now on to ornaments..... This is the part I saver because of the memories, people and stories that each one holds.  Thanks Aunt M, for so many of them.  Like this little glass reindeer from about 6 or 7 years ago.


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