Saturday, January 2, 2010

December Daily Album Days 12-15

Here's some more of my December Daily Album... I must say I loved doing this project although I already know it will not be a yearly thing, but perhaps this year, I'll do a different month to capture each season.  Any suggestions?

December Daily Album - Day 12 before

December Daily Album - Day 12 after

Several of these 'after' shots are very, very blurry. The camera is going out on M.E.  I don't know if I'll be able to make it to February or not.  (The Man gets a bonus in Feb.)
So for this layout I really didn't change much from the original.  I stamped the journaling block and stapled a bunch of ribbon to the right hand layout for a fun look.

December Daily Album - Day 13 before

December Daily Album - Day 13 after

I was really nervous about this layout, because I had planned for the tree to go up this day, but as it approached I wasn't sure if it would happen.  It did, so my little row of trees across the bottom fit in wonderfully.  I also had stitched with red thread around the border of the right hand page, so to make it flow alittle bit better I drew some wavey red lines with a paint pen on the left page.  I love this layout.

December Daily Album - Day 14 before

December Daily Album - Day 14 after

The Story is about why this picture of M.E. is so blurry and about LG dropping the camera.  I really had planned on journaling about my belly and being pregnant this Christmas, but it just didn't flow.  So why force it. I'm sure I'll scrap another page somewhere about being pregnant with #3.  Very simple layout.

December Daily Album - Day 15 before

December Daily Album - Day 15 after

The Man's ducks.  I don't have much to say other than, he is suppose to complete the journaling on this page. We will see how many times I have to ask him and its kind of cool how the green feathers of that duck match the green glitter.  It makes for a nice layout. And duck hunting was definitely a major part of our December.

More to come........

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