Thursday, January 7, 2010

Extra, Extra, Extra - Photo Contest!

I'm making an executive decision about the TOP TEN photos with the Man's influence of course.

Help us chose the PHOTO OF THE YEAR by voting for your favorite by leaving a comment!!!!!!

Buddy catches his first big fish.

Little Guy helps Uncle work on the lawnmower back in KY.

Buddy at the pumpkin patch.

First day of School.

Going to the pool with Nana in AZ.

Big ice storm hits KY.

LG falls asleep on the beach at Gramma's in WA.

Farm Days at Preschool.

M.E. and the boys in the Petrified Forest.

M.E. cheering up LG.

Please leave a comment below voting for your favorite photo of 2009.  Email you friends and family and have them vote, too!  I will randomly selecting a voter to recieve a small prize for checking out the blog and voting. 
The polls will close Sunday night 8 PM Central Time, with the winner posted shortly thereafter.

Good Luck!


  1. I love picture 7, though that can't be comfortable

  2. I vote for # 3! Chris!

  3. It's got to be #7! Kim

  4. Wow! It is hard to pick from these 10, I can’t imagine narrowing it down from 3,000.

    But in the end I have to pick number 7 for its composition, my personal memory of you all out here(and how much I miss you), and how it would effect any viewer even those who do not know you. I could see this as a poster with all sorts of slogans... “just one of those days”… “you know life is good when you can sleep anywhere”…”just plan tuckered out”… “when life hands you stones make a soft bed”… some snappy boat slogan… it would have to be something much more witty and funny than these but you get the idea. Love you all


  5. I love number 1, this pic is so cute! His grin just says it all!

    Close to first is number 7, just love how he passed out!

    Lee Ann

  6. my fave has got to be number 7. luv and miss ya

  7. Well, I am different. I love, love love #4 because of the story it tells. Thought I would go with #7, but no. You can see the excitement in Buddy's face, and then you see poor little L.G. pouting, either because Buddy is going off and leaving him or because he is not going, and then you look back at Buddy and you also see how proud he is to be the bigger brother and to have little brother loving him so. How can that not be the best picture.

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  9. Mamaw of Ky isn't good at Math . I meant
    to vote for #4 where it is the first day of
    school, but I don't know how to get my comment
    off. Can you believe I forgot the number that
    quick. It was a tough decision,

  10. 7 is my all time favorite...i have a copy at my house!!!!
    love you and miss you tons

  11. Grandpa has to go with numbe 4, although number 5 is with us down in AJ. I like number four because it show both boys and the happy and sad look that both boys display.

    Grandpa Cork

  12. I really liked 3 and 8, but my favorite is #7! Hope you're doing well!

  13. I absolutely love #3 and #7, but I have to vote for #4 because both of the boys are in it. Having two, I totally understand that no matter what, it has to be fair and equal! Good luck! :) Nadina

  14. I'm going to go with #4 since it's got both boys and I love when photos capture real emotions. However, my true vote is for #11 (LG playing in the mud puddle at tee-ball practice) since I was there to witness it! Kathy

  15. It is too difficult to chose. I love them all! I am voting for #4 because they are both in the picture. #8 cracks me up everytime I look at it.


  16. This is so awesome! Keep the votes coming. M.E.

  17. You got to love number 4 – LG’s face and body language speak more than words can say.

    Lark said number 6 is “pretty cool” – pardon the pun.

    Lark and Betty vote for #4

  18. Our choice is picture # one.....
    A wonderful picture of father and son.....
    and clearly having so much fun...
    Just seeing the love and happiness on their faces..
    We have to say...
    Picture # one made us smile today.....
    Bud and Claire.....

  19. I have to vote for #5. I have been meditating over it for days going between 4 & 5. However, remembering the moment and watching LG that day I have to go with #5. However, just seeing the 2 brothers holding hands melts my heart. I can remember when their fathers did the same.

  20. correction, I should say their father and his brother did the same........Nana

  21. i haven't been able to post because i just couldn't decide which one. some of these pics really tug at my heart because of the feelings i get from them. can i do a top 3? haha.
    1) #8 - I almost fell out of my chair when i saw the cuteness in this pic. lg's face is totally priceless and he takes to the outfit so well!
    2) #4 - it really shows how close they are. you can see buddy's nervous and anxious smile and lg is so sad to see him go. i remember feeling that way myself with my big sister!
    3) #1 - this one is great. totally the man's boy in this pic!! i love buddy's smile, a proud dad, and the overall enthusiasm. it also makes a perfect shot for a perfect weekend.

    i miss you guys so much and can't wait to see you!!!

  22. It has to be a tie for me between #7 and #5. I love 7 because I remember seeing him out there LOVING the beach (mainly the rocks) and I love 5 because it is artistic and sweet. You have 2 amazing little guys and I miss them both very very much! Love you and miss you. Give them kisses for me please!

    Aunty Cyrena

  23. Number 4, that most wicked and exciting of days, the first day of school. For me, it was difficult choosing between this and the awesome magnitude of the Kentucky ice storm.

    You guys rock, all of you.

  24. I do have to go with #4 because the first day of school is both exciting and can see both emotions in the picture....loved all of them, though

    Aunt Jo