Thursday, January 28, 2010

Winter Storm

No pictures, but it is currently sleeting.    I'm getting a little nervous about the rain we got earlier and it freezing on the powerlines.  Currently our powerlines in our neighborhood look great, but who knows about elsewhere that could affect us.

We are expecting sleet for another hour or so, then it should switch to all snow and by tomorrow we should have multiple inches.  Schools already been closed and the Man will not be going to work, so some real family fun ahead.

I'll try to take pictures with a borrowed camera and get them on here, but I'm not making any promises.

In other news,
Buddy's tooth is still just wiggling, not too loose at this point.
LG had some real allergies this week and visited the allergist yesterday just to make sure that his lungs were clear.  They were, so we are just treating symptoms and hoping he feels himself soon.
I'm doing well and eating, eating, eating.  I'm really starting to put on the weight now.
The Man has been busy thinking and planning for baseball season. Sign-ups are Tuesday.

Thanks for the patiences during the camera issue. The Man and I went to get a new one yesterday, but I didn't like any that were available. I'm going to have to order one online. 

Take care, stay warm and pray we keep our electricity.

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