Friday, January 1, 2010

Year in Review Part II

The boys and I headed out to Seattle to be with the Man and his family, except I got strep throat and couldn't visit with the brother or immediately family.  BUMMER!
Instead we hung out with the extended family and out at the beach.

Back home, Buddy went to art camp at school.
I feed the family weeds instead of herbs. 
The Man and I attended our first real rodeo.

We spent many afternoon and evenings at the lake.

The Man's garden really took off.
Lots of swimming with friends.

We caught our compost and fence on fire.
The Man and I went to see WICKED. Fabulous!

The Family came out for a visit.

More time at the lake with friends.

The bounty of the Man's garden.

First and last 12 on 12 post.

1st Day of School for Buddy.

1st day of Preschool for LG.

Buddy caught a foul ball at the baseball game.

I attended an all night scrap.  Woo-Hoo!
Buddy is finally taking to reading!


LG atteded his first birthday party.

Football Season started.
The Man recovered his wedding ring after nearly 5 years.
Tail Gating at WKU.

The Man celebrated another birthday!

Preschool Farm Days

Preschool Pumpkin Patch

Football is in Full Swing.

The Man caught duck fever.
Buddy and I attended the Mom n Me campout in 40 degree weather.

Pumpkin Patch.

The Man and I went to Brandi Carlile and it was awesome!
More football.

Jedi Knights Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker.

M.E. Before

M.E. After

We flew to WA for Halloween and Grandma's 90th birthday!

Grandma's with our family.

The Big Announcement.

LG turned 4! and had a Lightning McQueen party.

Buddy started Basketball practice with the Man coaching, oh man.
The end of football came with Buddy averaging 2 touchdowns per game.  Pretty Spectacular.
LG got sick again, this time we are headed to the allergist.
Buddy delivers his cubscout Popcorn to Daddy's work.

Grandpa and Nana arrive in OK.
We all spend Thanksgiving in KY and celebrate our birthdays.

December was just a month ago, so I'll not recap.
Hope you had fun reading this year!

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