Monday, February 22, 2010

What I did today!

Monday is my clean house day, and believe M.E. it was flithy after us being lazy and home all weekend.  And then for some reason I got the crazy notion of cleaning out the boys pie safe.   First of all I love pie safes.  They only take one hand to open and once open you can see everything, making selections easier.  I have one for the boys room and one for M.E.
Recall this picture from last September.  LG sitting in a big mess of books.  Use your imagination of what the pie safe looked like after he managed to stuff all those back in there.  Not neat, not pretty, a mess. The top shelf was reserved for all their t-shirts, shorts and pajamas.  Another mess as it was crammed in there and the Man never knew which was Buddy's or LG's.

With the babe coming, I knew it was time to get more organized with this mess and Buddy is really starting to take the responsiblity of changing his clothes after school and on the weekends, but as it is now, I have to lay them out for him, as they were on the top shelf and in the top of his closet, out of his reach. No more!

The top shelf is currently blank, I'll likely put church clothes/cubscout things up there. The second shelf is Buddy - t-shirts, shorts, pants.  The third shelf is LG - t-shirts, long sleeves, shorts and pants. The bottom shelf pajamas.  Buddy only has one pair and they are dirty so his side is empty.  I'm so pleased with it.  So Mamaw & Nana take notes...... You'll be doing laundry when you get here after the babe comes.  This is what the boys pie safe should look like! LOL!

So what did I do with all the books?  I sorted them.  Favorites, not-so-favorite, & broke/damaged.
I tossed the broke/damaged - it was hard to do, but I did it.  The not-so-favorite I bagged up to give away, the favorites, I sorted again to loved and not really read that much and only kept the loved.  It was difficult to part with these books, believe M.E.  I wound up with two grocery sacks full of give aways and immediately took them to the van.  No second guessing myself on my selection or letting the boys see them when they got home from school. 

I placed the little ones in a clear shoe box tub facing out and put the bigger ones on the bottom shelf of the little bookshelf in their room.  I had already gathered the Dr. Suess ones out for Buddy. 

I can't beleive I did it.  With them being next to the bed and more visible, I think they will stay neater and just the reduced number will be fabulous.  LG was so excited.  He actually looked at a couple and put them right back. woo-hoo.  We definitley need to read more as a family. Perhaps this will help.
This however does not include the 30+ coloring/activity books that I unearthed.  I honestly don't know where they all came from.  They are now in two messy piles at the end of the hall awaiting my decision to either donate, toss or keep.  I can't decided.  I'll let them lay there another day until I'm sick of looking at them.

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