Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Tooth Story - unabridged

1)  Ok, so the tooth photos were not high quality.  I just haven't taken the time to read the manual or play around with it - to figure out how to use the new camera.  The Man was disappointed to say the least that my photos were blurry.

2)  Anyhow, about that there tooth. Version M.E.
Monday morning Buddy getting out of the shower.
B: "you know what's going to happen today?"
ME: "no, what?"
B: "I think Nurse [school nurse] is going to pull my tooth today"
ME: "what?  Buddy that tooth isn't loose enough, hun it'll be another week maybe two before it comes out.  Don't rush it, ok"
B: "I really think today is the day"

Thus he proceeded to pull the darn thing out during his spanish class.  I'm sure it bleed alot because to be honest the Man and I both felt of it before bed Sunday night and it was not all that loose. 

3) I found out today that two of his best friends, who also retained all their teeth, have been discussing the issue at length about whose going to lose a tooth and when.  Turns out one of them lost a tooth last week and Buddy was determined that he was not going to be the last kid in his entire class to lose a tooth, thus he pulled it before it was ready.  What a guy!

4) LG was more excited about the tooth fairy than Buddy.  Before bed that night,
LG:  "I put [Buddy] tooth under his bed"
ME: "under his bed?  It's suppose to go under his PILLOW."
LG: "oh" {takes off running down the hall}
LG: "I put tooth under pillow"
ME: "thanks buddy"

Sure enough, it was LG who took care of business. Buddy didn't say a word about it.  We tried to get him to write a letter to the tooth fairy, but he said she could come, not come, bring what she wanted, it didn't really matter.  (because not being the last one to lose a tooth was its own reward I guess).

She did come and left 2 quarters.  Buddy wasn't that thrilled, but he thought it was pretty cool she came.  Again, it was LG up at 6:30, yelling for the "tooth fairy".

He can't wait to lose one himself.  But hopefully it'll be another 3 years before that happens.

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