Saturday, April 17, 2010

Babe Update

Hey Everyone! First of all I would like to personally thank everyone who has offered congratulations, support and love to Sarah and I and our family. It has been absolutely wonderful for us.

Probably some of you have heard either straight from us or from others that the new baby Bluhm has had some difficulties and is in NICU. Let me tell you what happened and bring you up to speed:

The baby was born and was a beatuiful, dark haired boy and scored 9.9/10 on his APGAR...but he had breathed in some amniotic fluid and his lungs were a bit full. He struggled mightily to get enough oxygen to his body and needed a supplement supply. After getting oxygen, his color brightened up and his breathing became closer to normal; but they believe his left lung had to work a little bit too hard and a slight leak formed and eventually his left lung collapsed. They noticed this immediately and took him to NICU, where they gave him an oxygen tube down his throat to provide the necessary oxygen, and a suction tube in his chest to suck out the extra air that had built up between his lung and his chest wall. They got all of the air out of his chest, and his left lung immediately responded and filled the chest cavity back up like normal.

Right now they are weening him off of the oxygen and he is doing great- he is basically breathing all on his own and his body is getting an efficient/ optimum amount of oxygen via his lungs. He is doing great!
Hopefully tonight they will be able to remove the breathing tube and concentrate on the lung itself...when they believe the lung is no longer leaking and is completely stable, they can then remove the chest tube.
The doctor is extremely optimistic and expects a quick and full recovery and also noted that this should not cause any future tendencies toward respiratory illnesses.
I will try to update again in the morning. Hopefully at that time he will be 100% breathing on his own without the respirator and his lung will show signs of being completely efficient.
We will probably be at the hospital until tuesday and of course, visitors are welcome anytime for Sarah and I.

Thanks again for everything, we really appreciate it-
The Man

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