Sunday, May 23, 2010


Like I said the other day, we are half way through the baseball season and I think I've only posted about 2 pics.  I've been busy. 

The season has been pretty good.  We've lost several games which is different from last year - this stresses the Man out a bit.  He and Buddy have a tough time sometimes, but yesterday I managed to get some great pics.

Buddy played the entire game at 1st base today. Normally he switches up between here and pitcher.   He caught several to get some outs at first.  
First at bat - he'd hit a triple. woo-hoo!
End of the inning its tied 8 to 8.

His second at bat (I was in the van nursing Babe so there's no pic) he hit a single. We go up 15 to 13 at the end of the second.

His third at bat he got out at first - a rare event for sure.  Neither team scores we go into the fourth leading by 2.
Meanwhile LG is running bases on an empty field.

Still running.

The Man pitching. 
Buddy taking some practice swings before his last at bat.

LG running home.

Top of the fourth they score 8 runs to go ahead 21 to 15.  We need 7 to win and the pressure is on.
Buddy's last at bat. (sorry about the wires from the fence.  Its hard to get good pics through the fence)

Its a hit and he's off.

LG cheers for himself.

Buddy manages to come all the way home on over throws for a big HOMERUN!

LG complaining about somthing.

We would pull it out and win 22 to 21. YES - we needed this win.
And all these pictures are possible because our friend Dee was watching Babe.

It was a pretty great day.

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