Monday, May 10, 2010

Cub Scout Campout

Buddy's school boy scout group had its annual Family Camp Out over Mother's Day weekend and yes, I took Babe camping. 

This apparently shocked many people, but we were all good with it and he did fabulous.

Here's the gaint circle of chairs.  We had a great time.
M.E. and Babe

LG was going for the dirtiest kid award.......

Buddy wasn't far behind him in this department.

Buddy and his friends doing a skit around the camp fire.  They were so funny and I couldn't be prouder of him for it and his willingness to get up in front of everyone and do this.  If the cubscouts do nothing else for him, at least he will be able to do some public speaking.

Babe's first camping trip at age 3 Weeks!

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  1. So hard to read your post and not be so flipping jealous...I want the boys...Babe reminds me of Buddy....your boys are so handsome. Funny thing Sarah...when Spencer was a baby, they told me to make sure and lay him on his stomach in case he threw up in his mouth, so it would flow out...therefore, being on his back would strangle him...what other changes will we see.